Poly's Pride

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Submitted: June 27, 2018



Poly's Pride 

Chapter One: A Tsunami of Emotions
BANG! An echoing reverberation can be heard bouncing from the hollow walls as Hamzah profusely stomps his foot on the hardwood floor. "You're never making things easy for us!" says Hamzah as Ruqaiyah stutters whilst weeping "It's not my fault". Hamzah tells Ruqaiyah that she is always crying whenever he heads to her co-wife Ikram. Hamzah takes his jacket and storms out the front door slamming it behind him. He enters his car and takes a deep sigh as he ponders over his reaction to Ruqaiyah. Meanwhile Ruqaiyah climbs into bed quivering and wiping her runny nose partly from tears and partly from sinus. Fatigue overtakes her and she falls asleep on her damp pillow 
Hamzah calls Ikram and lets her know he's coming down for a few days. As he drives he notices a lady on the side of the street holding a bouquet of orchids. He briefly remembers Ruqaiyah and immediately feels gut wrenched to how he left her. Hamzah stops by at a Taco Bell drive-trough, he orders two triple melt burritos and a couple chicken quesadillas. As he reaches Ikram's house he opens his car's sun visor and hastily fixes himself in the mirror. He reaches the front door and is greeted with the scent of incense burning over charcoal. Hamzah enters his house and immediately notices the lustrous stare of Ikram sitting on the sofa dressed in a pineapple yellow tunic and turquoise trouses. His heart drops momentarily as he displays a contagious smile that makes Ikram blush and jump out from her seat to hug Hamzah. They kiss like a redkinled fire. Hamzah drops his Taco Bell to the side and proceeds to pick up Ikram making her legs rest on his hips. "Put me down!" jests Ikram as Hamzah spins her around.  "I missed you boo" says Ikram, "You're all mine" says Hamzah and takes her to the sofa. "I got us Taco Bell my love" Hamzah exclaims excitedly. They both cuddle up and Ikram randomly selects a movie on her TV, 'The Notebook'. Hamzah tells Ikram he isn't feeling a movie and wants to go out. "Where to" asks Ikram, "Edward Payson" replies Hamzah and they head off to the park. 
Hamzah flattens the rear passenger seats in the car and loads up two bikes along with a tripod and his camera gear. They get to the park and ride their bikes following the trails close to sunset. Ikram speeds along infront of Hamzah and he notices the golden gleam from the sun glowing on her skin. "STOP!" he shouts and leans his bike onto a tree as he pulls out his camera from his messenger bag. "Honey, stay where you are" says Hamzah and instructs her to tilt her head to the side and takes a shot. "Now slightly seperate your lips apart and look to the right" and he snaps away. "let me see" says Ikram and they review the pictures on the camera. "Sunkissed" says Hamzah as he places a small grin on Ikram. He gives her a peck and and corners her onto a tree. "I love you he says" and kisses her forehead and nose down to her lips. Hamzah's phone vibrates from his pocket. He takes out his phone and they both read a text message from Ruqaiyah "I'm sorry.". Ikram throws a sarcastic half laugh and says "Is that why you're with me today". Hamzah interlaces his fingers with hers and gives it a gentle but tight squeeze and says "Mhmm".  "Let's go home" he says staring directly at her pupils. A trembling crave spirals through Ikram "Let's go" she replies.
As they arrive home Ikram opens the door and as soon as she takes her first step inside Hamzah places his hands on her hips and walks closely behind her. Ikram turns her neck and looks back but Hamzah nudges her hips foward. "Stop" says Ikram seductively. "No" Hamzah whispers in her ear. He lifts her tunic as his shaft grazes her backside. Ikram releases an erotic sigh. She turns around and hugs him tighly, she feels her trousers unbuttoned and jumps on him. He takes her to the bedroom and dunks her down. Quickly pulling her trousers off from her feet. He lays ontop placing his full weight on Ikram and exchanges kisses parting her hair off to the side. Hamzah bites her lip and gyrates his hand across her body. Ikram hears the bass of his grunts, she loses her thought pattern with every propulsion. Her breath oscillates with his aptitude, "You're mine" says Hamzah with conviction and proceeds to run his fingers through her hair. Ikram tries to move but is restrained in a state of ecstasy and euphoria.  Her eyelids close involuntarily and her sighs contract in an endless accelerated state of sensation until she reaches the zenith of delirum. "I love you" says Ikram in a miniscule and panting tone as she is sedated. 
The next morning Hamzah wakes up seeing Ikram sleeping besides him. He goes to the bathroom to freshen up and notices a flower on the windowsill. He heads back to the bedroom dresses up, kisses his sleeping wife and leaves. A short drive later he's parked outside Ruqaiyah's house thinking of how he should approach. Overrun by multiple thoughts he spontaneously enters the house finding Ruqaiyah washing up in the kitchen. "These are for you" Hamzah says whilst handing Ruqaiyah a pot of brilliant white orchids. She stares at him with puppy eyes and Hamzah smiles. Ruqaiyah tries to resist but is quicly overcome by the joy of seeing Hamzah again and happiness encompasses her. Hamzah gives her a prolonged well deserved hug and enjoys the warmth of their body heat merging together in perfect harmony.  "I'm so sorry" he says followed with a kiss on the top of her head. He feels Ruqaiyah's weight drop and rise again embracing him tightly. "I want to take you and Ikram together out to dinner tonight " Hamzah says, "It's okay, don't feel so good" Ruqaiyah replies. Hamzah tells her that he's going out of state to attend his nephew's graduation at his sister's house. Ruqaiyah agrees to have dinner and Hamzah leaves to return back to Ikram.
Adverse weather takes over the city at dusk. "Darling" Ikram amusingly calls Hamzah, "Yes beaut" he says as he walks into the room dressed phenomenally smart with his sapphire blue shirt radiating from his stone grey suit. "Ou boo look at you" she says with an alluring smirk. "Let's go sweety" he replies, "but its raining" she says, "I know but Roo is waiting for us" he tells her anxiously.  Ikram reaches for her cream Burberry cashmere trench coat Hamzah got her last year. She puts on her coat and sniffs a faint smell of Acqua di Gio parfum that Hamzah occasionally wears, "I smell like you" she says. Hamzah proceeds to hug Ikram and says "this is how it happened". Ikram can smell the same parfum much stronger on Hamzah's coat. "Get off me" she jokingly remarks and pushes him away. Hamzah laughs and heads to the car.

