True or False

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Submitted: June 28, 2018

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Submitted: June 28, 2018



True or false

One day there lived a man named Jhony. He was a very brave boy. One day he was passing by a haunted house but suddenly something Restricted him he was not able to move at all. Is it true that it is a ghost? Jhony asked himself. After a while he was free he went inside the haunted house. Is it true or false what is that moving with a black shirt? Jhony thought but this was the first time he was little scared. Who are you looking for a sound came Jhony went and saw what was that. As Jhony went and saw what was that sound of. He saw that it was a cut human body walking around and shouting. Jhony how are you a sound came he turned back and saw that no one was there Jhony got scared and went back to his house and told his mother what all happened. It was night 10:45 Jhony was awake seeing horror movies suddenly Jhony was restricted again he was so scared that what was happening. Jhony do you remember me I am the joker ghost devil and I am going to eat you. Jhony shouted who are you. Oh, you forgot all ready remember 5 years back your friend had died in a haunted house by a ghost that ghost was me. Jhony was very scared so what he did is he had a water bottle next to him then, he poured the water from that water bottle on the joker devil’s face. The joker devil got a knife to kill Jhony. But Jhony ran away he fought with the capacity which was left with him. Jhony was blocked in the haunted house and the joker devil blocked Jhony and poked him with the sharp knife. But jhony’s soul was not giving up still even though he got so much of hurt. After Jhony fall because the joker devil had poked him, is this true or false that I am going to die Jhony asked him self and kicked the joker devil’s leg and the knife also fall down from the devil’s hand. As Jhony got the knife he directly pocked the joker devil’s hand. After a while Jhony and the devil died. Is this true or false that the joker devil exists? THE END

A story by Arjith karnam

© Copyright 2019 Arjith Karnam. All rights reserved.

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