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Please don't take those you love for granted.

Submitted: June 26, 2018

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Submitted: June 26, 2018



Many things will come, and many things will go. The blackness of the night, and the falling of snow. Walking will get you places, stopping won’t do. Looking backwards stops you from seeing what’s in front of you.

Death, I do believe, is a very cruel thing by our comprehension. It’s not a being, but is simply a destination. It’s the edge of the road, an end of the line. A darkness that snuffs out anything that shines.

It uproots families and tears them apart. Yet it creates more room for love in your heart. It forces you to realize that what you have won’t last forever. Sometimes it’s better to appreciate it now than never.

You have to look for the good in life, no matter what the sight. ’Cuz you can only see the stars in the darkness of the night. We each have family buried beneath the ground. Quiet and peaceful without the slightest hint of sound.

They came, and they went, they are now at rest. So you tell me, are the last ones really the best? We walk around glued to a electronic device. Like everything, however, it comes with a crippling price.

You stay isolated from everything and everyone you love and care for. And you’re slow to realize what is happening until they're beneath a dirt floor. This may be a shock or a very crude awakening. It is a harsh truth no matter how forsaking.

I loved my brother, loved him all his to short of life. He never passed the age of twenty one and he never had a wife. I never said goodbye before he was caught in the truck's headlights. Then his life was over during that terrible, fateful night.

I don't know how to end this and know I have your attention. To make sure I struck a cord or made some other connection. I guess all I really can do is give you a warning that I shalln't force upon. Go to who you will and let them know you love them, all before they’re gone.

© Copyright 2018 Apollo Addams. All rights reserved.

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