Rain droplets can be heard  hitting the car as the drive to Ruqaiyah with the airconditioning system set to  75 degrees. Ikram places her hand ontop of Hamzah's hand at the arm rest. "I love you" she says and Hamzah responds by raising her hand and gives it a kiss, "I love you too" he replies. The continue their journey quietly until the near Ruqaiyah. Hamzah calls Ruqaiyah and tells her that they are waiting for her outside. A few minutes go by and Ruqaiyah comes out being hit by the beam of the car dressed in a seaweed green parka and a tuscan yellow hijab. Ikram gazes at her attire as Ruqaiyah enters the car. "You look nice" Ikram says "thanks I love your jacket" says Ruqaiyah, "Ugh it smells like him" says Ikram whilst looking at Hamzah. "Loves" says Hamzah, "What" say Ruqaiyah and Ikram simultaneously. Hamzah chuckles a little and says "you two are beautiful but I'm hungry", "where are we heading" says Ikram, Hamzah answers "Olive Garden". They arrive at the restaurant and Hamzah orders a five cheese lasange with spinach and artichoke, Ruqaiyah picks a chicken and shrimp carbonara. Ikram isn't feeling hungry  and indecisively chooses the fettuccine alfredo. Ikram tells Hamzah that her friend Remona who lives near his sister has some canvases to give away that she wants. Hamzah tells her that he will collect them before he comes back. 


