Grave Stones

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A teenage girl finds herself in a life or death situation.

Submitted: June 29, 2018

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Submitted: June 29, 2018



My hands shake violently, as I take the burning cigarette from John. I inhale deeply. My teeth chattering. "I'm telling you it was real." Shivers run up my spine. "I can't stop shaking." A cool night breeze brushes by us. John wraps his long sleeve shirt around me, leaving him with nothing but a small tank top. The moon light dancing across his slim muscled arms. "That woman walked through the grave stones, not around them or over them but through them." John wraps his arms around me from behind and pulls me in close and whispers in my ear, "lets follow her." I take another drag on the cigarette and hand what's left to John. I turn to face him. I look up into his strikingly blue eyes and whisper, "something about this whole night does not feel right. Maybe I should try to forget what I saw and head back home." "I know you Izzy you will not let this go until you can prove to yourself that what you saw was just a trick of the moon light. Let's go into the graveyard and you can investigate the ghost woman.” John smiles slyly. “I will investigate your boobies.” My hand cups his bulge. His smile widens. I tighten my grip... I squeeze. His mouth opens in pain as he grabs my wrist. He spins me around and thrusts me against the graveyard fence and pushes his aching bulge into my back. I laugh softly. "You know you like it Johnny boy." His hand slides around and grips my right boob fiercely. "OK,OK let's go investigate." Pain and a hint of pleasure showing in my face. We head toward the gate to enter the graveyard. A piece of paper sticks to the bottom of my shoe. I bend and pull it free. “Missing Girl,” it exclaims in bold letters above a dirt stained picture of a pretty teenager.

We creep closer to where I saw the ghostly figure walking. I point to the hillside and quietly speak, "the last I saw of her, she went over the hill there." The moonlight filters down through the old trees that litter the graveyard. I grip John's hand firmly as we reach the top of the hill. About fifty or sixty yards down in a holler sits a very old stone building, surrounded with a shroud of fog thats settled into the holler. I whisper into John's ear, "let's forget this and get out of here." A chill runs up my spine, causing my entire body to tremble. John wraps his arm around me and pulls me close, squeezing my right breast in the process. "Just a little further and I'll make you forget all your problems," whispers John as he licks my earlobe. Hand in hand we cautiously walk around the old stone building. On the back of the building we find some loose stones. John hands me, his cell-phone. "Hold the light." He proceeds to remove several large stones. He quickly finds a small hole, about big enough for a man to squeeze through. John coughs. "My god it stinks in there, I thought this was an old grave. Don’t you think the smell should have left by now?" I shrug my shoulders. "Don't ask me, maybe because it's been sealed. I hand John his cell phone and step closer to him. John turns to face me, the moon and lust sparkling in his eyes. He speaks seductively, "I'm going to tie you to the casket and have my way with you." He turns and scampers into the dark hole. The room is larger than we expected. An old stone casket sits in the center. Loose rocks litter the floor. John holds his cell phone light up. "I can't see anything, wish I had a better light." I stumble over some loose rubble but manage to catch myself on the casket lid. The lid surprisingly slides to the side slightly. The smell slams into my nostrils. The rotten stench is coming from the stone casket. As I start to lift myself back upright. I realize my limbs are unnaturally weak. Everything is slowing down, almost as if I’m fading into a dream. Fear pierces my heart. The light approaches from behind revealing the contents of the casket. A teenage girls dead eyes stare up at me. The girl from the flyer. “Don’t be sad Izzy you will join her soon,” John speaks from above and behind me. His voice now seems cold and lifeless. A monster. “You put something in the cigarette.” He grabs me under my arms and throws me across the room. “Yep.” John points a hand toward the casket. “Jenny there was quick. I threw her against the casket, hard. It broke her neck. But then the fun was all over. So with you, I am going to take my time.” I try to crawl away. He clamps his hand around my throat. He holds the light up to my face. “How does it feel to know you are about to die?” He squeezes. I can’t breath.... He releases his grip and coldly states, “I told you, I am going to take my time with you. No one will disturb us here. We have all night.” I tighten my right hand. With all the strength in my being I ram my fist into his Adams apple. He shoves me toward the wall. I hit the wall a ringing seeps into my skull. I hear John chocking and coughing. I smile. I slide down the wall slowly. All strength gone. My head comes into contact with something hard and cold. In the dim light, I can just make out that my face has come to rest upon a human skull. John is cursing as all fades to black.

