Amour et Calins

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Love, Hugs, With The Ecstasy of Heart, Mind, Body and Soul, Book III to Torn Between Two Worlds

Submitted: June 25, 2018

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Submitted: June 25, 2018





A Sweet Ticket To Life For A Sexy Haitian Creole

Love, Hugs, With The Ecstasy Of Heart, Mind, Body and Soul


A sincere heart appeal in all its splendid glory of a hushed confession

Does it make me debauched for not accepting the security of a beautiful offering for a future unified and legal progression

Allow me to indulge you in my sinful confession

The Mr. and Mrs. name tag of its obsession

Now missing the nightly tidings of a hard driving lesson

Such beautiful minds conjoined I must say

Bodies teetering within the sweetest melody of rapture ever played

The Lord finally answered me as I kneeled when I prayed

The decision of regret to run as I mentally caved

As one might say, this heart had it made

The right place, the right age

The right handsome man, never the right time

Italy still plays so heavenly on my mind

My future to progress as a Nurse Practitioner has already been engraved by fate’s design

Friends can we, not wanted to be the reminder of a hurtful me

Especially when sweet memories of a supposing everlasting union continue to flee

Never to be

As screamed at me in agony of defeat, not when I was the one who wanted to be set free

Rapid tears fall from a butter rum face

Feelings of self-demise somewhat has left me mentally disgraced

Physically yearning, drowning in covetousness for a replace

Yet, I continue to return to the scene of the crime

Emotions to submit, reeling me in, time after time after time

The scent of his cologne on my pillow, meals of passion, his robe still hanging on my bathroom door

Attempts to sway my mind, flowers, shopping sprees, begging, a different dialect, I keep returning for

Weakening factors to want, needing from him more

Love and Hugs

Kisses and Rubs

I give to you

For you to enjoy in reality, not make future plans for our just due

Love, Love, Love

Such a beautiful word offered from above

Cupid’s arrow has been placed on hold

Still under the sheets enjoying life as my mind is mentally consoled

Body to his body still in motion gyrating to its own song

Heartfelt melodies we make as two souls continue on

The abyss of sinking passion

Desire masked as lust why we’re silk sheet thrashing

Lovers unbind yet, bonded in a bittersweet true fashion

Walk away, walk away before love and hate clash

Emotional sentiments cocoon the heart

No end to true love, only a new clandestine start

Wine, Godiva chocolates, weekend getaways, the true pulsate of the heart, oh what a beautiful piece of art, as it takes one’s mind far beyond the stars 

Earth and Moon

The feeling to love both worlds, slowly fading too soon

As I remain in heart, mind, body, and soul

Should I had more conscience once I submitted my salacious and voluptuous Creole soul

Day and Night must continue to live on

Jazz and the Blues will be my temporary cornerstone

For the lyrics of a regretful obligatory wrong

I am the universe, showered by the laws from the skies above, however, the heavenly body still needs tender love, now that the illuminating moon eclipsed too soon

The galaxy with its caressing hands to uplift my mind with a sultry dancing tune

Fill me with the elixir of its addictive juices in the cloak of midnight

Caressing me past infinity where hearts soar in fight

Loving me over and over again with all its celestial might

One day with acceptance, to place that encircling ring of life

To accept the calling to become someone’s beautiful wife

As I speak my true confessions

Love and Hugs

A ribbon floating in time with no earthly explanations

Kisses and Rubs

Free to finally inhale and exhale

My school, my rules

Lust, Passion, Desire, with me I will never tell

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