Each time feels like our first time

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Submitted: June 28, 2018

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Submitted: June 28, 2018



There’s that perfect balance you create,

Where you go from fingers exploring,

searching for a new spot that takes me apart,

to gripping me firmly with a look that tells me you know,

That what you’re doing is more than correct.


It’s a delicious line you’ve drawn, from unsure yet determined,

To confident and ruthless.


Because although you shift between the two,

I wouldn’t ask for anything else.


Because sometimes it’s good to go fast with what we’ve got.

To touch me in places you’ve long since discovered,

Fingers digging in at the hips that have my legs winding around to grip you in place.

To tell you to keep going.


Because other times, it’s nice to watch you take on the challenge,

Of pressing in questioningly,

And getting a gasp in return.

Creating a new angle, that forces my body to arch into yours.


And we fit,


Your body overwhelming mine.


And each time our hips meet,

The heat inside me reminds me of our first time.


Each slide of a hand, travelling to hold my thighs in place,

Give me comfort that it’s only you who can hold me like this.


Each rock,

Back and forth,

Each kiss

Muffling the breaths and gasps,

Anchor me

Stop me from floating too far.


Even though sometimes it gets too much.


When you’re cruel, and you keep going,

And I’m too wound up to tell you to stop,

Because my body is shaking

And your arms simply wrap around my back,

And each thrust is harder than before,

And I feel too full, like I’m seconds from bursting.


But one look at your face,

Hair clumped together with sweat,

Brows furrowed in concentration,

Lips parted in what can only be described as pleasure,

Is enough for my grip on your shoulders to tighten,

My hips to shift upwards to meet yours

And my head to throw back and embrace it all.


Each time feels like it’s our first time.


And I fall deeper in love as you press me closer into the mattress,

Into you.

© Copyright 2018 prv HanahC. All rights reserved.

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