“Open your eyes, my dear.” I feel a small hand gently raising my head. My eyes open. A slim dark haired lady sits crossed legged in front of me. “The woman from the graveyard,” I shakily whisper. I look into her eyes, dark pools. “Grandmother?” The woman smiles. “No child. I am your great-great-great grandmother.” I stare at her face and somehow I know its true. “How is this possible. Am I dead?” The woman’s small hand takes mine. Chills run all through my body. “Not yet... if we do not do something soon you will be. It is time for you to wake up and realize who you really are.” The woman holding my hand smiles. “You are safe hear, child. We are in a circle in between worlds.” Swirling blue light circles around us in every direction. We are in a sphere. I force my self to ask “how is this possible?” The woman’s grin widens. “Magic... what you see with your waking eyes is but a taste of what actually is. Magic flows in your veins Izzy. I am going to show you how to open your eyes and truly see. I will teach you to unlock your power and with it there is nothing impossible.” The woman grabs my cheeks and forcefully speaks, “First we have to deal with this murderous bastard that is using my tomb to kill innocent young girls.” It will take time to teach you the skills needed to deal with such threats. I will take care of him if you will allow me to use your body, for a time. “Yes," flashed out of my mouth before I realized it. My eyes widen in alarm. My ancestor tenderly runs her fingers through my hair. “It will be OK young one. I would sooner destroy myself than harm or cause harm to come to you in any way.” I lay my hand on her leg, tears in my eyes. “Save me grandmother... I do not know your name.” The woman just smiles tenderly. “Yes you do child, let the magic speak to you.” There in my mind the name flares over and over, my name. Isabella.” The woman before me touches one finger to the tip of my nose and speaks, “we have more in common than just blood, young one. Now lets take care of your attacker, shall we.” I grab my ancestor’s arm. “You are not going to kill him are you?” A disappointed look crosses her face. “If you so desire.” “It’s just if you kill him using my body. I will have a lot of explaining to do and frankly I do not want to carry that burden.” “Very well child. I will not kill him but I will be hurting him a lot, you can be sure of that.” “I should hope so,” I speak with a wink. Isabella smiles wickedly and waves her hand in a counterclockwise circle three times. The sphere fades, along with my vision.

John’s coughing and cursing returns to my ears. The dim tomb comes into focus. I am standing unable to move. My arms start moving in strange patterns in front of me. Isabella’s voice echos through my mind. “It’s OK Izzy just relax and let me have control. This will only take a minute.” John turns to face me, holding his phone light with one hand and his aching throat with the other. “What do you think you are doing you stupid whore.... How are you even standing, you should be paralyzed.” Words and power flow from my mouth, “you dare desecrate my sleeping place. You try to kill my child! Now it is time to pay the price for your sins.” A small stone flies from the wall and crashes into John’s face, shattering his front teeth. A howl of pain along with blood and teeth flow from his mouth. “That is for Izzy.” A large rock shoots past me and with a horrendous crack it breaks John’s left leg , just below the knee. “That is for the disrespect you showed my remains.” John falls to the floor, screaming in pain. I forcefully send a thought through my mind, “Isabella, he’s down. Let the law have the rest of him.” Isabella’s voice speaks in my head, “there is another he must face.” My hand points to the dead girls body. Strange words flow from my mouth as my hands trace a pattern in the air. The impossible happens. A ghostly image of the dead girl appears in front of me. My mouth begins speaking to the ghost, “you have until the next full moon to make him pay for what he done to you. Only he will be able to see you. You cannot physically harm him but I am sure you can find ways to make him pay.” The ghost girl floats over toward John. My body steps out into the moonlight. John begins screaming, “no get away from me, this is not real, you are dead!”

A strange sensation pours over my body. A ghostly figure of my great-great-great grandmother stands before me. She smiles crookedly “I expect to see you soon, I will be waiting here for you. For now you had best go tell the authorities the truth of what happened here or something akin to the truth.” Isabella winks as she drifts off into another world.

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