Light And Darkness

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

A 4 act play of a life enacted from death...

Submitted: June 25, 2018

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Submitted: June 25, 2018



Light And Darkness

A 4 Act Play By Amanda E. Macleod



ACT 1/scene 1

Stage Right: (A voice resounds) light shines from right

There are righteous paths and tendencies of gold, the light of endless times of triumph, the tone of query into your deepest reign of the soul… The light of all that has become and forth to blessing you are here and dire, the truth escapes the Heavens and rises through the way and into your dreams…Light like timeless journeys of faith, the entirety and of creation; you are light, the beginning and sight of love, the pious mind and acts of grace, you are light, the honest retribution and ev’lasting possibility, in a world of possibilities…


Stage Left: (another voice resounds) darkness/no light, as stage right light still shines

  There are reasons we stand in darkness, the way through hades and the soothing carress of nothingness, the worship of the depth…The darkness resides in all the world, survival for humanity and all the life, takes accepting the darkness is part in part, yet do you see, the balance of life, and all that rests in the shade of persephone, the deep waters held by the anger of poseidon, and as the darkness embraces you, are you hiding from the secrets that lurk in your mind…what is there to hide, though noone sees…the vision folds over and casts the river styx into your veins…do you feel the darkness within you and live it as if it is your brother.



Act 1/scene 2

Stage right light fades and stage left fades in.  Character enters from stage left.

Eden:  I have travelled many years to see you, you know, it is better than you think, you are here and I have come, so far but now near, I am here for you…so are my brother, I know you well, in your depths and grace, but why do you loathe for freedom and cry, there is freedom here and see that it is of you, yet the wild sense of endurance is  beating your chest, tell me, do you remember, why I have come, do you remember that I have come to you to be free too

Roman:  It is you Eden who have come for yourself, for everything you want, to bare everything you wish, and still you want me to believe you are here for freedom, and freedom’s daring escape into the world..that I know you and know you well, this tells me you want mercy, for your time and travail, yet forth comes the raven that tells the whole path, and so, do not illussion me of your beauty and fairness, I see you as you are, and that is all I can see here, that you are endless of trust, yet timeless of truth

The raven enters from stage right in black attire, feathers, like a shaman

Raven:  Do you inquire, of me, or of yourself, self searching soul, or are you empty and need the healing of magic, so tragic your eyes, it is no surprise

The raven moves around the stage dancing somewhat with its wings

Raven\; do you inquire of life or death, or more, do you explore the realm of the more, or the poor to implore how I came in the door, and what is in store, should leave you down on the floor, but more, is the lure that brought you for sure, is it a cure that you seek so weak of defeat, or are you meek on your feet, here for only a week?

Diana the witch:  Raven, raven,…leave them alone, dear he only means good and acts like he thinks he should.  Do not let him bother you…now shu raven, back to your perch…

Raven exits stage left

Diana:  I hear of the news, that your mother has died, such compassion I have for you children, when all you ever had was your mother, you must miss her dearly, but find the strength to honor her…she is gone now but you will join her someday, that is the way it is…and the spell she turned, falling flat to the earth in the middle of tending, and you children inhereting so much responsibility…her business was fair and she worked hard all her life, I suppose asyou divide her fortune, that it will help you.

Roman:  Old witch!  You know nothing, she was supposed to live and not die so young, she was not meant to be taken, not now, and you think I care for the inheritance, I care nothing for her money, I have my own, and for all that they say, she was worth more than any frank excuse!

Eden:  I did not see her go, I did not know or expect her to die…I have nothing, but only came this way to honor her, to see her off and do the right thing…Away on my travels I saw many things, much power around this exacerbating world, and the towers that rise and the worth of many peoples, but now that I have not seen her go, it is difficult, I have her memory, but time has escaped me, I did not expect this turn that she took, and I cannot ask why, I look to the sky and wonder, where is she?

