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Where do these people come from? Well, everywhere from "The Twilight Zone", "The Black Lagoon", and just down the street. The question of whether we need to have all kinds to make a world, gets
trampled by the raw facts of life.

Submitted: June 26, 2018

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Submitted: June 26, 2018



 LIFE LOG Life in The Raw

 Short Short Stories

 Nicholas Cochran




Deb and I went back out there to the old house at the end of the lane. But this time we went while it was light.I knocked on the door and realized it was already open.

Deb and I went in.

Man! The whole place was covered in psychedelic colors and patterns from the ‘60s and ‘70s. And a whole bunch of original posters too from the Fillmore and Winterland.

Some even went back as far as the Purple Onion and the hungry i. Pics of the Kingston Trio; signed noless and Lenny Bruce, What a collection. It took a while to realize that they were all original and that they were covered in spider webs and glunky stuff you could see thorough but was really icky to touch. Didn’t know what it was. Anyway, we hollered a lot to see if anyone was around.

After a few minutes, while we were walking through all the rooms on the first floor, a skinny really old lady came through a door on the side of the house. She told us to get out but we explained about the license and Wilbert and Casey. She stopped yelling and told us to sit down. I was really not into staying but Deb sat in an old rocking chair and dragged me down to sit on a red velvet footstool.

Then the old lady came up to us and asked us for ID. She had long grey hair and a floor length green dress, And flowers in her hair, well, behind her ears. The closer she got to us the younger she seemed to become. She was very beautiful, in fact.

She admitted to owning the vehicle that struck Wilbert but denied driving it. It was her sister Grace who was driving but she has moved to SoCal. She used to sing with the Jefferson Airplane. She pointed to one of the Fillmore posters and there was Grace.

She didn’t give her name but she clearly was Lucy Lane. She said she got tired of the new world and decided to formally die and live unbothered as best she could. The house was in Grace’s name. Well, an assumed name. Lucy would go out at night and drive to Morgan City, about fifty miles away to an all-night grocery store and stock up for a couple of months or more. Grace let her live there.

She said she would pay all the insurance on the car. Turned out Grace was as good at accounting and insuring things as she was at singing. There was a million dollar policy. Lucy said that Grace told her that if there was an accident with her driving then she better be covered.

Deb and I looked at one another. We both had the same thought. Should we ruin this woman’s life by exposing her to the modern world? But how could we avoid it?

I told Lucy the problem and she said that she’d have her—Grace’s lawyer fix it up fine.

I really liked Lucy. Before she let us out after a few shots of tea and rum she asked us what kind of dumbass goes out on his bicycle at three in the morning without a light? Neither Deb not I had an answer for that one.

After Deb and I gushed about her house and particularly the incredible collection of‘50’s,‘60s, and ‘70’sstuff, Lucy asked us to come back as long as we told no one about our visit today or when we were going to visit again. Lucy suggested we visit at night and the darker and rainier the better so others wouldn’t be too snoopy. Wise woman.

So now, Sheila and Roan are talking to the other side’s lawyers, from the company. They agreed with Deb and me to keep ‘the driver’ out of it. They thought that that would be a matter for the police.

Roan was a former cop before he went to law school and so he’s convinced that they will drop the whole thing, especially when they lock onto the fact that Wilburt had no light on his bicycle.

I think he’s damn lucky to get anything. But Roan says that ‘the driver’s’ headlights should have picked up Wilburt, no light, dark clothes, and all. Oh well, I guess it doesn’t really matter.

Later: All settled. And Wilburt is on the mend. Deb and I have been back to visit Ms. Lane several times and looked at every single poster and diagram throughout the house. It’s three storeys high.

Last week, Ms. Lane gave Deb and me our choice of poster as a treat for our concern and company for her. Deb took an original Lenny Bruce and I opted for a perfect condition Jefferson Airplane with a super pic of Grace.

Now back to the drunks and the stupids.


Another mystery case. Wow. Doesn’t anybody get these things straight the first time round?

