Forgive me

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So often have I let others down. For those times in the past, and for the ones hat will come again in the future, here are my words

Submitted: June 26, 2018

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Submitted: June 26, 2018



I'm sorry

Forgive your bad son

Forgive your terrible friend

Forgive your awful worker

Forgive your needy fan

Please forgive me


Forgive the guy who's been lazy and short-sighted

Who keeps making promises he fails to keep

Who shuts you out because he fears your judgment

And yet is callous, lazy and stupid enoiugh to incur it anyway

Forgive the idiot and asshole who gives into his fears

Who neglects his future and keeps mooching off of you

Who changes his plans all the time when the last one doesn't work

Who wishes he could be the son you always wanted, but could never try hard enough


Forgive me for ruining your life

And I'm not arrogant enough to believe I've made you miserable forever

But all the pain I've caused you and will cause again

Is enough for me to repent on and be ashamed of

Even if it wasn't the case 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Forgive me for being a terrible son and a shitty person

Forgive your bad son


Forgive your terrible friend

The neglectful ass who often acts like you don't exist

Who opens his heart and closes it on his own whims

And was thus never someone you could truly lean on

Forgive me for being such a selfish and coldhearted man

Who took so much from you and gave so little in return

Or better yet, just forget me and move on

Live your lives with those actually good enough for you

I know that I don't truly belong

And that is, very truly, all my fault.

Forgive your bad friend


Forgive your awful worker

Maybe those who rejected me actually had a point

Being as I am a lazy callous bastard who sucks at handling responsibility

Forgive me for being such a useless load

And thanks for your graciousness nonetheless

In giving me more chances than I deserve

Perhaps I will ruin those too

And you will shut your doors for good

But I know I'd have no right to blame you for that

Because you don't even owe me the chances I've already been given

Sorry that in advancing my own interests, I saddled you with a useless good-for-nothing like me

Forgive your awful worker


Forgive your needy fan

And my hypocrisy in telling you you don't owe me anything

While constantly seeking your attention like an entitled codependent annoyance

Forgive me for taking advantage of your kindness

But also for putting you up on a pedestal like I did

What a pathetic man I must be, to go out of my way to praise and impress you

While I neglect and bring misery on those closest to me

As wonderful as you've been, I can never be satisfied

Expecting so much from you, when I wouldn't be able to give a fraction of it had the roles been reversed

Forgive my hypocrisy

Forgive my neediness

Forgive my idolation and obsessive tendencies

Forgive me for being so needy for what I'm not owed

Forgive your needy fan


My inner rottenness festers

My mistakes repeat too many times

And so I must kneel and repent

Whenever I make any of you suffer again

I know I'm terrible

And I know that, to an extent, I always will be

So please forgive me

For being so genuinely bad.


You all truly do deserve better than me

And I'm sorry

© Copyright 2018 Pulak Km. All rights reserved.

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