Roman:  She is gone…(screaming) why were you not here!!I sent you a letter, telling you she was unwell…why on your travels did you excuse her for nothing, and come after her death for a royal penny, thinking you deserve something, knowing well, I worked for her and was always here for through it all, I you take your shiny penny, and you will be off again!!

Eden:  That is not my attention, I am no theif!  But I will take my inheritance kindly, and I will do as I please…I loved our mother, I loved her dearly, and do not fade my love, she was life to light, now a mistress to darkness…

Light from stage left fades…music of singing bowls fills the atmosphere




Act 1/scene 3

Darkness evades all the scene /light lite on the audience

Darkness: (stage left) So you will examine yoourself…I see you have secrets in the depths of your soul, aching pain for things you have lost…secret desires, examine your conscious..what is revealed, and everyone knows…and what you hold deep inside, you think noone will ever discover…secrets so deep you are scared, scared that they will be found, and that should anyone know, you only have me to hide behind….darkness in the world, the many secrets of men, the desire and sin…where are you really, are you here, in an axamination of your own conscience, holding secrets, things you think will never be known, the feeling in your gut, your stomach turning upside down, your heatbeat, beating…beating…beating..rushing with desire and these feelingss that arise, are you scared to unravel the story, that it might make you look into the darkness, that you might have to look yourself in the eyes, and always think of the darkness that stole your sheild..

Lighta; (stage right, spotlight moves around audience)

  You are here to look at why we endure and seek truth, the experience of time the space of our conscious empowerment…meet  me here in the light, shin with me, let go of all your expectations, be free, have joy…you did nothing wrong, only fear of the wrong things can bring you too far into that abyss…let the light be part of you, hold me in your heart, you are not alone, I will always be here, shining forth a blessed hand (silhouette of hands appear on stage in shadow puppet, hands do an act, almost a dance and hold each other)  I am your brother, I am the escape from the melancholy dream that appears in the flowing rflections of a beauteous river’s gaze, look into yourself and hold me, you are not alone…you can look into your eyes and see the light, hold me, desire for betterment, see the world the way it is…you are children of the light, by nature, the fight is of another time, let it go, and be blessed in the moment where you are residing, we will learn toegether, the secrets of the light, a mystery unravelling deep in your desire, this temtuous darkness can be seen though me…

From back of audience(left)

 Voice1: (high whisper, the conscience) do I see the way I should, I am better than noone else, am I seeking the truth or living a lie…do I cry or be strong…how can I keep this secret…how can I let it go, the people say things, when I walk in, do they know…what do I tell, am I telling too much…do they already know, how much is known about the story, the gift, I have gifts, and noone, sees…how do I go on, without telling the secret…what do they know…how much can I give, when will they see, how will they know, I am powerful, but noone knows, what goes on in your head, does anyone know…

Voice2 (high deep whisper, the conscience, back right)  I know your secret, I know all of your secrets…what are you afraid of, that I will tell of your attractions, your desires, your sins…the envious scents of your depths, and hiding from the depth it takes to tell…I already know, and I will tell..all of your secrets, falling from your pockets, the woman was the only one who knew…the man you stole from…the things you did to get ahead…are you guilty of something, are you afraid…and the gossip will arise and all your secrets revealed…there are no secrets here,we know the whole thing…all that you are trying to hide, tears inside, fighting not to think of it….

From all around the audience, plants(actors)  whispers of gossip begin, each repeating. All around

“I heard…I know your secret…you can’t hide it …I know…your sins…what you did…your secret is escaping…escaping…escaping…(all together, all around) …escaping…escaping…escaping




Act 1/scene 4

Diana the witch/monolouge /a crescendo/ with candles, holding one and all around her (curtain)


