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Friendly match of cricket in Trinidad.

Submitted: June 29, 2018

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Submitted: June 29, 2018



The yellow sun ball hangs in the sky that early morning, the formerly cold setting is warm. It presided over Queen’s Park Oval at Tragarete road, Trinidad, venue of a cricket match. The sport is more than a small deal for Britain and its ex colonies.

Following a coin toss by the umpire in front both captains, teams took respective positions, along with the umpire, in front the massive venue’s packed seats. Red Flag bowls as Orange State batted, determined by the coin.

The bowler does a short run on the pitch towards the batsman, swinging the arm forward, loosed a cock ball in a Yorker technique, the batsman clad in protective pads and helmet hit that and ran with his partner for two runs. First ball of the day.

The over – six balls bowled, passed rather uneventful with a simple six runs scored. Switch to the next bowler. The ball in a full toss was thrown clumsily, good enough for the batsman.

He smashed the ball hard, what came next the announcer on a microphone describes, ‘Audible crack of that bat, there goes the ball sailing over the pitch into the stands,’ and the ball finished the sentence, ‘for six. Red Flag’s frown written on his face. Obviously not happy with that performance.’

The match continues with more six’s and four’s, the most prevalent score are the singles, between one to three runs below four, when both batsmen ran between the two wickets.

Aforementioned player who scored six, made 62, till his streak cut by a bowler smashing the ball into his wicket, knocking stumps asunder, the crowd cheers their side.

Fellow Orange State batsmen did well, finally bowled out in attrition for a score of 250, at day’s end. 

The match wasn’t over for their turn to bowl, which must wait for morning’s arrival. Unlike the other batting sport, baseball, cricket can last for days. The stands spectator packed, players in position.

Announcer, ‘Welcome back, welcome back. These two teams were deemed the best, placing them in the finals yesterday. Men who have sacrificed much to perfect what is not a mere hobby, indeed to perform the best they are able for the sport they love for you the fan.’

Red’s opener was the captain himself. First few ball pitches were not exciting, launching the game off to an uneventful start.

The bowler seemingly made a good throw, the captain however swept the ball for four runs, rolling fast along the ground unimpeded till touching the white line at the far edge of the pitch.  

The match continued its ebb and flow for some time. Orange appealed for LBW against the captain. Leg Before Wicket to the uninitiated, a kind of dismissal that is to cricket what the offside law is to football. In cricket’s case concerns the ball, batsman’s pad and stump.

The umpire agreed, signaled by raising the arm up, in a pointed finger.

‘I’m not out,’ exclaims captain.

‘This sport is like the military,’ announcer says, ‘No democracy.’

Captain gave in with a fuming expression and began to walk off the field. Orange bowlers did surprisingly well, netting six batters for a score of 45 runs. Red soldiered on reaching near parity of 245 by the final ball.

Near doesn’t win matches. Orange’s run total delivered them the match. Faithful supporters, roar drowning out all sounds, ran from the stands onto the pitch to lift the victors upon overjoyed shoulders.

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