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Chaos On The Loose

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A long poem about Wonderland madness!

Submitted: June 28, 2018

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Submitted: June 28, 2018



Chaos On The Loose


I’m woken from my slumber by a tapping on my door,

perhaps I did imagine it, I’m really not so sure.

I climb myself out of my bed, thinking what the heck;

I’d better go and open it, I’d better go and check.

There, upon the doorstep, March Hare is standing waiting

and just by his movements, me he’s agitating.

"We need you quick in Wonderland, there’s such trouble there.

We don’t know who’s behind it but there’s magic in the air.”

Pulling on my coat, my boots, down the hole I go;

I’m getting kind of used to it, where I’ll land I know.

The first thing that I notice is the voices of the trees,

while the flowers quiver silently, brought down to their knees.

The caterpillar seems confused, with lobsters on his mind,

the dormouse is so tiny she is really hard to find.

But the most peculiar sight that I will ever see

is sitting on the table, right there in front of me.

For I’m sure that it is Cheshire, in a mess he sure has got,

for hasn’t he be turned into a living cat tea-pot.

On his head he has the Hatter’s hat, complete with rabbits clock;

he looks at me, lets out a yowl, that sounds just like ‘Tic Toc.’

The Hatter’s almost normal, but he does not wear a hat,

his voice sounds just like the Queens and I’m not liking that.

And look, around a bush she runs, calling out ‘I’m late.’

The Queen is so deluded that she runs into a gate.

White Rabbit suddenly appears, high up in the tree

then disappears with just a pop – oh, deary, deary me.

I exchange a glance with March Hare for some kind of charm

has meddled now with Wonderland and caused a lot of harm.

Who could it be, that’s caused this mess; a chew upon my thumb.

Then a brainwave washes in, the twins Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

I shut my eyes to the chaos, the upset every where,

the search in one that we will make, me and Mad March Hare.

Where to start, and where to end, the ground is littered with some card;

on close examination, it is the entire Royal Guard.

The twins have gone too far this time, the magic has gone wild,

some strong force has been unleashed with the humor of a child.

Look there they are upon the beach, Mock Turtle’s got the giggles;

we need to take that wand from them before it further wiggles.

We make a plan, March Hare and me, up on them we sneak,

we do it quite successfully for they both let out a squeak.

"Hand it over,” March Hare orders. “Give it,” I agree.

They look embarrassed to be caught and not a bit guilty.

One passes the wand to the other, and we have to give a chase;

they really have no chance of winning this particular race.

The wand it falls down to the ground, my foot makes contact too,

the snapping sound it echoes, what will happen I’ve no clue.

Have I messed it all up and made it so chaos reigns,

that all these peculiarities are ones that will remain.

But suddenly there’s a shimmer, and a shaking of the air,

whatever kind of magic, it is no longer there.

Before our eyes things start to change, it’s a relieving sight

for things are now quite normal, everything’s now right.

Time for me to head off home, for Wonderland is back,

saved from being too insane, by wild magic’s attack.


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