Can you keep my secrect?

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I've never told this story to anyone, I'm risking my dignity by publishing it with my real identity.

Submitted: June 28, 2018

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Submitted: June 28, 2018



Would you keep my secret?

My short love story

I know him for a year now

But I never noticed him until today

He’s dark

He’s brownie

He’s bronze

He’s everything I want in a man

I have a crush on my collogue

He doesn’t know

Because I won’t tell him neither show him

But I’d hold his backpack if he asks me to

I will keep staring at him when he’s not aware

I will keep smiling every time he smiles

I will agree on whatever he agrees on

I will laugh when he’s laughing

Even if my friends will think I lost my mind

Because I did

I lost my mind

My mind isn’t thinking when Z is around

Only my heart will do the thinking for me

He will tell me that ‘Girl you’re falling for him’

I would now follow him outside

I would stare at him as he walks

I would watch his muscles as they flinch

I would watch him kissing another girl

My heart would break

I would laugh at it

I would not let my best friend see that he crushed my heart

I would feel my heart break for the first time

I would keep it a secret

Two years passed

I still have a crush on him

I add him on instagram

I add him on Snapchat

 I love what he post on Snapchat

I capture his photo and send it to my best friend

I tell her how much I want him

I tell her how much he’s hot and sexy

I tell her how much I’m stunned by his abs

But I don’t tell her that I actually still have feelings for him

Because she doesn’t know that I did have feelings for him

I capture again his photo and sent them to her

We both love his pictures

But only I love him

Only then I realized I still love him

He notices me

He sends me a message on Snapchat

I don’t believe he actually did so I capture it

I send it to my best friend

She is so surprise he actually did

I reply casual so he doesn’t notice that I was waiting for this day

The day Z will notices me

He asks me how I’m doing, what I’m doing.

I capture it and send it to my friend

She thinks he’s creating subjects with me

She thinks he wants to talk to me

I go talk to him with all my heart

My heart that’s beating like crazy for him

If he only knows

The minutes we’re talking I’m fascinating about our future


I see him asking me out

And I accept

I see him becoming my boyfriend

I see all of our friends chocked we’re together

I see us getting married

I see him making love to me

I see me telling him I’m pregnant

I see me having a girl with him

And Snapchat become my favorite app

I wished at that moment that every app is Snapchat

I say I want to ask him a question

He answers me and tells me that’s all

I get so extremely happy that he wants me to ask him again

That means he likes to talk to me

I say yes, and ask another question

He answers it and says again, that’s all

I have so many questions but I don’t want to push him

He tells me he only have one question

And my heart skips a beat

I wonder what he’s about to ask me

I wonder if he’s going to ask me out

I wonder a thousand positive questions

‘I notice you are capturing my pictures on Snapchat, can I know why?’ he asks

I blinked at the message choked with my life

My faced is as pale as my nude shirt

I replied instantly with the first lie that comes into my mind

‘Yes, I haven’t see you in two years and I send them to my friend to tell her how much you have changed’ I say

He answers shortly ‘Ah, okay’

Until then I notice all his previous messages

They are all short

Only I have the widest messages

Only I was talking

He was only curious why a girl like me is capturing his pictures

Now that he gets his answer

My heart is broken

But he doesn’t know

I tell him goodbye

And he never texted me back again

I tell my friend the story

But I don’t tell her he broke my heart again

Because she doesn’t know that my heart was already once broken by him

I hate Snapchat

I wish there were no app called Snapchat

I cry for him

I hate him

I delete him from Snapchat

I regret it

He did hurt me

He did embarrass me

But he doesn’t know

Because I won’t tell him

Now, he knows I have a crush on him

He now is free to like any picture I post on instagram

He even watches my story on Snapchat

But he only doesn’t know that I still have a crush on him

I still hope for a story of us

I still love him

But he doesn’t and will never know

No one will know except me

And you who are reading my short love story,

Now that you know my story,

Would you keep it secret for me?


© Copyright 2019 SC.Fatiha. All rights reserved.

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