This Road Has Secrets (Part Two)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Thriller and Horror, transgressional violence

Freddie gets a phone call from home, his father passed away unexpectedly so Freddie chooses to makes the 4 hour drive alone from Denver to Creede, Colorado for the funeral and to spend time with
family. The funeral is in five days so he take a scenic road, and late in the night he is the only one on the road when his car breaks down and he's stranded. After an hour of trying to find signal
for a phone call, he decides to walk. After a while, he hears cries out in the desert and soon discovers a woman just a step away from death's door, no memory of who she is or what happened and he
is compelled to help her. But he soon finds that there is more to her story and is in a fight for his life.

 He sat there for a few moments and looked her over, she had very fresh bruises and scrapes all over her. At first he figured it was just from the wreck until he noticed strange bruising around her wrists and ankles, as if she had been tied. Then he looked at the car that was still billowing smoke, it appeared to only be the engine but he didn’t see any flames. He made a very unsafe decision to go and grab her purse or bag that was in the front seat. He needed to figure out who she was and, he knew one thing for sure, he couldn’t leave her out there. A flight to Denver now sounded so much more appealing, sadly it was too late for that. After a while, the girl started to wake up again.

“How you feeling?” Freddie asked her as he walked back over to her with a purse and a few bags.

“Better, I guess….. I am a little hungry though.” She replied.

Freddie grabbed a candy bar out of his backpack and handed it to her, he sat there and waited as she slowly ate the bar and drank some water in between chews. He didn’t want to rush her, but he was really curious about who she was and where she came from.

“Um, what’s your name?” He asked after she finished the bar.

“I…. It’s, um…. I can’t remember.” She looked completely baffled as she tried to think.

“Your I.D says Maria, does that sound familiar?”.. He paused, “do you remember what happened, where you came from and who or what might have done this to you?” He said as he motioned to her torn clothes and the cuts, scrapes and bruises all over her body.

“Maria? Not right away, no….. So much is still fuzzy.” She replied.

Her eyes began to fill up with tears as she looked around, he felt so sorry for her and even more so knowing he was absolutely no help whatsoever in her situation. He was pretty certain he, himself was lost at this point.

“Well, can you walk?” He asked, she nodded so he continued, “we should get back to the road and head for the nearest town, I think it’s Apache City.” He stood up and helped her up to her feet, then he decided to dig into the backseat of the car.

He groaned as he pulled a small cooler out, he opened it and found more water bottles and some chips and cookies. He started to stuff his backpack with the food and water as she looked around.

“You’d think I’d be happy to know this much about me, but instead it only leaves me with more questions.” She said.

“Well, we’ve got some water and it looks like more chips and cookies. The lunch meat is ruined, and the candy bars are melted so we won’t be able to take them with us.” He said as he stood up and looked around.

“Water is the more important thing, right?” She asked as she stood up and threw the bag over her shoulder.

“If you want to look through and see if there is anything else you might want to take with you, I can wait.” Freddie assured her.

“No, it’s probably best that we travel as light as possible.” Maria said.

They headed back to the road to keep heading in the direction Freddie was going when he saw the smoke,

“Where is your car, what are you doing out here walking?” She asked, breaking the silence.

“Oh, it ran out of gas about 10 or 15 miles back early this morning. After I got a few hours of sleep, I decided nobody was going to be driving down this road anytime soon so I got out and started walking.” He replied.

“Were you headed somewhere, or just out for a drive?” She asked.

“I was headed to Creede from Denver for a funeral, decided to get off the main highway and take the scenic route.” He said.

She was quiet for a few minutes, they walked along the road listening for cars or some sign of human life but it was silent out there. Even the wildlife was hiding from the heat of the sun.

“Are you wishing you had stayed on the highway?” She quietly asked.

“Sort of, yeah I guess…… but I would’ve never found you if I had stayed on the highway.” He answered.

“Guess I’m glad you took the scenic route then.” She said.

They had been walking along the road for nearly two hours, and the sun was starting to get really low in the sky. At this point the road went from completely flat ground and was climbing a small mountain; by the time they reached the top, they could see the smoke from her car.

“I still can’t believe not a single car has come down this road.” Freddie said with some annoyance.

“You would think a sheriff or something would occasionally patrol these roads.” The girl replied. As they walked, Freddie scanned the horizon for signs of any human life.

After another ten or 15 minutes, Freddie’s gut told him to turn and look back in the direction they came. He stopped and looked, at first he saw nothing but then it came into view, the sun was hitting and reflecting off something coming down the road. It was another vehicle, and at first he felt extremely relieved and motioned to Maria.

“Wait, it’s leaving the road. Where are they going?” Maria asked.

They both watched as the vehicle left the road and started heading out in the fields, confusing was soon replaced with curiosity as the realized the driver was headed in the same direction as Maria’s car. They kept watching as the vehicle got up to the wreck and stopped, but it was too far away that they couldn’t make out if there was more than one person or if they had gotten out of the vehicle. A few minutes passed and the sun was starting to get low behind them, it was getting more difficult to see anything other than the vehicle’s headlights which were still on.

“What do you think they’re doing?” Maria asked him.

“I don’t know, maybe looking around for survivors, I think I see a flashlight or spotlight wondering around.” Freddie responded without looking away.

Suddenly they heard what sounded like a gunshot, and then immediately what sounded like something hitting the ground near them, hard. Then they watched the headlights swerve back toward the direction of the road but toward them, extremely fast.

“What the fuck was that?” Maria asked.

“Something tells me they aren’t out here to rescue anybody, we need to get going… now.” Freddie said as another gunshot rang out.


(To be continued…..)

Submitted: June 26, 2018

© Copyright 2020 Lady-Wolf. All rights reserved.

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