Belverdere Johnson

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As you can tell from reading this, I'm not a poet; but I sometimes like to jot down a bit of stuff and nonsense for fun.

Submitted: June 25, 2018

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Submitted: June 25, 2018



Belverdere Johnson


Belverdere Johnson was a man of some repute.

He had many an aerial escapade, with not a parachute.

People gazed in wonder as they watched his Sopwith climb.

And whenever they spoke his hallowed name, the words came out in rhyme.

Always sure of a hero’s welcome, when his aeroplane touched down,

That's how it was until the day Richard Fulbright came to town.


Now Richard was a fancy cad, with a fine two seater plane.

Once women were taken up by him, they were never quite the same.

He'd take them on a loop the loop and then a victory roll,

Till the vicar looking to the sky, exclaimed “Well bless my soul.”

After coming in to land again to set them on the ground,

He would pose and wax his moustache while admirers gathered round.


Belverdere still taking off, in clear blue skies he'd soar,

But though he still did all his tricks, no one watched him anymore.

No one save for Betty, who stood alone and gazed,

Up from the green enswarded field where her Father's cattle grazed.

She had no time for any man with a fine two seater plane,

She smiled and thought of Belverdere, as she walked off down the lane.


One day while he was watching across the aerodrome,

Fulbright got the admiration that Belverdere had known.

Belverdere sighed with heavy heart and sat upon his wing,

Wondering about tomorrow, and what future days would bring.

But today had brought him Betty, who came and sat and talked,

Lasting well into the evening, when hand in hand they walked.


Now it's Richard Fulbright, who’s the man of some repute.

His plane is new and faster, with a silken parachute.

Everybody waves to him, as they see him flying by.

Belverdere now is seldom seen, in his once beloved sky.

But Belverdere is smiling; no harm done to his pride.

Not since that time a year ago, when Betty was his bride.

© Copyright 2018 Kevin Broughton. All rights reserved.

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