From the heart

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Music was created for life to have a flow. We have however distorted the music and ended up with noise. Where did we go wrong?

Submitted: June 28, 2018

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Submitted: June 28, 2018



A note, Perhaps a chord, Maybe it was a beat, Jumbled up to make a sound Sounds that drive the world into confusion Holding onto nothing important Thrown to the wolves, devoured by our own Music we hear Neither adagio nor accessible Loud chaotic sounds Noise filling the atmosphere Driving us into stampedes Running away from ourselves But no distance is further away Calmness replaced with calamity Where is our gain?

You created perfect beings Perfection at its best Developed the music to make a chorale A chant that could be heard everywhere Not a beat missed We were the perfect duet God our maestro Creating the best dynamics The rise and fall of crescendos Harmony exhibited That calls for an encore But now, We are a figment of what we once were Noise we have become Preforming impromptu improves Building up into a dirge Yes, a dirge, our souls dead Our hearts weeping for them Our plights we say, Nothing left to see or hear Yet we brought it to ourselves Creating our own music Nothing you arranged Falling short of your symphony Composing as we go by Playing what is at hand and in mind If only we could start over Our predicaments would be over Making music with great melody With amazing accompaniment Perfect, Full of growth and wisdom

Starting back at one A note, A chord Perhaps a beat, The perfect chorus, composed in Heaven

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