The Pale School Bus

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This is a poem about infatuation .A boy at sixteen fell in love with a girl of high society. The girl was as rich as the boy was poor. The girl used to go to School by a pale yellow coloured bus
while the boy used to go to school on walk.The got his first encounter with the girl while She was sitting by the window with school uniform and looking the boy who was going to school on
feet.After the first encounter the boy daily could able to see her with his thirsty eyes. But the bus left the boy alone on the road with a heap of black smoke in total disappointment.

Submitted: June 28, 2018

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Submitted: June 28, 2018



The pale School Bus


It was 10:20am when your pale school bus ran;

Putting on with white uniform, You looked so pretty;

I could see on a pale window pane , your face bloomed like a morning lotus.

With my thirsty eyes I tried to touch you till the bus moved on ;

But my heart throbbed ...and I feared alot

As a devil played with my innocent heart seeming like a drum;

your tinged red-black hairs moving in the air;

A ripple blew inside deep down my vast sea;

I bathed in the shower of happiness that grew in me.

In the dark black night sky , I could see the rise of your bright blue eyes:

Unknowingly I understood, I am nothing without you;

Though I saw you in a much distance

but I got my reason of existence;

My days were filled with an unknown agony

without your sight

yet your thoughts gave a peace that shine in bright;

Every day your bus came and left me alone on the barren road;

Amidst of a heap of black smoke I smelt your fragrance of love;

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