"The bird"

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Submitted: June 24, 2018

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Submitted: June 24, 2018



The women


In 1985 in America a women named Sarah brown had just finished putting her baby to sleep when she heard a noise coming from outside. She went to check,  and she saw a bird was flying around hitting a window. 

Immediately the women got out some holy water and started throwing it around her house. 

The bird continued to hit the window regardless and the women was now hysterical trying to get the bird to stop hitting the window, she realized the window where the bird was hitting was her baby's room. She froze in horror and then she ran to her baby's room and found a horrifying scene the baby was chocking on something and couldn't breath. 

Immediately the women tried help the baby out from chocking she tapped on her back a bunch of times and something flew out of the babies mouth. 

A piece of paper. The mother grabbed the paper from the crib and threw it away. If the bird had not been hitting the window trying to get the mothers attention her baby could have been dead.

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