Modern Day Fishes and Flowers

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modern day flowers growing and dying in blue touchscreen lights, rivers of modern day fishes being caught in the mouth with metal hooks and blinking red lights

Submitted: June 24, 2018

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Submitted: June 24, 2018



Modern Day Fishes and Flowers


He takes her life and makes it smile.

Sun shone down on them like they were growing flowers.

Little did she know that times were different now.

That sun was not a sun at all, but a bright light that he cast on her as a lie.

The Snapchat streak was a fishing line caught in her cheek, making her bleed.

His words typed out and sent to her phone.

No real words spoken because cowardice was his middle name.

Promises on top of promises of a time just for them.

A human body in the presence of another warm body is all she wants.

Real words whispered just for her is what she craves.

But the river they are in is built in electronic space.

Text messages bashing people over the head as they are sent into the air.

Fingers stung with every Ping brought to their hands.

Heavy bricks weighing down their legs.

Metal hooks in all their mouths to keep them complacent.

He took her hook and pulled.

Putting her on his line and reeling her in.

Tears slipped down her cheeks as skin tore in forced smiles.

She soaked in all the light she could like the flower she was.

But in you came, a dark cloud blocking out her light.

Eyes growing dimmer with everyday that she sits and waits to see your face.

A face that once made her laugh until it was only covered in a glass screen.

Until all she touched was touchscreens.

Until all she saw was a ghost in a yellow box.

Until all she felt was the recast of his metal hook caught in her heartstrings.



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