North Beach Summer

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

When Ethan confidence is destroyed by his unfaithful girlfriend, he and his best friend Logan heads to North Beach Miami. Here, Ethan meets a girl who opens up his eyes and teach him him how to
live again.

Submitted: June 27, 2018

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Submitted: June 27, 2018






North Beach Summer

C.A. Lee





When Logan’s ‘80 Jeep CJ-5 hit a pothole in the road, I surely woke up with a startle, and sure enough, a stiff neck. Damn sun was too painful for my eyes so pulled down the sun visor in front of me. The radio wasn’t that great either. Despacito was blasting through the entire jeep; I have nothing against Luis Fonsi or Latin Pop, it just not my favorite type of music.


“Wakey, wakey, sleeping beauty,” Logan’s voice rung almost like my alarm clock. “We’re here.”


I adjusted my eyes to see a large sign with the dark bold letters that spelled out: North Miami Beach Welcomes You. I let out a sigh of relief. We finally made it, after driving for eight hours for our hometown of Crestwood, Georgia, me and my oldest (and only) best friend, Logan had finally made to North Beach Miami. Having made several bathroom stops on the way, this trip have finally started. Even if this wasn’t my idea to beginnings with.


“How long was I out?” I asked still trying to kick out the last remaining of sleep inside of me.


“Two hours.”


“Two hours? I’m surprise you survive without having an audience to entertain.”


“Well, while you were knocked out cold, I called up Jessica and we--”


I quickly stopped him before he could carry on. Logan’s conversation about his girlfriend always leads to one thing: sex. Now being his best friend he tells me everything. And I do mean everything: how she is able do things I thought only a pornstar could do in bed and much dirty things that would make the Devil gives her a thumbs up. So everytime Logan brings up Jessica I just try to zone him out with things that interest me: books, getting into a good school, and getting a good job.


Yeah, I know, I’m quite the boring person.


Which is why Logan dragged out of my comfortable home, packed my bags, and put me in his Jeep; and headed off to North Beach Miami. He even though I complain for the last two hours on not wanting to go, he always told me the same thing. “I’m doing this for you wellbeing, if not, what best friend would I be?” He had a point there. He is a good a friend.


He’s my only friend.



After driving through the scenery of our new environment, we pulled up into the driveway of where we being staying for the next month or so, depending on our finances of course. Logan’s uncle had a summer home that he lend to Logan to use for the summer while he and his wife goes on a romantic cruise he won in a church lottery. It was a nice looking house and screamed of summer with it yellow wallpaper and pale cream tiles that resembles sand. Turning around, it had a nice view of the beach which wasn’t far from where we live. We could see everything from here- the foamy waves, the bright sand, and the numerous of people partying it up.


“That be us soon,” Logan’s voice interrupted. “For now, help me unpack our things.”


“How many rooms are there?” I asked I grabbed one of the suitcases from the trunk. This one was heavy, must be Logan’s. He always carry things that seems unnecessary, to me anyway.


“Two. One is the master bedroom while the other is a guest room, and of course the master one is mine.”


“No complaining here.” And I meant it.


The house smelled like coconuts when we entered. A smell of relaxation and calm took me even though I thought I relaxed and calm before I walked in. So far, the house consisted of a living room that merged with a dining room and a kitchen. The backyard screen door looked into a pool surrounded by arm chairs and a tiny fireplace. This was a trendy place stay, and a nice place to bring back a couple ladies to entertain. That’s not mine thing, I’m just thinking what every single guy would be thinking of doing with this place.


Logan brought in the last of the suitcase before dropping it next with the others. “That’s the last of them. So, are you ready?”


“Already? We just got here, Logan, let first get situated before we go the beach. It’s not going anywhere anytime soon.”


“Oh come, E. The more time waste here the less time you have meeting any fine girls.” Of course, this again.


“How many times I have to tell you, I don’t need any girlfriend right now.”

Logan grinned. “I didn’t say a girlfriend. I said fine girls, and that what you need if you ever wanting to get back you confident again.”


“I have confidence.” Which I say to myself everyday before I go to the school in the bathroom mirror, that is.


“ You use to have confidence. But ever since Sasha cheated on you with the captain of the football team, you’ve been lacking it. You now been this dreadful version of yourself and I’m not going to stand by and watch you ruin yourself like that. So, get straight ‘cause we’re rolling out in five. And if you refuse, I will drag you by ankles and toss you in the Jeep if I have to.”


