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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Something that isn't quite poetry, but close enough. Someone that isn't quite okay, but close enough.

(This isn't the bigger thing I am working on, it's just something I wanted to post)

Table of Contents

Today is Another Day

100 word drabble. There are 5 versions
Read Chapter

A Maze

Last 100 word drabble.
Read Chapter

A Trade

The door clicked, then opened, just enough for a wrinkled, expectant hand to reach out. You shouldn’t trust her, but you must trade any... Read Chapter

Fill a Song of Sadness

Sing a song of sadness, twisting tongues and all. Silver pools in veins and a writhing warm body in my bag of bones. Empty my skin, ... Read Chapter

The Ugly Duckling

  The veins underneath my skin will tangle and break. With glass bones and paper skin, I am nothing less of a masterpiece. T... Read Chapter

Am I Really Here?

Red drips from the sky, tasting metallic to the tongue.  Time slows, and the world sways beneath my feet.  Grass scratches ... Read Chapter

I've Changed

I've changed and that's okay
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I have no idea what this is and that's the slogan for anything I write
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I Am Too Soft

Bloodshot eyes and a penchant for trouble led me away It led me to a land where cigarettes are candy, Scars are more common than A's ... Read Chapter

I Am Too Soft Pt.2

My lungs are filled with water, making it easier to breathe I talk too much shit for my own good Bruises on my arms look like smudged... Read Chapter

Why I Try

Why do I get out of bed? My body, a forest And I, the land that it has nested into, Thick and overgrown, I have overstayed my place... Read Chapter

Rewrite Your History

Trigger warning, Jesus Christ this is dark
Read Chapter

Gravity Falls

This is about Gravity Falls because I have a lot of feelings and these kids are definitely going to be traumatised.
Read Chapter

The Lost Boys

Playing jump rope, Skipping through names, Names of the children who disappeared, The woods whistle and howl along with us, The m... Read Chapter

Destroy Something Beautiful to Make It Perfect

Snarling insults like blunt daggers leave no mark on porcelain faces, Instead they turn on themselves, Desperate people tear each oth... Read Chapter

Shakespearean Romances

This was written while I was backstage rehearsing for a play so I hope its good
Read Chapter

Flora and Fauna

I've been a certain way recently
Read Chapter

Seven Deadliest Loves

One of my friends helped me with this but it was written a long time ago so it might be a bit bad
Read Chapter

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Recent Comments

Megan Fox

Hi there
If you're keeping this to a 100 words, can I make a slight alteration?
"Sun bounces off the icy lakes" and change "makeshift" into one word. I'm not sure glass is the right word to use for skin. Maybe something along the lines of paper thin?

Tue, June 26th, 2018 2:54am


Hi Megan,
Thanks for commenting! Glass was used because although it is known for being fragile, it can also be tougher, like bullet-proof glass,etc. I also thought that paper-thin was an overused comparison to skin. And thank you for the suggestion with the words, I have altered them!

Mon, June 25th, 2018 8:42pm

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