to you mom

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this is how i feel about my mom. i think i might always feel this way...

Submitted: June 26, 2018

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Submitted: June 26, 2018



You thought I was gonna forgive you just like that?

Drop to my knees and beg you to love me and take me back at the drop of a hat?

You seem to think I can’t live without you..

but trust me I can

You didn’t want me

I don’t want you

You didn’t need me

Well I definitely don’t need you

I had to grow up on my own since you didn’t wanna be a mother

No one else took the time to ask how I felt so why even bother?

You made my life hell, and to this day I’m still picking myself up

Do you understand how many times I’ve wanted to die and just give up?

No, you dont

 The less of my life you know the better

I plan to learn from your mistakes once I have a family of my own

Never will they wonder why their love for me never measured...

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