Janet Garza was at a party about a week before all this went down. She met some dude and they saw each other only once again before this wreck. Doesn’t remember his name. And he’s dead. She was a passenger in the dead guy’s car.

She fell asleep in the car and remembers zip about what happened. All she says she knows is that she woke up in the car and it was underneath a semi-tractor trailer on the shoulder of the road and on the opposite side. Her acquaintance/boyfriend/whatever was dead in the seat beside her.

She has no clue how the car got from the right side of the road to the other side and underneath the truck. The truck driver is talking to the police again today. I think she was on bennies or meth, but that still doesn’t make her at fault. At least not that I can figure out.

Janet does remember a policeman at the scene and thinks he was from Avondale PD. She thought he was very nice to her and followed her ambulance to the hospital and handled things for her admission and all. Sounds like a white Knight.

The hospital took her right in and cared for her to the fullest extent. She stayed there for 13 days. Her injuries consisted of head trauma, broken left knee, dislocated left shoulder, and open wound to head (45 staples on forehead from eyebrow to hairline.)

The open head wound has left a very visible scar. Med bills to date over 72K.

She’s not sure what kind of coverage is on the semi. But, won’t know for a bit.

Later: Turns out the big rig was being driven by a little person with extensions of all the necessary controls. Her name is Bertha, Bertha Burns. She has a booster seat and an airplane-like harness to keep her in place. Criminy ! But she has a clean record; been driving for thirty-five years without an accident. Only a couple of logbook violations a few years ago. Otherwise okay. Married to another little person and they have five normal height kids, all in college. Wow. This gets weirder by the minute.

Apparently, one of the kids, a daughter who also wants to be a truck driver (but she’s only 17 now and in first year pre-med) was with her mom at the time of the crash. Her name is Nasturtium, like the flower (her middle name is Venus) was rearranging mom’s booster seat and resetting the controls (while they were parked on the shoulder of the road) when dead Danny Dillard came sliding across the road and went right under their big rig.

Mom tumbled into the sleeping area behind the front seats and broke her clavicle. Nasturtium hit her head on the roof and suffered a broken vertebra at the bottom of her neck. She’s okay now and out of the hospital, but her head lists to one side for now.

Neither Mom nor daughter remembers any screeching of brakes; in fact they didn’t hear a thing. Just the boom when the car hit the under part of the big rig. So, sounds like Danny boy—Daniel P. Dillard—snoozed off and drifted across the road. Eva checked him out and found that he was cheating on his wife Romanee Fluke with Janet.

Eva will talk to the nice policeman and see if we can sort out this mess. But it sure looks like we’re SOL regarding any liability on the part of the big rig. I guess Bertha and Nasturtium walk on this one. So, we’re left with whatever DannyBoy had by way of coverage.

Later; Jeez, you just never know. Apparently, a week or so before the wreck, Romanee took out a 2 million dollar life insurance policy on DannyBoy AND upped the insurance on the Volvo he was driving to a million for accidental death. Wow. I make that a cool 3 mill Romanee walks down the road with out of this. Something smells here. Hunh.

But the good part for Janet is that Romanee also increased the liability insurance to a mill on the car as well as for accidental death and so if we can nab DannyBoy for causing the wreck, then Janet is in clover. Thank goodness she had her seatbelt on.

Later: Wowee!! This is better than TV ! Turns out that DannyBoy was home having a couple of drinks with Romanee trying to get their marriage back together. Well, the toxicologist says that there was a ton of sleeping pill powder (crushed expertly he says) in DannyBoy’s system; enough to knock out an ox.

Dr. Braden, the Toxicologist has turned these facts over to the police. Eva talked to Terry Brancher, the white Knight cop who helped Janet and he says the case is going to the District attorney for consideration of filing charges against Romanee. Murder, I guess.

Terry also said that the speed DannyBoy was going when it went under the semi was fast enough to have the car go over the cliff on the other side or if he fell asleep later, enough to cause a high-speed unbraked collision with whatever was there and probably kill him anyway. Wow! What next? More to come on this baby.

End of Volume Six

© Copyright 2018 Nicholas Cochran. All rights reserved.

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