Animal Spirit World

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An examination of the Animal Spirit World...

Submitted: June 25, 2018

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Submitted: June 25, 2018




  The knowledge of the natural world spans many dimensions and traditional ecoloical knoweldge includes oral history and storytelling, awareness of the animal spirit world and the way people use the animal kingdom for survival is vast.  Listening to the totem animals or animal spirits, there are many lessons to learn, how to survive with wisdom, and tell the story in a tone of life veracity.  The right of life where freedom can disperse, and the ways through which many cultures survive involve spiritual elements of animal in context of its spiritual power, and how cultures exist through understanding how to be balanced in the survival of nature, and have health in many ways.



Animalia, spirit, totem, meaning and symbolism






  Journal 3: Ethnozoology

  It is in the consciousness that I find the matter of animal life perplexing.  The spirit of the animal proceeds from words that existence in part is of a part of the creation of animal.  The spirit of animal came to us and told us the story.  The life in the spirit of animal built strong the consciousness of the life of humanity.  The animal came and told the story without the haste people have for life, but took the consciousness of people in the kill, and then returned to the animal spirit world.  The animal knew what it was doing when it gave the hunter permission.  It knew there was life beyond death, and that the consciousness was important for it’s life in the spirit world.  Each time animal died it took more consciousness, and people became less conscious, and part of the world was lost, but it integrated into the life of the animal spirit world, the life was a trade.Bear symbolized Introspection, and the bear spoke it’s story, to tell of the life:

Hear the spirit calling in the depth of your own soul, you know life has it’s time to understand and become of the way to perceive the ways of life, coming from the depths of the forest one sees how it is.  Life in the spirit world is valuable, and for the life of bear, bear gains some introspection, and passage into the spirit world, for this bear gives permission for the kill.  The more bear was killed, the more bear gained introspection in the spirit world, for this bear reigns in the way things are seen, and is powerful there, on the totem bear sees how life became, and keeps the story.

  It is part of consciousness to refrain from certain things, to gain an introspection into why people feel the things they do are justified, and to be of the world, as the world loses insight with the kill.  The animals all symbolize something, and have meaning and guidance in a spiritual way.  For this I see the life and refrain from the kill, and do my best to survive from the world’s propaganda that meat is important.  For me, it is important for the consciusness not to eat meat, and to give a respect to animals that most people do not see, but I see how the world sees the life of animal, and wonder of how it affects the consciousness to do this act.  In psychoanalysis, bear symbolizes fear, and how one deals with their fear.  One would look within, perhaps see the bear in dreams, transmigrate the path of bear, or look into what it means of how they encounter bear.  I would embrace bear, bear would save me, bear would lead the way to the discovery I need, bear would bring me introspection and teach me the way of animal.

Rabbit also symbolizes fear, and encounters much fear on the path of life.  Rabbit knows how to learn from fear, and knows the fear of people, and takes it away.  It is not threatening, and is easy to hunt, yet rabbit takes away the fear and goes into the spirit world, the animal spirit world, and uses fear as power.  The horse too symbolizes power, and has advice, which should be listened to.  People use products from horse every day, and should really in this day and age, think of alternative to using animal product.Many do, and many do not, taking for granted that life has been taken for products.Horse speaks:

There are things to understand, the father, the power, even how people became.  In the story horse knows the truth about how to use the power, people do not always know this, they lose the power, they see the dance rarely.  Horse knows how the power ends, some people know how the power is kept, the tricks of power, and how to surmount.  See horse there, with the manidog, holding power, taking knowledge and giving it where it will benefit horse, because when the power is taken, it is horse’ game.

From a very young child I have had a great respect for animal.  I never liked to eat animal, use animal products, or anything tested on animals, or ever harm any animal.  I nursed birds with broken wings until they could fly again.  I cried about meat, It was not for me.  I felt I could live without it, was diagnosed with anemia, and took supplements to get better, and learned to cook for my health to include iron rich food from things like green vegetables(spinach, brocolli, kale, okra, peppers, celery, lettuce) and grains( like quinoa, brown rice, amareth, oats) and protein (tofu, lentils, beans of many types, fish),  and milk (soy, almond, cashew, etc.) by choice.  As I matured, it became a little less difficult, and I dealt with vegetarianism better psychologically as I aged.  It was difficult to go through as a child, to feel it was wrong for animals to be killed by people, I did not cope well with meat in any way.  But it was natural.  It is what I am.

