A Family That Disciplines

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A new reality show is disturbing for children.

A Family That Disciplines.

By Shadowgate


15 year old Beatrice Montana had just come home from school and she got on her computer. She sees an advertisement for the newest reality television series called "A Family That Disciplines" on Yahoo.

She clicked on it and it began.

The narrator said "The Dane Family is 'A Family That Disciplines."

"Hi my name is Marcia Dane and this is my husband Thomas. We have three children. Harold is 15, Thomas Junior is 13 and Lisa is 10."

The commercial cuts to a scene where Thomas speaks.

"We believe in disciplining our children. Harold here failed a math test at school so I'm going to hit him in the head with this board."

Thomas whacks Harold in the face with a board and Harold falls over.

Beatrice yelled "what the fuck!"

Then Beatrice heard her mother yell "Beatrice why are you cussing?”


The commercial cuts back to Marcia who says "Thomas Junior got suspended for cussing out his teacher so I'm going to slam his face down on the barbecue grill."

Marcia slams her son's face down into the barbecue pit.


Beatrice yelled "holy shit” and she couldn’t believe her eyes.


Beatrice's mom yelled "you better stop cussing or you will be grounded for a week.”

The next scene of the commercial shows Thomas chasing Lisa with a chainsaw and Lisa screaming.

The final scene of the commercial shows the whole family together and Thomas yelled "we’re the Dane Family and we believe in discipline.”


Beatrice's mother walked into her room and asked "why are you cussing?"

Beatrice answered "have you seen that commercial for the new reality show A Family That Disciplines?"

Beatrice's mother says "I have and I should discipline you like that" and then her eyes turn pitch green and she growls.


Beatrice was in shock and yelled "what the fuck is going on?”




Submitted: June 25, 2018

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