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this piece of work is to tell us all how important is it to love even when hurt is all that we see in those people we ought to show love.

Submitted: June 26, 2018

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Submitted: June 26, 2018



Every time I look at you with all the hurt you have cause me

With all the mess you have inflated in my life

Not forgetting the troubles you have made me go through

It’s very difficult to forgive you

yet I can’t bare to see you hurt

Cause even though it’s difficult to believe

I owe you Love…...


So many times I have asked myself

Why am I still with you?

With all the hurt you have cause me

And all the sleepless night I had because of you

Why is it so difficult to hate you?

By the way that’s same thing you did to me

Will it be bad to repay you with your same coin

But no matter how much I try

With all the desperation and rage

I can’t still bare to see hurt you

Cause I owe you love..


Is it really fair to watch people hurt you

Countless times they do so without any conscience

But all you can do is repay with love

And even at that extend, they still don’t stop

Yes! it is possible

For God so love the World

that he sacrificed his only son for us

Even when we were still deep in sin

He did not relent his effort but prove to us all

How possible is it to love the people

Who finds it difficult to love back

But rather make your life a living hell

Just as we all did to God

Yet he still love us and will forever do.



© Copyright 2018 Chief Donald A.. All rights reserved.

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