the monster inside me

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girl with depression

Submitted: June 26, 2018

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Submitted: June 26, 2018



She pulled the knife from her chest and smiled.”was that supposed to hurt?” Nothing seemed to work no matter how deep the knife nor how powerful I did it. She was still there, I could not escape her. I buried the blade in her heart hoping to stop this. She made me feel weak and like I was nothing. She harmed me in ways that mentally broke me. I wanted to do something but she stopped me, nobody could help. I felt alone in a dark corner that i had been backed into. I could not get help she would not let me.


She was not real but so realistic. She was worse, I could not lose her, she kept me silent. Everything i thought was changed, made darker, every time i was happy, it changed. I could not be happy in this life i thought but then i came to this.


It could all be changed, there was light. I just had to get through it. At the end of the tunnel there was brightness, I just wish i was alive to enjoy it. I should not of ended it so soon, i rue the day.


I could overcome the girl, i could see past her, but i did not.


storyline: The girl was herself and the girl monster was her depression.


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