Soul in the Doll

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it's a horror story about a doll

Submitted: June 26, 2018

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Submitted: June 26, 2018



On the night of happy New Year, a 50 year old man is working late in his office. Suddenly he hears a noise from outside of his office. He thinks it is the janitor. He did not respond after a while he hears  a laugh and  goes to check but nothing. He thought he was getting illusion from working since morning. He came back to his office and start winding up his work. Suddenly lights turn off.  Few Moments later the janitor come to clean his office. He tries to open, the light but the room light is still off. He unexpectedly slips on to something. He switches on cell phone light to investigate and saw blood on the floor. The light is turned on automatically and get shocked that murder of old men and a doll is sitting on his body.

One month later, a prisoner named Mathew is released from prison for serving 5 years in jail for killing his older brother Jason. On the way out he saw an image in the mirror, but ignores it. When he exists the gate of the prison, he sees no one expects a black car on the right side. He ignores it start walking on the left side of the road. After few miles walking he saw a bus stop post and waits for the bus. A Few minutes later the same car is coming and parked in front of him and he is greeted by his younger brother John.

“ Well Well Well Long time no see brother. He has been what 5 years right” said by John

“ What you want John couldn’t you see I am waiting for the bus.” said by Mathew

 “If you want to wait for the bus, then good luck the bus will come tomorrow. Last bus has already left 5 hours ago. So what is going to be Mathew bus or the car” . said by John

“ It seems to me I don’t have any option do I John. Fine I will take the car”.  Said by Mathew

On the way John asked to Mathew that did he know what happen to their father. Mathew replied yes whole month I have seen his image on television. Do you have any photo of him John? Yes Mathew check under the seat. Tell me something Mathew what do you think.  Mathew said that he thinks that somebody did it on purpose and he is going to kill the men who did to his father. After 5 miles John stopped the car at the gas station . While Mathew was sleeping. When Mathew woke up he was shocked a doll were sitting on the road and waving at him. He got out of the car to investigate, but nothing. He thought it must be an illusion.

John drops Mathews to a hotel to freshen up and will come at 8:00 pm to pick him for dinner with his family. When Mathews enters the hotel he began sensing that somebody is watching him. He went to the recipient to check in. When he sees the mirror,  he saw the doll behind him  he looks back but nothing. He started to believe it is a side effect of the drugs that he has been taking during drinking cigars.

Later, John came back to pick him up for dinner. John introduces to his wife Sarah and son harry. During the dinner harry brings a doll which is similar to doll that he is seeing. Mathews asked harry how did he got this doll. Harry told that it was given by his mother. After the dinner John told Mathew to stay for the night due to heavy rain. Middle of the night Mathew came out of the house to smoke. He saw harry with the doll standing across the street. Mathews started to come near to harry. At once he just disappeared Mathew came to that position where harry was standing, but he saw harry standing on the rooftop. He shouted and save harry. He saw harry face his eye were red and said to Mathews” Hello Brother”. John and Sarah came out the house and took harry inside the house.

Next day Mathew started to investigate the death of his father. He talks to the janitor what happened on the night of happy new year. According to janitor, he found a doll with Mathew’s father, but when the police came there was no sign of the doll. He thanked the janitor and went out. When he was getting out of the office. He saw Sarah entering the office. She told that she came to pick our father’s stuff. John was going to come, but due to their son harry health and what happen last night it was better  he stayed at home. Mathew told Sarah he is going to meet his old friend if she like he drop her off. She told him next time it will take time in the office to do some paperwork and left. Mathew came out of the building and started to smoke just at the end of his smoke. He entered his car and at once janitor jump off from the building. Mathew got shocked of seeing the janitor’s  body. While trying to call the ambulance,  he noticed that someone is sitting in his car. He came close to check and the doll was sitting. The doll faced moved in the direction of Mathew and started to laugh.

Later  that day, when Sarah and john was out. Mathews came to harry to investigate about the doll. But he did not  get anything. During the search harry came into his room with the doll and beginning asking question. The way he looked at Mathew and the style that he was talking looks to like that it is 25 year old men standing. Harry asks Mathew do you want to sit and plays video games with him. Mathew said yes because he wants to know about the doll. During the game Mathew started to ask harry about the doll. But he did not answer. Then Mathews asks  harry about Jason. Harry stops the game and looked at Mathew. Harry told him I don’t know what are you talking about and started to play games. Mathew got a call from his old friend that he wants to meet him know. Mathew told him that he will come later. But his old friend wanted to meet him know to tell him something important. During the call Mathew saw the mirror that Jason was sitting there.  He looked back,  but just saw harry and when he looked at the mirror again he saw Jason. Mathew started to think to get out of the house. But suddenly door gets closed. Harry told  to come and sit game is not over. Mathew sat behind him and said Hello Jason.  Suddenly TV gets off and harry turns around with his eyes pure red and the doll started to laugh. Harry was completely possessed by Jasonattacked Mathew throwing him here and there. John and Sarah return home to find harry yelling for help and Mathew became unconscious due to Jason attacked.

