Wake Up On Death Row

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a rude awakening is never fun, especially if you wake up on death row.

Submitted: June 27, 2018

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Submitted: June 27, 2018



Wake Up On Death Row


By Shadowgate



It was a beautiful Florida morning. Robert Wheeler was 20 years old. He and his mother had just moved from Houston TX to Lake Wales FL.


She got a job at Disney World. He quickly landed a job at Publix. He got a 40 hour work week guarantee. Upon this particular beautiful morning he had the day off. The manager Frank Roe was very fair.


Now on this Saturday July 1, 2017 at 8AM Robert Wheeler was ready for the day. He just had his shower and was off to meet his new girlfriend of three weeks. Her name was Kate Gel and she was a five foot seven super model. When he met up with her she had her I-Pad with her. She showed him the local news report on the trial of a cannibal. It was the biggest murder trial for Florida since Ted Bundy and this case just ended with a sentence of death. She began reading.



"Lester Miller murdered two women and ate them. Their remains were found in his backyard. He was convicted Thursday and on Friday the jury took two hours to sentence him to death."


Robert said "they should fire up old sparky let's just forget the fucking needle."


Kate told him she agreed and wanted to forget the monster. She suggested going to Denny's for breakfast and they did. Robert paid the tab since he just got paid.


Shortly after breakfast Robert got a phone call from Nathan Moore whom he just met and befriended the other day. Nathan told him there was a pool party that evening. Robert said he could make it because he had the day off.


Robert and Nathan were practically best friends. It was like they knew each other since preschool. When Robert got to the pool party he and Nathan jumped into the pool at the same time.


When it was time for photos nobody took selfies. They were taking pictures of themselves with their closest friends or girlfriends/boyfriends. The pool water got cooler when the sun went down at 8PM. At that time Nathan went home. Robert went home to dry off and change. So did Kate whom Robert told to meet him out in the big field of orange trees at 9PM.


He begins speaking to her.


"I'll tell you today was the greatest day of my life. I'm so glad my mom and I moved here. We should get married."


Kate replied "Oh My God today is the greatest day of my life because I now see you want to take my hand in marriage.”


Suddenly a loud alarm is heard.


Robert asked "why the fuck is there an alarm out in this orange tree field? Where's it coming from?"


Kate answered "I don't know" then repeated herself and started to fade away as she said "I don't know."


Suddenly 20 year old Robert Wheeler woke up from his glorious dream and he was on death row indeed. He was sentenced to death for an armed robbery and murder. His victim Nathan Moore was never his best friend. Nathan Moore worked hard all his life and one night the two met in a Valero Store. 18 year old Nathan was the cashier and Robert blew his head off.


His girlfriend of his dream Kate Gel was never his girlfriend. She was a girl he knew back in sixth grade. Everyone hated her because she was a snob. All the girls were disgusted with her and all the boys said they would commit suicide before marrying her.


As for the alarm in his dream, it was the prison emergency alarm. An inmate escaped.


When a guard yelled "Why the fuck are you screaming?”


Robert said "I had a nightmare."



The guard said "well we've got a real life nightmare on our hands. That's why that loud alarm buzzer woke you up. As for you well you've got a real life nightmare on your hands. It's a real nightmare to wake up on death row."


The guard laughs at Robert Wheeler.


The End


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