All in the way of a spell, who will tell, hoe depths of the well

The rising water, and you my daughter,

The endless nights, turbulent fight

The time has come, and glory be, destiny for all the free

Aspire to every clue, and what is new, o’ how you do

Spells from all directions, to keep you in protection

Dialects of all the earth, mother and worth, the endless birth

Idea and fantasy, brought to mystery

The freedom persual and true renewal

The spells will tell that you are well

And what has fallen, the walls will open

Hope eloped and all these words heard in yyour soul

The spell will keep you, deep within you

The depths of the desire will burn like fire

And all entire, these tears inspire

The placid spell to hold you within and without

You will have no doubt, the flames are eternity

The time will come to return where you are from

And numbness is of the eyes who judge or grudge

And plunder seeks but you will rise

The blatant highs and all the wise

Will keep your side and never hide

The truth of the spell will work to take you

But nothing…nothing…can break you

(she blows out the candles one by one, the darkness resides in the sounds of monks chanting)


ACT2/scene 1

Mother in spotlight/back facing audience/monolouge


For what I wanted was ajustice unknown, the feeling of tranquility and the answer to questions unasked, in part to the ambiguity, in part to the rendering of existnce…the time has past and I am in the otherside of this world, where the tone is under the worth, and time has no distance…to look back is a feat in itself, the hours caaring, the wind sharing its breeze, what linger is the things that were unsiad…the ways through which we speak, and the circumstance of underwordly attitudes, there is no reason here, just the wish that it would turn, and that the seas of hope could come back…away…away…away…so far that the eye cannot see, the turbulence of emotion, how we feel inside and wonder, are we all the same…there are moments I wish I could go back, to end what one feels on the otherside, to tell them why I fell to this death, and give a reason to end the pain, the retribution comes to those who live, for those wo die, tere is only the longing aptitude of tendency…the longing difference knowing what life is, and also knowing how death feels…we will all fall, the death secret only lasts so long, either you go with Mary, or you stay, and linger wishing for gold to soothe the wounds of death that forge their signiture into your soul…the name of death, the feeling all have…all of you…

 (She turns around with a mask on)

We all fear death, we are all the same, death lingers for all of us, deep in the recess of our minds and dreams, death does not wait until you are ready…fight…fight…death comes too soon for anyone, my death, your death, noone is ever ready..and you too fear your own, that someone is there for you in the end…what triumph? one beats death by journeying far and climbing the stairs to Heaven, what exists, the world knows some things about it, the long journey, the walking souls following, trying to get there, just to see if they are accepted, into a place where there is solitude…but it will happen to all of you…you have long missed someone, that person you are thinking of, but they are alive on the otherside, it is just the other side…some rise, to goodness, and others get sucked into the doenward sprialtoward burning flames in hell, these things exist, I just do not know how people know so much about it…but the feeling, the agony, being there is sometimes too much…knowing you have lost everything you have left behind…but the material is nothing, it is not what I mean, it is just that the only difference you can make is the things you said when you were alive…

Say those things”

And the mother walks up an illuminated staircase





Roman:  (enter stage left)

You do not understand, you were not here…she is gone forever, can you not understand that…you did not support her, you left and did nothing…all you ever did was travel the world, you had no care for her, and now she is gone, and what do you have to say, that you deserve to be her heir, that you will get your equal share?

Eden: (enter stage left, following)

  I loved her, I thought of her always, she was always in my heart

Roman: what heart? Oh, that piece of stone?

Eden;  I am here now to honor her life…

Roman:  what life?  You missed it, you left only caring about yourself, your experience, you never even sent a letter or a postcard, for all you cared she was dead the whole time…

Eden:  I loved my mother, she raised me to be the way I am, to be independent, to see the world with open eyes, to treat others with love, and respect life, it is not me who does not respect life, her’s or the world’s…

Roman:  So now I am disrespectful, for working all this time for her, to protect her business, and giving all my time and everything I have, and I should just give you your half, like you earned it, by seeing the world, that that is what she wanted…it was painful for her, for you to never call, not anytime that was important, for her to wonder if you were alright, to have no way to contact you and never knowing where in the world you were!

Eden:  I live my own life, the way she taught me…she wantd me to do what I was passionate about, I would have called, but the world was my calling, and I knew she would understand….

