Rain On The Barn Roof

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Listening to rain on a barn roof as a child

Submitted: June 29, 2018

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Submitted: June 29, 2018





Angry drops dash against the windowpane.

A flag whips out stiff against tumbling skies.

Intermittent gusts strafe the house with rain.

Crows flee the weather with their high harsh cries.

I peer out into the threatening squall,

The sky dimming in the hastening pall.


I remember such storms from my childhood.

Pulling galoshes on over my shoes,

Donning my coat and cinching up the hood,

I'd dash through the barnyard shaking the blues,

My shouts of laughter hardly subtle,

Not even trying to dodge a puddle.


Wrenching the barn door out against the wind,

I'd escape into the quiet shelter,

Feed, manure, and leather in fragrant blend.

All light and sound the walls tend to filter.

Inside, the barn was dark and dry and warm.

There I would be protected from the storm.


I’d climb up into the sweet smelling hay,

My very presence scattering a mouse.

Nestling down into the softness I'd stay

In my secret place away from the house.

Lying there in the hay I was weather proofed,

Listening to the rain drumming on the roof.


Now harsher storms reign in my heart and life,

Complex trials and recurring frustrations.

But in His presence I escape the strife.

God is my shelter in all situations.

In His warm embrace I can stand the strain.

There storms melt into the rhythm of the rain.


© Copyright 2018 David Young . All rights reserved.

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