Five Pointed Star

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A tale of a female Druid, the truth of Stonehenge which was deferred through religious history.

Submitted: June 27, 2018

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Submitted: June 27, 2018



I stand for the final time within the circle of stone. Our days are numbered because of the cross, the lure of it, changing our paths forever as the living vine is wrapped around it. Long before men had declared that the Source of all things came to earth as a god, choosing a man to be known by; ours, the Druids of the past would gather within the circle upon the days which had meaning to us. Then, the truth was of equality, that of spirit and mind. And our voices were heard among each other, not always in unity, but in union.

There was what we called the 'Differing' part of her perspective, since her path was different from his. And in this truth of understanding, reflection came forth, that space of true thought which led to mindful consideration, the 'Creative.'

I am here among my sisters and brothers and we are in silence, we know that our time is at an end. The burning has begun, that of accusation as we are delcared godless and pagan by them. And the 'Dark Age' will begin.

There within the circle stone, in my own space of quiet, I remember the tree, the one they wrapped around the cross, the Vine. And I think of the Oak and the Alder, and I know that the force within them, is found within me. And looking up into the night, I watch the five pointed star appear, so far above, but it always kept me near. The one they now call evil and I cannot keep.

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