Seeing that I had no desire of being either dragged or tossed, I quickly got straight. I tossed on a simply navy blue shirt, a pair of khakis shorts and sneakers. It’s not if I’m going the club so I don’t need to dress that fancy, even though I might get more attention with the ladies. Great, now Logan got them stuck in my head. But he does mean well. He’s an awesome friend who goes out his own way to try to build up my confidence again. And he was right of course. After I finish catching Sasha in bed with Jax, my confidence plummeted to hell and shit. I began to start questioning myself, why would a smoking hot girl like Sasha would ever go out with a guy like me? A guy who never had a girlfriend in his whole eighteen-years and never got invited to any of the cool kids parties. Maybe  Logan is right, I really do need this break. And I needed it now.



When me and Logan arrived to the beach, we were meet with loud music and a crowd of people, mostly those around our ages living it up in the hot summer air. I felt like I was in those typically summer break movies and tv shows shows, where they show hot sexy girls dancing half-naked and ripped guys drinking nonstop and grinding against the half-naked girls. I felt so out of place.


Logan was the opposite.


He was partying it up with complete strangers in the center of the crowded beach, having the care free in his eyes as he danced to some song that I never heard of until now. It didn’t take long for some of the half-naked girls began to grind up against him in a flirtatious way. Even though he had a girlfriend, who in my opinion was more hotter than these girls, he went along with it and started to return the favor. I would be angry with him if he didn’t tell me what Rebecca told him.


“And she’s okay with it?” I asked him on the way over here.


He nodded. “I know right, and it was her idea to start with. Telling me that we both can get a pass for these two months to do anything. But with one rule of course: no strings attached. I think it’s a good deal and I know she’s going to be having her own fun in New York City.”


“And you’re okay with that? Having your girlfriend sleeping with another guy?”


“It’s called trust, E. I trust Rebecca to have a little fun but come home to me when it’s finished and she trust me to do the same thing.”




I wished I had that in my previous relationship with Sasha and maybe I wouldn’t be in this sort of situation: broken and desperate. I know for certainty I was definitely broken. Here I am in the most hyped up beach and still feeling like shit. I’m really am a piece of work.


Finally over my moment of depression, I headed over to the North Beach Grill and managed to slide onto a stool at the bar. From here I could see the whole entire bar and half of North Beach, including Logan still partying it up with two girls. Being that it was two o’clock, the bar was packed with beach goers and waiters. I was surprised that I manage to find a seat in here, especially one at the bar. A bartender came up to me, must be around his mid-thirties and just been in the sun being that he had a tan. “What can I get yuh?”


“Just a sprite.” I also forgot to mention that I’m not a drinker, never have been. Even when Logan dragged me to many of the parties he was invited to where there was nothing but liquor to consume. I just stood in the corner with a cup of sprite.


As the bartender returned with my order, Logan came into the grill with his once buttoned up shirt now unbuttoned, showing off six-pack that he worked on for years to gain. It paid off in the end with him having all type of girls coming up to him and leaving behind either their phone number or lipstick on his cheek or lips.


“There you are, E. I’ve been looking all over for you.” He pulled up an extra stool next to me.


“Were you really looking for me or just needed to show me your still thinking of me?”


He grinned. “Second choice.”


Logan signaled the bartender for two glasses of tequila for both me and him. Even though I wasn’t fond of drinking, Logan was an expert of the sorts.


“You know I don’t drink, especially tequila. The last time had that stuff I puked on Brad Howard’s carpet. You know how much that carpet cost to replace.”


“Trust me, E. One glass of tequila not going to kill you and besides, you look like you need a drink or two.”


When the bartender returned with our drinks, Logan put a shot in front of me. As he took his shot straight, I picked my up and did the same. I instantly coughed. I felt like a drunk a shot of gasoline mixed with lemon. I have no idea why people drink this stuff, it’s absolutely the worst kind of things to drink.


“See I told you’re not going to die.”


“Then why do I feel like that I just did.” This gotta laugh out of Logan.


As I tried to clear out the gasoline taste from my mouth with my sprite, I caught a glimpse of a girl at the far end of the bar. She was about my age and was gorgeous. In good shape, she was dressed in a pink bikini with a green see through skirt tied around her waist. Her blond hair touched her shoulders and her blue eyes stared out into the distance. She almost look like she came out one of these teen fiction drama novels I’ve been reading.


Logan took notice. “She’s cute. Cute enough to be on playboy of the year. She should ask her out? And fast.”


“Are you kidding me? I’m totally out of her league. She’s like a ten and I’m a zero. Compared to her, I’m Rocky Dennis while she’s Halle Berry.”


“Oh come on, man. Don’t second doubt yourself. Just go up to her and say hi, it’s not that hard.”


Before I could say anything, Logan immediately got up and went over to the girl. My heart was literally pounding it’s way out of my chest. I tried to not look but I caught glimpse of them from the corning of my eye. They were having a long conversation before she got up and the both them were heading towards me.


Here it goes.



“Ethan, this is Tatiania Thane. Tatiana, this is my good friend Ethan Lager. He can be shy at times but a nice guy when you get to know him.”