Chapter Two: Ill-gotten Gal
Hamzah reaches his sister Maymunah's house. He knocks and can hear the kids running towards the door. Maymunah opens and her youngest daughter Salwa runs past, "Uncle!" she says whilst jumping on Hamzah. He picks her up and gives her a hug ."Come in" says Maymunah happily and takes her brother's bags inside. Hamzah distributes gifts and candy to his nephews and nieces inside and sees Talha coming down, "congratulations" says Hamzah. Talha greets his uncle and quietly sits down, "what's wrong?" says Hamzah, "nothing" mutters Talha. Hamzah notices theres something wrong with Talha but doesn't inquire any more. Maymunah serves lamb shank and pilau rice, "I made you your favorite dish" she tells Hamzah. Hamzah instantaneously gets happy and tells everyone to come on and sit together to eat. Salwa sits closesly next to her uncle and stares at him with chocolate on her cheeks, he smiles and wipes it off of her and fills her her plate with rice and shreds pieces of lamb from the shank onto her plate. Salwa refuses to eat and unwraps another chocolate bite. "I'll have to eat this then" he says, he takes a pic of the dish and sends it to  both of his wives followed with a text "I love you". Ruqaiyah notices the small serving and coarsely shredded meat and tells Hamzah "I love you too baby". "Since when do you call me baby?" says Hamzah, "look at you plate" she says followed with eye emoticons. 
An hour later Hamzah calls Ruqaiyah and notices she sounds unwell and asks her whats wrong. Ruqaiyah brushes it off and tells him thats everything is fine with her but Hamzah is worried she may be concealing her illness and tells her to relax and take things easy. He immediately calls Ikram and asks her to go and check on Ruqaiyah. Ikram tells Hamzah that its Friday and she might aswell stay with Ruqaiyah overnight. Hamzah agrees and tells Ikram to make sure she eats as last time she was ill she was weak and refused to eat. Ikram tells Hamzah that she will call him back when she gets there. Maymunah notices Hamzah isn't feeling as joyful as before and asks him whats wrong, "oh nothing really" he says, "you sure" she replies, "yeah just feeling a bit bloated after the meal might need to go for a jog" he says. Maymunah ask Hamzah to jog with Talha, "I'm going to the gym" says Talha, "Let me drop you off there" replies Hamzah. Hamzah and Talha get in to the car drive towards the gym. Hamzah tries to start a conversation but Talha doesn't seem to be too responsive. As they arrive the gym Hamzah notices he has 2 missed calls from Ikram and calls her back. "Yes I'm at Ruqaiyah and shes got the flu" says Ikram,  "I assumed so" Hamzah responds. Ikram tells Hamzah shes going to buy medication for Ruqaiyah and asks him to pick up the canvases in the meantime if he could. "Sure why not what's the address?" Hamzah asks. "she's at her apartment on the 8th floor Newbury Street door number 289 I'll text you" says Ikram
Hamzah leaves Talha at the gym and heads towards Remona. As he arrives he calls Ikram back but she misses his calls. He waits in the car for 10 minutes and decides to buzz the address Ikram texted to him. "Hello" says Remona, "Hi, its me collecting canvases for Ikram" says Hamzah nervously. He hears the buzzer opening the door and takes the lift upstairs. He knocks on door 289.  Remona opens the door and Hamzah notices her svelte figure complimented by a black and green embroided blouse with matte black leggins. He hesitates stepping inside but Remona's irresistable smile and lively demeanor places Hamzah in a hypnosis. "Come in, come in" she says as she waves her hand inside.  Hamzah walks in uncomfortably and admires Remona's minimalistic eastern design. "Sorry about the mess" she says, "I was just practicing some dishes" she adds. Hamzah's eyes are fixated on her legs "oh I cycle" she jokes, Hamzah looks up with a confused and disorientated face "What, no, uhh, yeah". Remona laughs and tells Hamzah to sit and try out her cooking, "Ikram used to love these" she says as she hands him a plate of spiced lentils with Indian flatbread. She comes back with a mango and passion fruit lassi but this times Remona brushes too close for comfort as she passes Hamzah. "Acqua di Gio?" says Remona, Hamzah nods. He never felt so humbled by a lady's domineering character and can feel his heartbeat racing. Hamzah tries to muster up some confidence in himself and appreciates some yellow flowers he sees in a vase of water. "Suraj Mukhni" Remona tells him as he remembers the yellow scarf Ruqaiyah wore before he left. "I really like your style" he says her as Remona popped a dhokla in her mouth. "Listen I need to go, I'll come back tomorrow if thats okay" says Hamzah, "Yeah that's okay hope you enjoyed the food" Remona replies with another overwhelming smile. "The food was amazing and everything here looks so good" says Hamzah as he puts on his shoes. "Thanks glad you enjoyed" says Remona wearing the same smile as before. Hamzah gives a half-laugh as he leaves staring at her eyes slightly longer than typical as if though it had a meaning. 