Roman:  understand? Understand?  How can she understand…she is dead…she would have understood if you did not care for her, or me, that the world was more important, and now it is too late…you cannot tell her your world stories now…she is gone for good, do you not understand that!  So now go…you go…and tavel the rest of the world with her money…and tell her I said thank you!

Eden:I don’t know why you are so upset….all you ever wanted was her money!

Roman: money!!! I worked for it…I worked day and night trying to keep the business together,, but oh…she taught you to travel the world, to go off and have responsibility for nothing or noone…nd what she taught me, to stay and take care of everything, to be honest to work, to work hard with ambition and keep it all together….I guess what she taught me means nothing to you!!

Eden:  She taught me to see love in everything…

Roman: She taught me to trust noone!!

Eden:  it is just that you do not trust noone…she did not teach you that, it is just that you were always wandering in your mind, and that you did not listen!

Roman:  Listen? Listen?  I’ll tell you what to listen to…my big…

Eden: I already hear it.  Your ‘big’ excuse that you deserve it all…well you don’t…and I will be taking my half…and that is none of your business!

Roman: You know nothing about business!

Eden:  I do know she would want her will executed they was she left it!

Roman:  I’ll show you…I’ll show you what you deserve!!  And my “big’… (exit stage right)

Eden:  And your big what?  Big mouth!...your big fat mouth!!! (exit stage left)






Light and Darkness


Light:  (light coming from stage right)

  The way to truth is through what is within, all the answers are there, the wonder and mystery are part of the quest one takes in understnding why we exist and how time proceeds…the light is within and hides within all darkness, but permeates the darkness and grows it from the outside, the outer limits of the soul; where one sees, percieves the glory of being, feels, the sensation of life, the living waters flowing, waterfalls cascading from the heights, and knowledge in the servitude of the knower, wisdom in the grasp of the wise one…the light proceeds to illuminate the way, the path toward the calling, the healing and the grace it takes to comprehend movements, movements of solidarity and entire nations…the world seen within, that within all is a perception of the world, that within all is a conception of time, that within in you is all that has ever been known….the light is known for its salvation, for its medicine, spiritual medicine that takes away the pain…the enduring light comes to you, and think when it does….one’s purpose is clear from what one sees in the light….


Darkness: (stage left)

  You are caught with the time tangling around you…the time has hidden you, but Your time will come, when your secrets flow like demons from the depths of pain of what you can no longer hide…the deep regret of things you did not do…what you thought you left behind, at your heels and knawing fron WITHIN to conquer what it is that broguht you here…here you are…in the darkness…can you see yourself…pitying the things you have buried deep, and the everlasting fear of anyone finding you with the secrets of lives that caught up to your larceny…the streets wet with guilt, the things you wish not to think of, the shame you hide behind fancy pearls, pearls that held dreams, dreams you drowned doen in your stomach..and you feel like screaming, the way you feel inside, being confronted and thinking noone ever knewyour feel it, you are no angel but lust that devours you comes like eyes all around you looking…

Light (actore dressed in white robe) comes from stage right

Light:  You have nothing to fear…you can heal…overcome and transcend…the darknes is not an eil place, yo can shine the power of the light into it…

Darkness (enter stage left dressed in black robe)

Darkness:  You cannot destroy my power over them, I am more powerful than you think..their guilt, you cannot take it away from them, their darkness is within them, the light is only a façade…

Light:  There is light within them all…you will not destroy with your Tantalus word…I will shine the light so that they see the truth, that nothing was their fault, that fate and destiny met them all their walk…

Darkness: They cannot hide from the secrets they hold…not for long…

And then, Light and Darkness enter into a stage fight for a minute as the lights flash

Light falls and covers head, darkness holds hands up to strike, curtain.




Roman:  And to think, it was all a part of your journey..waiting for the entire world to come to you, bringing you the experience, giving you the languages to call yourself ‘world renowned…how all that time she worried, and never once a call, that you did not care to tell her where you were!

Eden:  I was working and travel was part of that, I had my own life…she understood that…

Roman:  She was in pain, she died in pain, not knowing where you were!