I felt like I was the girl when my face formed a goofy, shy smile and a slight flush as we shook each other hands. She had a natural warmth that was intriguing; she gave out a sweet scent when she took a seat next to me. It might be her perfume, or herself in general which made my heart beat much faster. Before I knew it, we were sitting alone as Logan was waved over by a latina who was having a few drinks at the other end of the bar.


I said, “I’m sorry if my friend messed up your evening by dumping you here with me. If you have anything else better to do, you can go and there will be no harm.”


Tatiana let out a quick, easy laugh, and said, “Wow, you really do need a pick me up. Good thing your friend did call me over here.”


My heart instantly stopped. I could feel my palms becoming more wetter than before. “What did Logan say?”


The bartender returned carrying with him a small glass of amber liquid and placed it in front of Tatiana. She quickly took a sip of the drink before she spoke. “Only that your girlfriend cheated on you with some jock and you became depressed about, which is why your friend brought you down here to get you back on your feet.”


I was literally frozen. I couldn’t say anything but scream in my head. Mostly on how Logan could spill all my personal life to a complete stranger, making me appear as a desperate fool to which is how i’m feeling right now. But I was immediately pulled back into reality when Tatiana continued on with the conversation.


“So, where you from?”


“Crestwood, Georgia.”


“Sounds like a typical suburbs town with the identical houses and yards, and an old statue with some forgotten general from the Civil War era.”


She made me laugh, even though what she said was an hundred percent accurate.


“What about you?” I asked.


“Same place as you, a small old town that is full of boring and and old people who have nothing going on in their life.”


“Which explains why you are here? Miami? A place where nothing is ever boring.”


She let out a small laugh. “Right on the money.”


We both laughed at the comment. To me, that was a sign that things were going well between us.


It wasn’t long before we began a long conversation with each other. Getting to know more about each other seems to pass the time being that the sun was already gone and most of the beach goers were either gone or lounging up in the bar. I didn’t see Logan anywhere, must’ve gone back home. Hopefully, alone. But I’ll be lying to myself if I thought that was true.


When it was seven o’clock, I was already on my third glass. Being that I wasn’t a drinker, I could feel the effects of the drinks starting to kick in. But I was able to keep it under control, I didn’t want to appear to be a complete dick in front of Tatiania. From what she told so far, I wouldn’t be the first.


“So, what would you like to do now?” She said. Her beautiful eyes stared into mines, almost if she was a vampire trying to hypnotize me. From what I just said I know I read too much vampire teen fictions in high school.


I thought about things we could do- two young individuals, alone, and both been drinking a little too much- but being that I was a genuine guy, I decided not to the those things which would lead to regrets or guilt tomorrow morning. I said, “How about a walk on the beach?” A smile crept along her gorgeous face.


“Sounds like a perfect idea.”


I couldn’t agree even more.



The moon was out tonight, making it our only light. We take off our shoes and sandals, and leave them near a palm tree. When we touched the sand, something immediately kicked; maybe joy or excitement, or a combination of both, either way it made us feel alive. Although the attention of walking was the focus, we started out in a run. Tatiana was ahead of me. When she was far up, she began to spin around the beach while the waves washing up against her ankles. She was in total heaven. So was I.


The way she spun and kicked the sand was almost as if she was letting out her inner child, the one who cared little what the world think and more on the enjoyment of having fun. From what I could see, this wasn’t her first time.


We have the beach to ourselves, no around to see us nor hear us. It almost felt like we were alone on this Earth. The only two living human beings; an Adam and Eve sort of feeling washed over me as I joined on the childish fun. Must be from the drinks that is making me do this, or something else entirely that had no recollection of. Something deep down inside of me, something I thought I have never had until this one girl brought it out of me. As my grandfather use to say, “those are the girls you keep around. Their your mirror of you truly are.” But this girl. I just met her today, and besides, I don’t have a real clue on who she really is.


We stretch our arms wide, as if we are embracing the wind. She splashes me mischievously and I mounted a counterattack. Our clothes get wet, but we don’t care. We’re living.


When we are done, we took a seat in the sand and watch the waves go in and out. I felt like I was on a drug for I could’ve swore the ocean was making music and the wind was dancing to it. We were both mesmerize by the sheer beauty of it all, as if we washed with a calm of peace and serenity; which made me say the dumbest thing in the moment.


“Thank you.”


She looks at me with a queer look on her face like I pulled a face one on her.


“For what?” she asks.


“For this,” I say. “For bringing me out of my depression, for making me feel better about myself. I never felt like this in a long time now.”


This peace. The freedom. The escape from the pain. Her. It feels like I’ve went back in time and rewrote a powerful wrong in my life and now living a moment of pere bliss and great happiness.



