The subtle act of not giving a FUCK written by Mark Manson

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Submitted: June 28, 2018

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Submitted: June 28, 2018



On a sunny evening, I walked into a bookstore looking for nothing in particular; I just wanted to see their new books and maybe I will be captivated enough to buy. As I was wandering around, I saw the title above and I became hooked because of the boldness, deviation from cultural and societal dictates. Even though I was on a tight budget, I just had to buy it in order to satisfy my curiosity. To cut the story short, the book is very fascinating, engaging, thought-provoking and a courageous step by the author because it is opposite of the norms. This book gave insights and hard truths about life and living. It is not the usual ‘how to’ rather it focused on life realities.  Success is not the car you bought, the mansion you built, the millions you have, but it is those little steps, actions taken, and pains endured in the process. Perfection is good, but working towards it is the ultimate success; accepting the failures, flaws are the real source of empowerment. Going through pain makes you confident, facing your fears even when you are peeing on yourself is braveness, crying and still persevering is strength. Life is full of challenges but wisely choose your battles. Not everything deserves your  fucks, tears, sleep, and joy, attention, rather select your values and focus on it; focusing on your relationship is better than being worked up on how to win a drinking competition that will destroy your health, seeking educational empowerments and skills is better than sleeping all day. Most of us hold back on some journeys because of the associated pain; instead of walking away from a bad relationship, you stay because of the fear of being alone and single; instead of learning that skill, you are concerned about your age and what people will say; instead of practicing honesty, you are worried about the likely rejection.

To be continued. I recommend this book to anyone scared of living.





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