Chapter Three: An Inconceivable Conjuncture

After such a surprising meeting at the apartment on Newbury, Hamzah decided to go back to Ruqaiyah’s to check on her. He unlocked the door to find Ruqaiyah’s head on Ikram’s shoulder, both asleep, cuddled on the couch under a blanket Ikram had attempted to put on both, with medicine tablets, tissues, water, a thermometer, and some leftover food from dinner on plates all spread out on the coffee table in front of them. Hamzah had a moment of feeling such love, admiration, and concern for both of his beautiful wives, almost wanting to go up and hug them at the same time, but didn’t, in fear of waking them. Admiration for Ikram, for being so caring and selfless and always ready to jump to anyone’s aid, whether it be him, Ruqaiyah or the rest of his family. And concern for Ruqaiyah, for seeming so helpless and unwell lately, but for always remaining steadfast in patience; never complaining to Hamzah about anything. He realized he had been very inattentive towards Ruqaiyah lately, and the reminder of their argument from a few days back made him feel guilty. Hamzah realized he needs to be more present for Ruqaiyah, making sure she gets everything she needs from her husband.  

Ikram, exhausted after such a long night, opened her eyes to the sound of Hamzah shuffling around the house, “Hey, boo, you made it home. Ruqaiyah is doing alright, she just needs to rest more. Make sure you give her meds on time tomorrow. Did you get the canvases from Remona’s by the way?” Hamzah instantly felt nervous hearing the name of the captivating woman he met earlier that night, Remona. He almost started coughing before attempting to answer and Ikram asked, “Are you okay? What’s wrong?” Hamzah quickly regained his composure and said, “Thank you for taking care of Roo, honey. I will stick around with her tonight to make sure she’s fine. And oh, Remona didn’t have the canvases tonight, so I’ll have to go back tomorrow.” Hamzah didn’t know why he lied- Remona probably did have the canvases ready but with how nervous he was, he just darted out without the canvases and told her he would come back again the next day. Ikram, getting up and starting to clear up the table, whispering making sure Ruqaiyah didn’t wake up, replied, “Alright, make sure you get them, I really need the canvases soon. Are you going to drop me home?” Hamzah, relieved that Ikram didn’t question him further, told her he would drive her home.

Coming back to Ruqaiyah’s after dropping Ikram back home, Hamzah found her in the same position she was in before, laying on the couch still with the full blanket over her, looking so unruffled in her sleep. Hamzah went up to where she was and put his arms under her around her back and picked her up, without trying to wake her, with her head resting on his chest, and carried her up the stairs to her room. He placed her down in bed and just as he was going to walk away, Ruqaiyah woke up and placed her hand on Hamzah’s cheek and said, “You think you’re so strong now, huh?” with a faint smile. Hamzah’s mouth widened in a full smile, always amused by Ruqaiyah’s wit. He replied, “I have to be strong for my baby, baby.” After hearing Hamzah say that, Ruqaiyah said she has something to tell him. Hamzah felt a little worried, so he sat down near her on the bed, putting his hand on hers, “What is it, honey? Wait. Before you tell me, I just wanted to say I’m sorry for how we left off the other day. I shouldn’t have yelled at you and left you like that. I want to make sure I’m there for you and that you can count on me.” Ruqaiyah’s eyes started to fill with some tears, trying her best to hold them in. She says, “Thank you honey, that means a lot to me. It’s ironic you say that, because I’m going to need you more than ever now. I think I’m pregnant.” Hamzah’s eyes widened, first in disbelief, then in shock of the news, “Really, Roo? Oh, my God, I can’t believe this. We’re going to be parents?! Honey you’ve made me the happiest man in the world telling me this. I love you. I’m going to be here for you, don’t worry about anything else.” Hamzah grabbed Ruqaiyah from her waist and pulled her closer to him into a long, ardent kiss.