Eden:  Please stop.  This is getting redundant how you are jealous that I saw the world, just because you were scared to…I did nothing wrong, why do you insist that it was I who done the wrong, what about you, overwhelming her and being attached, and never truly being independent…why did you not see the world, because you were scared you would see yourself in it…in all the colors, all the songs you did not sing will bring you to your own death, never living, and acting like it was you who did her right…you were a burden!!

Roman:  she needed me!

Eden: she needed you to let go!  To live your own life….she died with your burden, and you act like it is me that wants the peeny, when you only stayed to get her penny!

Roman:  I stayed because she needed me!

Eden:  Well I left because I needed me…you are stuck on not living and being everything you think people expect of you…why don’t you admit it, you only wanted the penny!

Roman:  The penny I what I deserve!

Eden:  Not all of it, and besides, it is not just all about the penny!  It is about her honor!  She had children, family, friends, all who will be there, all who care…and I came to respect that, for her life was something, and you, all you are worried about is splitting a penny with me!

Roman:  because you will go, and spend it all, and you will live high on what you get, getting high on that half penny, while I stay here trying to kep the business together, to kep her business and work alive, while you go, and I will never even hear from you, but you know you will just go, and noone will ever hear of it, and noone will ever tell you you deserved nothing!

Eden:  I deserve the half penny that was left to me, I deserve it for being her daughter!  Sure, I left, and noone knew where I was, but I had a life to live…she would have wanted it for me…my life was fabulous, the people I know, the work I did, from Hong Kong to Paris, I know people of pretige, more than you did acting like her business was yours…it wasn’t your business, it was hers!

Roman:  and that is why I am so upset!

Eden:  What?

Roman:  It is not fair hat she left you the business, not after all the years I worked!!

Eden:  She left me the business?

Roman:  It is in her will…and you don’t deserve it…I worked so hard, for nothing!

Eden:  But it is a women’s birth control business, why do you want it, and what am I supposed to do about it?  Birth control is not going out of style, but why do you think she left it to me, only?

Roman:  Because you are a womAN! THAT’S WHY!  And it just not fair, after all I have done!

Eden:  Well, it is no surprise either of us has had children!

Roman: What?

Eden I said, it is no surprise that…

Roman:  I heard…it is no surprise that the one who is responsible gets nothing…and the prodigal one gets what its worth…isn’t that just the way the world is!

Eden:  The world is full of good and bad, but that does not control me!

Roman:  And how do you suppose the world will take you getting the business, like you deserve it, because YOU are a woman, when ‘I’ am the one who did all the work to keep it together…what?  Why are you looking at me like that?

Eden:  Oh, its nothing…

Roman:  I think you best speak your mind!

Eden:  It’s just…

Roman:  What? Say it if its important!

Eden:  I’m going off the edge of the world


 The light spans the stage, yellow filters, enter darkness from stage right

Darkness:  I am the secret…in the depths of your souls, the ecerlasting distance between life and how you see death…the dark embrace of the soul, the only known, the home to many…follow he  the dark footsteps, his lead will bring you deep inside…the catacombs of the dreams, at night fighting with your enemies who wish to steal your dreams…but I know you deep inside, how you hold the feeling and arescared…of yourself and what others think..what they would think if they knew your secrets…tell me, what secret should I tell slfish your prayer was and what you worshipped…how you saw your idols, grief striken that you were not in the tone of their ambition, how you wanted her, how he wanted her…how you wanted something more, omething that never came because of you sin…but the darkness cleanses, it holds you from the pain, where you cannot feel the pain, only feeling the desire you have…and what do you lust after now, satisfaction, that I should give you that?  The deep cliffes from which you fall and the speed of the falling, taking you through the sky, how fast are you falling for this?  I do not have to convince you, I am the darkness, I have a place here, I have no desire, like you inside, your feelings turning, wanting to stand and scream…

From back right there is a scream

“You did not warn me, you never taught me that I was supposed to stand…you only said the darkness would take care of me”