“Sometimes It take strange situations to create new ones for the better,” she says. “I’m just glad I was that strange situation.”


My hand slept into hers. There I could feel the hopes and dreams we were both sharing. The belief of escaping a bad situation and going into a new one. We were holding an reachable future.


I slowly leaned in while she did the same and our lips crash into one another as if we have just found our true loves. The only person I have ever kissed was Sasha and that was a disaster. But for Tatiana. I was...blissful. Her lips are soft as a cloud, but with an intensity behind them. I take it slow, let each moment pour into the next. Her skin was smooth as rose petals. We were caught in a heat of passion; a web of exotic interest. We were both feeling one another, both on a mental and physical level.


I trace her neck as she traces my back. I kiss beneath her ear. She kisses me the same. Time had suddenly stop, it became useless in a sense of romance and passion. Here we are. Two individuals locked together in a sudden moment of passion and intensity. The only thing we could do was to enjoy it. We smile at each other. Giddy, both disbelief and belief. As if we just defied some sort of cosmic law the universe had set for us.


We walk hand in hand down the beach as the moon rose higher in the brighen night. There was no thinking between us, only living in the moment. I am full of such appreciation and joy for both the world I was living and the way my hand feels holding hers.


“Tell me about yourself,” I ask. “It could be about anything: favorite movie, favorite music, favorite food, anything.”


“As long as you do the same” she responded. I agreed.


“Well, I’ve been arrested before.”


I froze. And she noticed. “Not for murdering someone. Just for vandalizing my ex-boyfriend car. Bastard cheated on me with my best friend. As I seen it he crushed my heart and I crash his prize car, seem fair at the moment.”


Although deep down I was little scared of her, I felt our connection growing stronger.


She continued on. “I’m also an artist. I always dreamed of being a famous artist like Michelangelo an or Da Vinci.”


“Maybe one day you will.”


“And you?”


I wanted to say, being here with you was a dream come true; but instead I said, “I have no idea yet. All I thought was just getting a good life.”


“But without a dream, life can become quite boring.”


We walked further down the beach as the moon still shine bright upon us. We were startled when my phone started to buzz. It was from Logan. Being with Tatina I almost forgot about him completely. It appears he went to the young latina home and sorry that he drove off without letting me know. Deep down I was pissed but also understanding.


“So, your friend left you,” Tatiana said as we made our way back to the palm tree and put on our shoes and sandals.


I nodded.


“How about I give you ride, after all, our fun is just beginning.”


Must be the moment of pure joy and excitement, or the liquor still in my system, but sure enough I went along with it.



After our conversation underneath the palm tree, we drove back to my place. Good thing Logan made an extra key for this night would end in disaster. Once we were in the room, my brain finally clicked on what was happening. Here I was. Alone. With a hot girl. I felt like I was a sixteen-year old boy again; one with extreme acne and hormone problems.


Tatiana took a look around the place and turned to face me. “We could use some music,” she said with some sexiness in her voice.


The next thing I knew, we started to make out with an older Chris Brown song blasting in the background through the oversize external speakers from my IPhone. Everything was going good and could feel things were started to become more interesting as our kisses got more interesting.


Our hands ran across each other bodies, feeling each other skin in an heated passion of ecstasy and passion. We made our way back to my room where clothes were immediately off and rolled around in the sheets making endless love; that I could describe as taking an addicting drug and experience an enormous high. Her skin was soft as it collided with mine. We were lost in our world of love, everything felt right with her in my arms; with her right next to me. It was pure heaven. 


The next thing I remember was a bright light in my face. At first I was thinking my young sister Lizzie is flashing a dam light in my face. She’s a mischief little six-year old. But when I opened my eyes and everything came into focus, I realized it was the next day and the bright light was the shining sun greeting the new day.


Tatiana’s arms were wrapped around me, and she nuzzled up against my side. I could tell by his hoarse voice she was coming down from the liquor last night when she said, “What time is it?”


I looked at the clock on the nightstand. “Wow, it’s one in the afternoon.”


We both got up from the bed and started to put on her clothes as if we were running late for work. While I put on my boxer and jeans, my eye caught a glimpse of a heart tattoo on the back of her right shoulder that read: Wild Girl 2018. With everything that happened last night, I couldn’t agree more with that tattoo. In fact, we were both wild last night which was my first time ever being freaky like that.


And that’s all I’m going say on the matter.


Before she hopped into her car, she gave me a slip of paper. ‘What’s this?”


“My phone number. In case you might need another pick up, or if you want to this day all over again?” She winked at me before getting inside the car and driving off, leaving me standing starstruck with a piece of paper in my hand.


Now I watched a lot of movies (being that I’m also in the film club) and know where I was at this moment. Living on cloud nine.


And it was just getting started.










© Copyright 2020 C.A. Lee. All rights reserved.

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