When Mathew wakes up his hands were handcuffed and the police were standing beside him. According harry Mathew tried to kill him. Which makes Sarah call the authority. Mathew explained that he was trying to save harry from Jason. Jason is here  in the house. John punches Mathew in the face and tell him not to ruin our lives and tell the officers to get him out of the house. Mathew continues to explain, but according to the officer they found highly drugged cigars in his luggage that makes people gets illusion and also is illegal in the state. Mathew gets arrested and told by John that  never to see him and his family again.

In the police station, the officer pressed charges for try to murder harry and using drugs cigar. Mathews explained that he was trying to save harry. Police Officers started to laugh when he was telling about Jason ghost and  the doll. After a moment later Mathew’s old friend which he got the call early was inspector named Khan. Khan told everyone to go out of the room and from now he will be investigating Mathew’s case.  Khan  and Mathew are old friend during high school. Khan was the one who was investigating the death of Mathew’s father.  5 years ago Before going to jail Khan ask Mathew what happened with Jason. Mathew told khan that the night that he return home he saw his mother and his younger brother murdered. He went to call the police,  but instead he heard some noise coming from thebasement,  he went to check what is going on and he found Jason doing some kind of  ritual and there a child around 4 to 5 years old and a woman. He did not see  her face due to she was wearing a mask. He stopped Jason from killing the boy. During that a fire got started and burnt the whole house including his brother and his mother. When police came,  they saw me and Jason outside the house fighting. He was trying to kill me and I headed no choice but to put a knife through his heart. The officer saw that I killed Jason due to that I went 5 years in prison.

 Khan told Mathew that Jason was doing one of the black magic rituals that can transfer one soul to another body. But only can be done in every 5 years. During that 5 years khan found that there is a society who does this kind of ritual many years ago. One day during the ritual  the police was informed through a unknown caller. But when the police came to arrest all of them  they  just found death body . Mathew asks  Khan so what happen to them how they died. They died by slitting their own throat. After that the higher authority did not want the people to know that’s why we kept this case secret.  Khan showed a picture that Jason was married to women named Jessica and had a son.  When Mathew sawed the picture the women who got married to Jason was none other than Sarah and harry is Jason son. Khan also showed a video that Sarah killed the janitor by throwing him through the roof. Mathew begged khan  to get him out of this police station. Khan also told that tonight they will again going to perform the rituals so Jason soul can be transferred  to harry body. Khan bailed Mathew out of the station.

While driving Mathew called John to tell the truth,  but he wasn’t picking up the call. We both arrived at the John home. Before we can go into the house. Khan forgets his gun in his car. Mathew told him that he will get it. Mathew return with the gun and they went inside the house only to find that John body hanging from the fan. From nowhere Sarah attacked Mathew and khan. Sarah stab Mathew in the stomach, but Mathews survives. Sarah hits khan with baseball bat. Mathew gets hold of khan  another gun that he found from the car and killed Sarah by shooting her in the head.After that Mathew went to the basement and saw the doll doing rituals. Mathews realized that Jason soul was successful transfer his soul,  not in harry and But into the doll 5 years ago.

At the police when khan was telling about the society Mathew was reading how to do rituals. Mathew founds that the soul can be transferred  to  any object, but still the soul next a body of a human to complete the ritual. Mathew stops the ritual by shooting at the doll, but misses, then the doll disappear. He takes harry and try to get out of the house. But  finds Khan holding the doll. Mathew put harry on the couch  and told Jason to leave khan.  Possess khan attacked Mathew by throwing him  here and there and started the fire to burn the house so no evidence can be found. Possess khan stabbed Mathew three times in the stomach and throw him. Possess Khan come near to harry  to complete the ritual. Before Jason can complete the ritual he hears Mathew laughing. He looks at Mathew laughing and holding the doll. Mathew explained to Jason that time is up. You have to wait another 5 years for the ritual. Angry Jason tries to kill Mathew. But Mathew throws the doll in the fire. Jason tries to save the doll , but fails. Jason gets out of Khan body and started to burn. Mathew explained Jason that he knew that without a vessel you cannot survive. The doll was the only think that was keeping Jason alive. Jason scream and his soul get sent to hell. Mathew tells khan with his dying breathe protect harry and  saw John body burning and dies.

Khan and harry survive the fire.


The End

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