From back left, a scream

“The darkness has captured me, there is no way out, you never said there would be no light…let me out”

Darkness:  I am aspiring to the depths of your conscious dreams…so that you will see, even in the dark..however you believed, it was not up to me to deal with your sins…

Light fades out

Fade in, lite green filters, spotlight on light, she is on the ground crying

Light:  I would have saved you all, but you acted like darkness was your friend, you thought you could embrace the world from the depths of the dark, it is not my place to convince you (she slowly rises half way)  you can still reach for the light, come back, come forth to see what really is, the magic dindles and your soul is pure, it is the magic you seek, the light is here for you ( raises all the way up, as if climbing and reaching for the light, says) it is a journey on the path, we must be open to transform into ourselves, to leave the past behind and reach for something new,,,the light is here, crawling (beginning to crawl forward on stage)  it is here where I find you, to heal the wounds and bring you relief, the reason each day there is light, the reason is the light, the embrace in the warmth of the kindred soul you have…the secrets you have, they are like anyone else’s, you are not alone, the feelings you have, they too are like everyone else’s, we are all the same…

Darkness:  which is what I was trying to proove, you call yourself human, then be human!

All around, the voices begin and repeat

“I am alone…I am not alone…the darkness is my friend…the light is my water…the fight is a struggle…I feel…I am numb…I see…I am blind”

And is repeated all around in a crescendo





Mother in a dialouge with ‘Soul”

There is fog all around, “soul’ takes mother’s hands and holds them in hers, centre stage

Mother: O’ soul how do I go on, the mystery is broken now, my children are fighting, what do I do?

Soul:  You must hold on…

Mother:  I did what I could in life…

Soul: you must believe…

Mother: I was not ready to die

Soul:  Everyone has their time

Mother:  But mine came too soon, how shall I fare?

Soul: you must be wise…

Mother: but I feel like I know nothing…

Soul:  You know everything.

Mother:  But to go on, how do I make this choice, stay in the world and I suffer, go to heven then there is a chance, but what do I leave behind?

Soul:  You leave eberything behind, to go on your own, to make a journey that will take you home, where you belong…

Mother: but my children, what did they need, did I teach them ehat they need to know?

Soul:  they know what love is, in fact it is all anyone in the world really knows, everything is based on love, some think hate is a fuel to take them, but everything comes from love…

Mother: (crying in her hands)  I hope I gave them enough love…

Soul: It is all you ever gave, don’t loathe now, come.

Mother: (falling, stumbling)  will heaven take me, will I be safe, how will I get in

Soul:  that is what I am here for

Exit stage right, fog floats and blows in a gust




A monolouge by Soul, light from crystals move around the environment, dim light and crystals

“The questions we seek, the truth is within, I am soul, in you , I am like you and all the same…the chances of our llives, our soul decides what I right, what you should do and should not do,,,I am always here for you…call on me…I am soul, within, all blessings known, the light and darkness come within me as you choose…there is a lot of time…all of history and herstory, I was there within, growing and understanding…but what matters most to me is love, the love within is without anything…the soul I am is the soul you are…there is nothing to be afraid of, I am here to guide you, I am here to hold you when you cry…and emtions aroused, I know who you are, you are pure and powerful, I know I am, you are…same same…I am soul, you and I can converse, in reality and dreams, I reside in all, all peoples, all things, from stone to sky, I am in everything, and I come with you everywhere, you will never be without me…do not sell your soul. That is where the problems arise, that is where you lose. But with me, the spirituality has a place, a place to rest and grow, a place where your beliefs are safe.  I am the soul of the world, telling you, you are not separate from me, or the world, we are all one, all of you are part of me.  The soul has boundaries, and be careful what you believe, the soul is pure, and only takes in things that are of purity…the wisdom has a place with me, I love wisdom…we are all wise of something…we may be wise of different things, we are all unique and what we decide with our soul depends upon us, and the world too of soul has much wisdom…you are the world, broken and growing, healing and moving, you are the mountaians and seas, you are the raven and mother…I am soul, here, you and I must go…

Soul turns from front centre stage and slowly steps, feet bare and curtain






Soul, Darkness and light enter from different directions, colliding and falling…fog is blowing


Soul:  I thought we should talk, that it might make things easier…

Light:  Thank goodness, finally.