  For many year I had dreams of travelling the path with a group of deer, as a deer myself, in a sense transmigration.  I saw the path, the tree boughs above, the weather, and continued in the dreams to travel with the deer.  One night I woke to deer outside my window, that seemed to be the same deer, they saw me and stayed calm, they had made the journey.  They returned for many years, the same deer.  I felt like I knew the path.  I felt peaceful, and had likeness, I felt gentle yet powerful to see through the deer’ eyes in the dreams.  I learned the path, many lessons, and it gave me a sense of belonging to nature, and the memory of these dreams are vivid.  To surrender to learn from the animal is important to me.  The deer spirit would say:

  Deer is a part of nature where what is met is the meant gentleness of life.  Deer is of forgiveness, and when deer comes it is a sign to be gentle.  The life one knows is all in passing.  Deer is of a world under the stars that is great, and the symbol exists in the right to teach the time, and how life proceeds and what we must protect ourselves from.  Deer is meant to teach people to be gentle to life, to show the way, and how to survive on the path.  Deer teaches you to be of a gentleness to survive and be careful of violence, and be of a world of gentle spirit, and to treat people and nature gently.

  And so then there is the meditation on the spiritual animal guide.  And as I meditate, the spirit of horse leads me to seeing the power within, as the power within leads me to be attuned to horse.  The symbol which horse represents resonates within the lives of most people, who try to understand power, and to attain a source of power in their own lives.  Horse resonates in m vision as a leader that tells me of how I must act and why I must try to understand my personal power, my choice, and how it is of the world and the spirit world of animals to symbolize meaning.  I really do believe in an animal spiritual world, and that animals have thoughts, language and emotion to understand, if you can listen to them with compassion.  Animals have meant many things in many societies, and have played  a huge role in the creations of many cultures.  The animals people rely on for hunt and survival are in my understanding that this a very significant part of human culture, even though I am an animal activist and fight for the fair treatment of animals.  Animals have played a role in most cultures for survival, and most cultures have tried to classify and protect animals they need, yet the threat of extiction of many species is at the forefront today.  The whale hunt is of a great fight, as the seal hunt, and the protection of many sea animals.  I believe whales are record keepers, that they are part of our humanity and that we need to protect them or we too will lose.  They are our history, the wisdom and knowledge we have learned, that they exist for a reason, like all animals.  I have grown in a culture of people who believe in the protection of animals, and feel very connected.  But how could I proove that animals have a purpose for humanity, and that we co-exist with their cultures also?  How do I find the science that relates that our humanity towards animals is significant for our survival?  It is difficult, but I believe animals serve a function for humanity to survive, for the Earth to continue, for people to be one with nature in a spiritual way which is essential for survival.


The truth about life is contemplated, and only by humans a much as we know.  Do orcas have a language?  Do ancient kingdom’s representations of animals have meaning to the world culture?  Have we as humans adapted to a higher capacity and will animals evolve in their thoughts someday?  Studies of cultures of animals may show primative ways of existence, yet what about the healing potential in the world, and are animals able to acquire medicine from plants when they need or do they have certain eating habits with plants for survival?  In a world of much existence, how have plants and animals developed, and how does our human consciousness effect the way plants are grown in the world?  How have plant cultures been developed in the world and how have animals and humans eat and harvested the crops they need?  What would the world be like if it was uncultivated and animals lived wild without domestication?  Personally, I like the cultivated world, how we have developed to create recipes, and in our lives we can grow what we wish, and access a lot of different plants, and the meat people eat is relatively safe and provide a luxury.  In other cultures we know the terms are very different.

  Even vast developments in the world have involved technology from plants and in the past labor of animals was popular, but not as popular today.  The sun is known in the scientific way that plants have a necessity of survival with.  The sun alive as plants and animals both benefit from, and could not live without, comes forth each day with the developmens of how we see time, and how animals migrate and see time.Many developments in the world today rely on plants for a means of production.  Hemp would be of more benefit per acre than trees, and much production usage relies on plants, for packaging and development of products.  The means by which machines are made is a development which involves welding materials from the Earth’s elements and shaping the way technology creates.  The ways though how we have advances beyond other cultures with the use of our resources makes North America the First world, and still we have such an interest in other cultures and their organic and unique ways of production with their resources.

  As animals develop in the world and are domesticated for higher purposes than in the past, the development of animal  rights is also important.  The extinction of many species and the threat of extinction to many are an important  issue which merits respect.  PETA acts as a social justice parameter for animals, and many activists are involved in the protection and fair treatment of animals.  The way animals are treated can sometimes be devastating.  Racing with animals such as horse or dogs is a popular past time for some.As farms exist sometimes with somewhat fair treatment of animals, yet mostly it is abusive circumstance to be only raised for food.  Animal abuse occurs in slaughter houses, and animals are raised with steroids to develop their meat to be more attractive, and these animals live in very poor circumstance.  It is of concern whether some meat which comes from animals is all safe, and what medicines and drugs are given to animals are safe, and circumstances where some animals are unsafe to eat.  Some people pride themselves upon healthier meat, while others never eat meat at all, while some religions actually forbid it. 

