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CHAPTER TWO (2/2 pages)

Hannah opened her mouth to scream but she couldn't find her voice. Her breathe was choked and her senses messed. Blood drained from her body leaving her all pale and terrified. The dumbest thing she could think of right now is racing for the bathroom door. The shadow man stood directly behind her, and it would take him just a fling to smack her down flat if she tried to escape. She secreted enough Adrenaline and then went cold all of a sudden.

Hannah was snapped to hyper-reality when he raised the butcher knife, the same knife Hannah had seen him hold the night before. The one he almost used in chopping off her head in her dream.

Oh wait! Was she dreaming again?

She wished it was all a dream, and she could wake up from it now. Too many thoughts and questions raced her head but she had no time to process them, at least not now with a knife raised over her head.


She screamed as the shadow man brought down the knife to her neck. It was a huge knife that made whopping sounds as he swung it around to cut her. Hannah had her eyes shut and her teeth griped hard together. Her palms felt cold, and her pulse tripled. It is over, she said to herself. She leaned down the bathroom wall and raised her hand as she screamed her last.

After a while, Hannah peeped with one of her eyes opened, then the other. The shadow man was there but she was not dead yet. No blood spilled on the cold bathroom floor just yet. A very strange chill ran down her spine. Was he taking his time to scare her to death? She asked herself. But it didn't seem so.

The huge knife was arched just few inches from her neck. The shadow man shrugged a little and made efforts to bring it down but somehow it was not coming through. It was stuck in mid space. The kind of physics that couldn't be explained.

Hannah looked even more terrified. She couldn't look at the face of the shadow man (not like she could see it clearly anyway), but the way he moved and whimpered it was clear he was angry and burned with rage. He stopped shrugging and just stared at her. He had a black hoody over his dark face which was just dark, formless dark. Hannah felt her pulse rise again. He looked even more terrifying now. The stiff, cold, and dark face continued to run with blood. Really scary!

"The Chosen one?"

The shadow man asked, though it didn't sound much like a question. He stopped and brought his face even closer. Hannah almost skipped several heartbeats. He smelled of strange powder, the type used on dead bodies. His hair flown his face through the hood, it looked grey and smelled decay. She could almost believe he was a dead man risen to eat the soul of children like her.

He was stiff for a moment then he relaxed and stood over her. He grumbled and whispered as he vanished into thin air. Right in front of Hannah. He was gone. Just like that.

Hannah just stared in disbelief with fright still carved on her face. The image of the shadow man steadied dizziness into her bones. The whole Scene was just too much for a 16 years old Hannah to take just in one night. Her lids felt too heavy suddenly, and her head was floating in space. Maybe she couldn't remember, but she passed out before she knew it.


She was sprayed on her bed with her head resting on a wide and comforting lap. It couldn't be Lisa, she thought. A masculine hand ran through her hair very steadily and softly. It felt cozy and comforting.

As Hannah Opened her eyes, she could still feel the throb in her heart. Her mind kept drifting to what she'd seen. The shadow man. She raised her eyes to meet one of the most beautiful brown eyes she'd ever it. It was brown and shaded grey. Looked intent but moist with emotions. Cute! She thought. Harry smiled down at her and continued to stroke her hair. He looked very calm.

"Was I dreaming again?" Hannah asked. At least that was the only thing she could say.

"No. I heard you scream and found you passed out in your bathroom" He said.

So it was not a dream? It was reality. The shadow man would have killed her and she'd be dead for real. Hannah felt a chill run through her as she realised what might have happened to her. Harry held her hand and squeezed it. Not the kind of squeeze that hurts, this one made her feel safe.

"Sure you'd like to talk about that later. For now just rest your head. And be a cute angel like you've always been"

Harry smiled wildly and his teeth were gaped a little. No doubt he knows what to say to make a 16 years old Hannah feel butterflies in her stomach. She knew he was only teasing, but it took almost the whole strength in her not to blush. She just nodded.

He kissed her forehead. And mumbled some sweet goodnight over them. Hannah just laid still like she'd been electrocuted. Harry walked out her door and shut it with a soft whisper.

Immediately he was out, Hannah realised she'd been numb for a while. After the goodnight...emmm...just goodnight, she thought. She didn't want to admit it was a goodnight kiss. At least for her good. She grinned widely.

Her mind was snapped to the shadow man. The mystery that had stopped him from cutting her into sizes was still unknown. What stopped him? She asked herself. He said something about "the chosen one", what was that? She kept trying to crack mysteries beyond her knowledge. Her head began to hurt slightly and she felt dizzy again. It's enough mysteries for the night already. Maybe she needed some rest. Harry was right about that.

Ahah...! Harry. The thought of him made her stomach tight. She touched her forehead where he'd kissed and brought it to her lips.

She felt completely 16 and stupid now. She thought of what he'd told her about her being a cute angel. And her face was drown with blushes. The ones she had tried to hid from him before.

Oh stupid Hannah...!

*Continues Chapter 3*

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