Darkness:  I suppose you will not take my side!

Soul: Now now, it is not about who’s side I am on, it is about this struggle, this fight, what you are putting everyone through! (turns to audience) have you not been through enough?!

Light: I am sure you will see it my way Soul!

Darkness: your way, what about me, I am just as equally created as you, I span the night in all the world!

Light:  only because you are blocking! Hmmm….

Soul:  Okay, so we must both embrace both darkness and light ( she starts trying to push them together, they struggle uncomfortably) now hug!

Light:  you are going to cause an eclipse! (struggling to hug darkness)

Darkness:  I can’t see…I can’t seee…I am going blind…help!

Soul:  Now the two of you, stop!!

Light: well I only hugged him because you wanted me to…

Darkness: she has to stop, I am tired of seeing her!

Soul:  okay…enough!!  The two of you have to function together…

Light:  It is just that the darkness scares people, makes them nervous….the things he says!!

Darkness: at least I’m not all lovey dovey…trying to impress everyone with how bright I am…acting smart…oh…they’ll see the light…like you’re more smart than me!!

Soul:  Okay okay…let me guide you..see…you need a balance…now put a little light in the darkness and people aren’t so scared…give people a little shade on a sunny day and they’ll be thankful…look…we have to work together!

Darkness: okay, I’ll give her a little shade (reaches in robe, pulls out a box, and hands it to Light)

Light:  Okay, if it’ll make you feel better Soul, I’ll give him a little light,(she pulls out a candle from her robe)  you just need to light it with a match…

Soul:  There… a perfect match

Darkness: where am I supposed to find a perfect match?

Soul: I am not giving up, you know, I am always going to be here

Light: Well so am I

Darkness: Me too.

Soul: Then it is settled…you (pointing) give him light when he needs it…and you (pointing) go now, before it gets too dark…go now…

Exit stage right





Eden:  You have to understand, this company has a purpose, and I understand that…we’ll go international

Roman: you know nothing about business, it’ll go into the ground

Eden: well then, I will go down with it.

Roman: And how do you suppose you will run the company, you know noone, and I know everything about this company

Eden: well, I will get to know the staff, and I will offer hem more!

Roman: More! All you ever wanted is more!

Eden: It is my inheretence, and I am taking it…she left it to me, so some things are going to change!

Roman: Change! All you have is spare change, and you think you can run a company?!

Eden: I know a few things…I’ve learned some things in my life and travels!

Roman:  Now that you’re off the pill you think you know everything!

Eden: A woman can lead a company into success, and a man like you just wants a profit, and off of women!

Roman: Think you’re so smart!... Well I have a better idea anyways!

Eden: Oh yeah!

Roman: Yeah!

Eden: Whay is it then?

Roman; I’m not telling you, you’ll steal my idea, just like you’re stealing the company, practically!

Eden:  so you’re the smart one are you!...okay wise guy, I don’t even think you have an idea!

Roman: Yeah?!

Eden: Yeah!

Roman: well I do, and it’s a great idea…yeah great…and I’m gonna be your biggest competition!

Eden: Yeah right!

Roman: I am…and ther’s nothing you will be able to do about it!

Eden: Whatever…give me a break…

Roman: I am going into my own business!

Eden:  Andwhat are YOU going to sell people?

Roman: (pauses)…condoms! So good luck, because everyone uses them, or at leat they should!


