Thoughts provoked from a 1960s song

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Random thoughts I had while listening to music.

Submitted: June 25, 2018

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Submitted: June 25, 2018



A funny thing about writing is that you can get inspiration from all over the place. I’ve been listening to hit songs of the 1960s and I picked up a useful message to me, if not other writers.

There is a song called Roses are Red by Bobby Vinton. It follows a simple story:
Boy meets girl and writes naff piece of poetry in her book - Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Sugar is Sweet, but not as sweet as you.  Now I don’t know what she thought of this, presumably they were young, and she was not a Yorkshire lass so it was probably okay.

They dated through High School and at the end of the final term he wrote the same piece of rhyme. Clearly, he had paid no attention in the intervening years because he had nothing new to write about. He hadn’t even picked up that violets are purple: the clue's in the name. This guy is clearly not the sharpest tool in the box.

Then, apparently, he moves far away; and she understandably wastes no time finding somebody new. Guess what he writes to her - yep roses red, violets blue etc. At least he had a new ending this time.

Then he says, he hopes some boy will write this bit of dreadful poetry in her daughter’s book. Even though he knows full well it hasn’t worked for him in his entire life.

Perhaps the lesson to learn from this song is that even if we are absolutely convinced that our creation is the greatest contribution to the written word ever set down in recorded history. Perhaps we have to accept that it won’t work and its time to move on and write something else. 

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