"The haunted bar"

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Submitted: June 29, 2018

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Submitted: June 29, 2018



"The bar"


In 1879 in a small town in Louisiana, a couple lived Margaret and her husband Jim were at a bar one night out in town. They had decided to go out and have a drink after a rough day. There rough day was about to get worse. A man had entered the bar shortly after they did. He was wearing a mask he slipped  in and demanded money from the cashier. 

Jim however didn't realize until it was too late as he went to the bartender for a drink. The burglar shot him in cold blood as he thought he was trying to be a hero. Margaret rushed to  Jim's side and begged for him to be ok. He told Margaret he loved her and had lived a full life. He soon died after. 

Margaret screamed and cursed the man who killed her husband. It was said that Margaret  Had died several hours later of a Brocken heart. Now it's said that on the anniversary of her death you can see Margaret walking up and down the bar perhaps looking for her husbands killer. 

Others have reported seeing Margaret and Jim at the bar drinking beer after hours it's also reported by the bartenders that on the day of the anniversary they will mysteriously loose several cases of beer.

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