Enter Light, lite fading in and out throughout the scene/monolouge

“There is always transformation, the light sees that, and embraces it…every turn brings a new day and life’s continuance depends upon the light…the simbiosis of the many ideas that have shed from your souls…let your inhabititions turn to dust in the early morning light, and become the strength you need to reside in this world, light and love above everything…it is what inspires you, brings you hope in times of travail…what gives you a destiny, when you know, the light will always return…the light of the world is within the piousness of your breath and the words you speak, speak with love and do everything out of love, that will bring more light into the world…and there is much light to see, the whole world depends upon it, the grazing fields and the solar times…the light is power, and all the world is based on its power, it was created for life, and life for it, the light is the nucleus of change…all light you know. Let it shine and thrive, and bring it forth in all you know…in the light transgression is bare, and brings its rain pouring down from the angel’s heavens to soothe in all its days…the coming of the light…the dawning of time…the endless enbrace of light will bring you to where you are meant to be…you will know when you are there, in the moment, that we are all the same, that we all rside in the light…let me in…I am light for you and you are light for me…the ways we turn will bring us grace, through all we go though the light will return, and show the way forever”




Exit stage left




Enter darkness with lit candle from stage right


“it is my definition and tone that makes me strong, that gives you comfort…there is nothing to hide from…I am sorry, I am sorry that I scared you…but I wanted to aarouse those emotions so you would understand…

Voices all around, repeating

“I believed (I believed)…the darkness is my friend…I do not have to be afraid…I am not is natural…life is dark…embrace the light(embrace the dark)”

Darkness:  I am here to sustain to give peace and security…to help with the plan, to bring forth a healing in the night…the secrets are what they are…everyone has depth…everyone feels…everyone has fear…but that you must embrace…the emotions are to understand, not to misunderstand, and be afraid, of even what is within…everyone has darkness within…you are only human…and free to do and believe as you please…the gifts the darkness is has power of its own, it is just hard to see, in the darkness….that we are not alone…the depths are bare and of the world…cultivating the silence…


The darkness takes time to unravel, but is born of the beginning, and has consciousness to bless and hold you…it is the endless night that will always return, it also has destiny…to bring for rest, this peace you know…

Voices all around

“I thought I was alone…I never knew…the darkness speaks…I am not afraid…I am here…darkness embraces me…it is part of my story (my story, my story)

Darkness:  be not afraid, for I will keep you safe in my heart…your secrets are safe…no plunder or blunder, there is nothing wrong with you…any of you…you know darkness all your life…and it will not turn on you…only hand you over to light each day…for the best…to grow, and birth ideas, see butterflies in summer, to see how the world has turned in the transformation of night…hold me close and sleep, goodnight, until you come again, I will be the conscious power falling over your dreams, so no fret…your secrets are safe


Exit stage right








The funeral

Roman and Eden cry, sob, through the whole scene/coffin centre stage/flowers

Mother and Soul stand front stage

Mother: if I only could talk to them

Soul: You told them all you know

Mother: How do I just leave them

Soul:  It is time for you to go on a journey of your own

Mother: but I feel so guilty

Soul: you’re not, you are innocent

Mother: to hold them one more time, like when they were children

Soul:that was part of life, and so is this

Mother: what will they do?

Soul: they will live and die too

Mother: but if I go…

Soul: you have to go, everone does.

Mother: what else can I give them?

Soul:  you gave it all.

Mother: will I see them again?

Soul: In another life.

Mother: will I know them?

Soul:  you must know yourself…you are who you are…only human…

Mother: I know we all must go…I’m just scared!

Soul:  the fear of dying is something everyone experiences, and what happens after is part of life’s game.

Mother: Oh, I will miss them.

Soul: and they will always hold on to you…now it is time to go…

Mother: Just one last word…(she goes to her coffin and crying children)  Tell me you will go…that you will go to the end and meet me there

Roman: she wouldn’t want us to fight…

Eden: we’ll work it all out…( they embrace crying

Mother: they’ll work it all out

Soul: now say goodbye

Mother: see ya later…don’t forget me

Soul: let us go…we have a journey to make…(Soul takes mother’s hand-exit stage right)

Roman and Eden cry

Eden:  you can have the company(sobbing)

Roman: (curteously) thank you


© Copyright 2020 Rasheda Galiana. All rights reserved.

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