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poetic script of eco-story, environmental issues, fighting for the rights of the natural...

Submitted: June 25, 2018

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Submitted: June 25, 2018



  In the preservation of the humanity

 traditional ecological knowledge gained

 with history, the world encounters

 a vast question of which direction

will be taken, and forward

are the identitfying principles

 of management and how we will survive.

 The endless fights to protect the environment

rage behind the scenes, as many face

 the attacks upon culture and identity,

 that threaten to take away the life

 and livlihoods of peoples, for benefit

 in an exploitative term of development.

  The environmental concerns in the world

 are vast and relateable, through the many force

s that are taking place to make growth

 of economies an entitlement,

yet the consequences are drastic

and the fare is of a way that will inhibit

 humanity in the future

 when the resourcefullness of our natural

 world has been striped of dignity to the gai

n of a contrary world of globalism and power

 that subsides.  The endless tribunals

 to try for the protection of the environment

are being heard, the defense of this natural

 world and how it is managed is at the forefront

of the media and concerns in politics today,

 and though we are fighting, it is questionable

that the environment will win the cases


 over multinationalcorporations that wish

to gain from the destruction that is unnecessary,

yet beneifical to few that want to gain

 ownership over environment and the resources

that are not given voice or taken heed

of for the intuitive value that lives in the life

 of the world, the triumph would be for the world

 to turn around and for governments to defend

 the envionmnet with action that ceases

 the exploitation that will destroy

 the health of peoples and destroy the nature

 that is dying from the greed it faces with disposition.

  The consequence will bring the world to a hault,

 the carbon emissions are affecting health of many people

, the disasters that will happen when the environment retreats

 with affects worse than el nino may conquer us

, and then which will be the choice of peoples

to survive in a world that is bare

and unsuitable for existence,

while the pollution of water

 makes it impossible to survive,

 and the food we eat

 no longer has nutritious value,

and transform how we survive,

 perhaps no longer upon resourcefulness

of knowledge of the natural world,

 but dependence upon multinational corporations

 that supply the death that has been a fight for too long

…the governments of the world are hearing

 the ways people are protesting,

 and listening and bringing forth the education

 that we must save our natural world

from exploitative death and control,

yet how will the multinationals

 which want the benefits respond,

 and how will the fight overcome

 the ways of how society has been

 benefiting from exploiting the natural world

 for centuries, and how will cultures survive when they have diminished their resources, will neo-colonialism rise to a climax in exploiting what is left of the world, causing war and indifference toward the beauty of culture?

© Copyright 2019 Rasheda Galiana. All rights reserved.

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