  In a sense, humanity depends upon the use of animals for survival, yet the survival of animals and their protection rests on humanity.  In some religions animals were put in the world in the protection and guidance of humanity.  However we see, animals are beings which are amazing and the potential to transform the way people see life.  Animalia needs humanity’s care and as we help an animal we are helping humanity.


Summary of Questions. 

  The concept of animal is diverse and varying, of much of the life of the world, and has survival according to its skill to gain nutrition and protection.  Animalia is of the greatest and most intelligent life force and community of many types that live through environmental change and the conditions of the Earth.  Humankind is part of the Animalia Kingdom,,with ecological functioning and ‘subsistence pattens’ that are of the survival of much organization and knowledge, even of the plants, animals and life oof the world.  Most typically, Animalia incudes our kind, and we are strong to progress and our community interactions are of interest with ethnobiology, including ethnozoology.  Human behavior is defined by ‘cultural significance’.  The birds of the sky are animals that guide us and add a part of life in the environment, as are fish, insects, and the many other species that make Animalia.

  The koyukon recognize game, fish,moose, muskrats, fur animals like snowshoe hare, caribou and more but some like wolf,beaver, porqupine are not used.  The Seri use various animals of relative importance and survive through their knowledge of the land and the ethnobiological knowledge gained from generations.

Reptile is part of some cultures, like frog, and stories of lizard, and remedies for snake.

  Cultures mention distinguished names for the animals they use and know.  The experience of defending from predators is diferent for many and most species.  The animals that are hunted have created habits, behaviors, and survival skills.  The journey of humankind to advance to how we use animals is greater interest for farmers and those who provide food for communities, like hunters and fishermen and farmers, to maximize the relationship with the economy and how humnas enenift from selling animals.  The personhood some cultures attribute to animals is amazing and there are stories in many cultures about animals, some as creator, like raven for the koyukon, or as charactters in stories that are preserved through oral tradition, transciption, and study.

  The concept of edibility or inedibility is different in many cultures, though a lot of the world depends upon the organization of suppliers in tores, while in many places still the hunt is active.  Some cultures only eat certain kinds of animals, while others raise and cultivate others.  The carivores, herbivores and invetbrates that are eaten have a cultural significance in that they provide a dietary supplement for epople, like the seal in the artic.

  The kinds of knowledge that make up animal knowledge in ethnozoology include perspectives toward nature, how to raise livestock, how to communicate and teach techniques for survival, how to make products, food and weapons and tools and sophisticated technique for keeping tribe or society healthy.


Native American Animals, symbology, notions,totems, respect, snd the Distant Time


  For this I will tell it in a story:


  The different tribes developed together in the continent, learned many ways of survival and became comfortable with the weather, and had concern to the paths of their people.  The Eagle led the path, etched into the Earth, and was of a spiritual grace set in the sky when it flew over, in times to change the direction.  The Great bear decorated the night sky, and for many reasons it was wise, and held a certain story about sustenance and the ways of survival in times where the land spoke of abundance in some seasons, yet hunger could set in in others.  The Salmon jumped up river and the time came to harvest from the river.  The bear was strong and developed a way of catching with its claws and began fishing as soon as the time came where it was abundant.  Seeing bear fishing, Eagle perched above, watching the technique.  Then dove with its claws and beak and grabbed the salmon in its mouth.  The salmon kept jumping, and in a spiritual way did so to become part of the Earth and Sky.  When it offered itself to the hunger of the bear, it became part bear and moved on in its spiritual journey to the land.  When salmon offered itself to Eagle, it bcame part of eagle and the sky.  So in a way, salmon was tricking bear and eagle for its own reincarnation into eagle and bear, and earth and sky.  Salmon worshipped earth and sky and made a promise it would stay forever sustaining earth and sky, if it could be eagle, or if it could be bear, so that in a sense, every salmon aspired for the reincarnation, into the realms of spiritual encounter with the natural world as it is, kept hush under the forest’s whisper, and in a glance bear caught salmon, and it said ‘respect the land the river and the sky will be of importance to you too’, and eagle quickly grabbed salmon from bear and took him to the sky.  The Distant Time took the salmon and engraved it in the clouds, milkyway flowing like the river but bear still seeks to steal salmon back from eagle in the dark night sky as Ursa major, ursa minor resides learning from the sky to unite its soul with the sky, to remember sustenace and how to see the distant time, where one must prepare and do the right things to survive.  On the totem in the directions where they are meant, they hold history, and a story of survival into the great spirit world.


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