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Sinapepe is a happy girl; Confident and intelligent. She is proud of her island and highlights White Sunday as a special day for children in her island.

Submitted: June 28, 2018

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Submitted: June 28, 2018



Hi!  My name is Sinapepe.

Sina means White and Pepe is Butterfly.

But you can call me White Butterfly, same thing right?

I like my name, i think it's cool!


I am ten years old and I live in Samoa, a country that is in the Pacific Ocean.

I have one brother and one sister and both are older than me.

My Dad is a high chief and my mum is the nurse our village.

We live in a traditional house called a Fale (fahleh).


My fale is beside the sea and i see fishermen and waves everyday.

It is cool inside because it is open with no doors and no windows, the wind blows right through it.

I watch the sea from my fale and I can tell when it is low or high tide, cool eh?

It's so nice sleeping through the sound of wind and waves at night.


I go to a school which is not far from my home, actually that is the only school in our village.

My Dad always walk me to and from school everyday, this is when him and I would talk about lots of things.

I love my school because all my friends are there.

My teachers are always nice and want me to learn lots in school.


I play in our garden most evenings with my doll named Lele.

It is one of my favourite times because it is when i imagine lot of things!

Lele accompanies me everytime to check on our vegetables and flowers.

We both love the smell of the frangi panis and ylang ylang flowers of our garden.


I like being the youngest of my family because i do very little hard work.

I sweep the rubbish outside of our fale every morning.

I also check if there is enough water in the buckets for the day.

Before i go to school everyday i would check with my mother on what to do when i come home from school.


I love waiting for my Dad when he goes fishing.

There is never a boring time on the beach because there are other kids there to play with.

Looking for sea shells and other sea creatures is normally our fun game to play on the beaches.

Sometimes we forget what our mothers' say and went along and swim in the sea when it is low tide.


We were playing at school and one of my friends asked, "do you guys remember what month it is today?".

We all replied, "October, and it is White Sunday month!", we all laughed out loud.

White Sunday is a Sunday for all children in Samoa. It is a day when we all have new white dresses, new shoes and lots of food. We don't do any work, we just get spoil by our families for the whole day.

It is also the day when we have to recite bible versions, sing lots of sunday school hymns and perform lots of biblical drams for our families.


It is nice to know that we are important to our families.

It makes me feel confident and secure.

Doing chores for my family makes me think i am an older girl.


Life in my village is never boring because there is always things to do.

There is always fruits straight from the trees and fresh fish from the sea to eat.

The weather is pretty much tropical and i love it!

That is my story for now, thank you for listening, TOFA!
















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