The Muslim Woman

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Submitted: June 26, 2018

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Submitted: June 26, 2018



The Muslim Woman


- I thought muslim women weren't supposed to fraternise with

infidel men?

- Oh well, this one doesn't mind!

- Praise Allah! Can I take your hijab of now, and gaze upon 

your glorious hair?

- No, the only men who can see my hair are my father, my 

brothers and my uncles, and of course my husband when I


- But I can see your pubic hair.

- That's different

  I rip off her hijab anyway, she's bald!

- So that's why you wear a hijab you're not a muslim woman

after all! You're embarrassed about being bald.

- Yes.

- It doesn't matter, you're great in bed!

  And then I notice there's a hole at the top of her head, an orifice.

- What's this?

- Don't touch!

  So I rub my fingers along the rim, it begins to swell like lips.

- Don't do that!

  So I keep doing it.

- Oh that feels nice.

  I do it somemore and the hole dilates, and then I see wiggly

things come out of it, they're maggots! And then flies come out,

circling around. I look at her for an explanation...

- My brain's flyblown you see, some flies flew into my mouth

and bred in my brain, and then they ate through my head and

made a hole to let other flies in. Do you understand now why

I wear a hijab? Do you see what I hide?

  I gaze at the hole, it must be full of disease, I wish I had a condom!

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