That night, Hamzah and Ruqaiyah dreamed of their first child together and the life they have only ever prayed to have. The next morning, Hamzah worried about all the doctor’s appointments he needs to schedule for Ruqaiyah soon, and most importantly, how he would tell the news to Ikram. That thought brought him some anxiety, he did not know what to expect from that conversation. Before being able to do all of this, he received a text message from Ikram reminding him about the canvases again. “Great”, Hamzah thought to himself, “I don’t have the time for distractions right now.”


Chapter Five: Heartache & Pain

Hamzah is nearing Remona's house to collect the canvasses. He calls back the number that missed called him earlier. "Hello you!" says Remona, "Yeah, I'm nearby have you got the canvasses ready" he asks "Yes they're by the door but I'm not home" she replies. Remona and Hamzah arrange that he picks her up and takes her home for the collection. Remona enters Hamzah's car and acts very coquettish and Hamzah plays along jokingly getting aroused as he drives. He purposely skims her thigh with his hand pretending to have misjudged the radio controls. "WHAT THE HELL!" says Remona with an irate tone, "take me home now!" she follows with it loudly. "Sorry Sorry" Hamzah and silently speeds the car to her apartment. He's hoping and wishing that Remona doesn't tell Ikram what happened and skittishly follows Remona to her door. 

"Come in" says Remona, Hamzah follows and is grabbed by Remona giving him a full blown kiss. He pushes her to the side wall and continues kissing her while taking his jacket off. They passionately embrace eachother until they hit the fridge, they keep going at it till they reach the dining table, Hamzah places her ontop full of infatuating desire,"Uh uh" says Remona. They lustfully fondle and caress eachother around the house accidently crushing the canvasses they didn't see. He stops for a moment "what am I taking to Ikram now?" he says, "take me" she replies. He lifts her up and places her back against the wall. Remona grips his raging bull. Excess testosterone oozes out of his sweat as hes overcome with furious frustration. He remembers the 'no' he whispered in Ikram's ear and is challenged by his dominating desire and the exclusivity for his wives. He glances over Remona one last time hearing her unarticulated squeeling and his libido levels heighten like an overflowing faucet. "AAARGHHH!" he screams violently as he lets go of Remona. She looks at him bewildered and slightly worried. His pupils dilate, muscles tensen up, eyebrows squeeze together, she can feel the pressure emmanating from Hamzah and at a sudden charge remona's feet are off the floor, she gaspes and closes her eyes. The longest moment of her life,  she never felt so close to death yet so alive. His arms parallel to her spine she senses a relief of pressure as the brittle buckles of her bra strap are torn apart. He doesn't stop moving and spinning her around and she flies with her arms across his neck with her bosom on his rock hard chest. Pumped with adrenaline and a palpitating heart "HAMZAH! She screams out loud. A jutter and abrupt stop overtakes Hamzah as if he crashed on a brick and mortar wall. Remona's mind, body and soul slowly reach their equilibrium with reality. 

Hamzah thinks of all the things he cares about. The fact he loves Ikram as much as he loves Ruqaiyah and the baby she carries with her. The violation he feels that he disrespected Remona by touching her. He slowly shatters into pieces and storms out the door to his car. A few minutes passes and Hamzah breaks down into tears. He bumps his head on the steering wheel and accidently beeps the horn as he places his head on his knees. He weeps and cries till he feels the heartache and pain he caused himself. Feeling overwhelmed in his thoughts he hears two knocks on his window. He quickly wipes his tears he looks up to see Remona dressed in a long beige gown and a cream shawl that droops down to her stomach. She notices the swelling and redness of his eyes but Hamzah turns away. Remona feels guilty and goes to the passenger side, opens the door and sits down. Hamzah is still covering his face with his knees sobbing, Remona begins to cry. His heartache intensifies forcing him to lean back puffing for air. Remona sees the pain in his eyes and instantly regrets everything that ocurred in apartment 289. 

A broken man with a broken heart says in a broken voice "My suraj mukhni Ruqaiyah she is so beautiful yet so weak and my nectar Ikram she is so soft yet so sweet". Remona turns to Hamzah and utters under her tears "What about me?" 

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