the corruption of the foster care system

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the corruption of the foster care system is often ignored and here’s why.

Submitted: June 28, 2018

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Submitted: June 28, 2018



??Browne GéLeah

Ms. Moses

English 11

Period 1

28 May 2018

The Corruption of the Foster Care System

My Mommy didn’t want me, but not because she didn’t love me, because she couldn’t afford me, and she didn’t want to be shunned from the whole family, she was young, scared, and had no choice. My mom had no idea what she’d be putting me through though. I’ve been through about eleven foster homes and I’m only nine. I’ve been abused and bullied in places I was forced to call home. I feel unwanted and neglected. The people in charge never did anything, but find a new abusive home for me, so there’s still kids going to the same abusive foster homes that abused me. About 42% if kids get pushed into the foster care system one way or another.
Kids die every year due to the foster care system. When I say die I don’t mean literally even though they do die literally as well, but they die on the inside from the love that they don’t always receive from their foster families. Majority of foster kids get abused verbally and physically. That’s not healthy for them at all , it’s not healthy for anybody. To know that they get treated like they’re lesser than any of child hurts me. Self esteem dies. Their self esteem dies because of them getting treated lesser , they start to feel lesser , and people tend to act how they’re treated.

The corruption of the foster care system is often ignored . There’s many tv shows out there that are based on true stories about the foster care system. Our community watches these tv shows or movies and we still wouldn’t unite as one to try to fix this problem going on world wide. Kids still get put into the same foster homes others been abused in. Sometimes the people in charge intentionally keep the same people in the system simply because they don’t have enough foster homes for people waiting to be adopted or they never push cases further when they hear what’s been going on with former kids that’s been through the same houses , so now other kids have to go through the same thing former kids from the same household got switched out of for. Nothing has changed for the past years, because the public and or foster kids don’t speak up about it. I guess they feel as though they’ll be alone to stand up for what is going on in our community. Once the community is aware of what’s going on there’s no way we’ll let it slide. Foster kids need to stand up and speak the truth of what’s going on behind doors.
It’s hard for kids to feel wanted in the foster care system. Their parents gave them up so in their heads “of my parents didn’t want me why would anybody else”. They tend to feel unwanted and worthless. Foster homes can’t always give the same love their original homes would, and or the love that their parents were able to give. Sometimes they aren’t even wanted, which makes it even worse when it’s true. Some foster homes are in it for the income. Not many people know , but just for fostering kids in the foster care system you get money to take care of them whether it’s for school or food or personal items. They don’t always use it for what it’s for though , foster parents would use it for their own personal needs and let the foster kids suffer.

Some may say thee foster care system isn’t corrupted , the kids are happy and perfectly fine, but that’s only what they’re seeing on the outside, they have no idea what’s going on with the kids indoors. There aren’t realistic checks going on in foster homes to know if the kids are really and truly happy and perfectly fine. I say realistic because they would give the foster homes heads up , so they have enough time to act like everything’s okay and to force the kids to act like everything’s truly perfectly fine “or else”.
Some say foster homes wouldn’t accept kids if they don’t want them. Why they don’t know is you can make money just for fostering kids , the money that’s suppose to care for the kids they would use it for personal reasons and treat the kids as if they were garbage. How would we know if they want them or not? How do we know it’s an act or not?
This is exactly why our community needs to become aware of the situations that’s going on in the foster care system , we need to open our eyes as one. The foster kids need to come together and speak up as one so us as a community can be aware of what’s going on ,we can come together and unite so we all can stand and make a change. The future without a resolution to the corruption of the foster care system would be filled with unhappy kids & without them there isn’t a future , at least a happy one. If we were to come together and help the foster kids there wouldn’t be anymore corruption to this system.

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