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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Chapter Fourteen

Submitted: January 30, 2019

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Submitted: January 30, 2019



Medio Terrarum

Jack parked the car behind the police station in its designated spot, just to the right of a row of white cruisers. He opened the door, then turned to Peter before stepping out. "What was the kid's name again?"

"Guy who assigned us said it was Amruth Ableson." 

Jack ducked out of the car, tugging at the bottom of his jacket to straighten himself out. 

Peter joined him. "Maybe I should do the talking," he addressed Jack over the roof of the car. "You're too... G-man. That serious face of yours is going to remind the poor woman her son is dead." 

Jack turned to Peter, slamming the car door shut with a small smile. "And what? Have you interrogate her on what toothpaste the kid used?" 

"Are you talking about back there?" Peter asked, gesturing with his thumb in the direction of the Ableson house. "I was just trying to lighten the mood a bit. I swear, everyone's too serious about their job; and do you know where serious get's people like us, James?" 

Jack sighed, starting toward the back door of the department. "Do enlighten me." 

"Depression, my friend." Peter closed the passenger side door, following Jack. "That's where you're heading if you don't turn that permanent frown upside down." 

Jack just shook his head, the edges of his mouth turning up in a tiny smile. 

"Ah, there it is," Peter grinned, pointing mockingly to Jack's face. 

Jack slapped his hand away. It was more of a friendly gesture than an act of violence. "Shut up," he said, but the small smile did not leave his face. 

The two of them entered the department, heading down several maze-like hallways before finding themselves in the lobby. 

"You guys find anything interesting?" The same officer from that morning was still standing behind the counter. 

"You could say that." Peter shrugged. 

"Hey, Rogers," Jack started, calling the man's attention to himself. "Did a woman stop in here recently? Last name Ableson?" 

Just as Officer Rogers was about to answer, a woman's voice behind Jack and Peter spoke, asking, "Miranda Ableson?"

Jack turned around to face Mrs. Harper who had been sitting in the department's makeshift waiting room next to the front desk. 

"It's Harper, correct?" Jack asked, approaching the woman. 

"Oh, so the too-good-for-my-daughter homicide detective James Jack remembers my name." 

"Mrs. Harper, I don't need to explain myself to you." 

The woman turned away, giving an annoyed "humpf." 

Despite the fact she was not facing him anymore, Jack continued to address her. "Do you know Mrs. Ableson?" 

"Know her?" Mrs. Harper laughed, a hint of annoyance still hovering in her tone. "I'd better... seeing as her son is all my daughter talks about." 

"Your daughter knew Amruth Ableson?" 

"They're dating, if you must know. Cara was over at his house last night..." Harper's eyes became downcast. "...then she didn't come home." 

Jack turned to Peter, eyebrows raised. Peter returned a similar look. 

Jack turned back to Harper slowly, his voice softer. "Ma'am, are you aware of what happened to Amruth?" 

"No. What about him?"

Jack gave her a sad look, "Amruth's dead, Mrs. Harper. His mother found him this morning." 

Mrs. Harper stared at Jack, her face frozen as she let his words sink in. "But..." she started, her eyebrows slowly beginning to furrow. "My daughter..." The true weight of the situation finall hit her, and her hand slowly found its way to cover her mouth. "Detective, my daughter- She's- Is she-" The woman could not form words. Her eyes were beginning to well up with tears and her breaths became labored. 

Jack crouched down in front of Harper. He took the hand that was in her lap in his own and gripped it tight. "I'm going to find your daughter, Mrs. Harper. I promise." 

She did not seem to hear him. Her hand stayed glued to her mouth, tears streaming down her face. 

Just then, the elevator doors slid open to reveal a dark haired woman with a similar build to Mrs. Harper. She was in a worse state, however. The skin below her eyes puffy and red from her tears that were still flowing steadily. 

Mrs. Harper had turned at the noise, and seeing the new woman, she quickly stood up. She almost knocked over Jack in the process. A loud sob escaped Mrs. Harper's throat as she ran toward the dark haired lady and wrapped her arms around her. The woman returned the embrace, burying her face in Harper's shoulder. There was a lot of crying. 

Jack stood up, watching the two woman as he slowly made his way to stand next to Peter who was also looking on, an expression of uncertainty on his face. Peter was not the only one unsure of what to do. Rogers had taken a seat behind the tall counter and was vigorously filling out paperwork. 

"Uhhhh," Peter began before his phone started ringing. He jumped at the sudden noise in the silence of the room before fumbling to grab his device. He finally managed to pull it out of his pocket, swiping the home screen to answer the call. 

"Yeah?" he asked, turning his back on the women who were having a whispered conversation through their sobs. Jack followed his partner with his eyes. 

"Detective Bedisa?" the voice on the other end of the line asked. 

Peter's face brightened. "Julie! Calling so soon?" He turned to Jack, giving him a thumbs up. Jack rolled his eyes, leaving Peter to his conversation. He went to introduce himself to who he assumed to be Mrs. Ableson. 

On the phone, Julie responded, "You told me to call you if anything interesting showed up, right?" 

Peter scratched his head, his face falling slightly. "Yeah. I said that."

"Well, this young girl just walked up to me. Says her name's Cara." 

Peter raised his eyebrows, quietly waiting for Julie to continue. 


"Yeah. Still here. What about the girl?"

"Well..." Julie started, confusion laced in her voice. "She says she killed the boy. She's turning herself in." 

Peter was bewildered. He snapped his fingers to get Jack's attention. "Where is she now?" 

Jack turned around, giving Peter a questioning look. Julie answered, "At the house. She's just sitting on the porch." 

"Okay. Wait there. Don't let her out of your sight." He shoved his phone back in his pocket. 

"What's wrong?" Jack asked. 

"Julie found the girl." 

"Cara? How?"

Peter shook his head, shrugging. "She's at the house, claiming to have killed Amruth."

Jack looked to the two woman who were still talking quietly. "Rogers," he called. The officer stood up from his seat. "Make Mrs. Harper and Ableson comfortable." Rogers nodded. Then Jack added in a quieter voice, "Don't let them leave just yet." 

Before Rogers could respond, Jack gestured for Peter to follow him back down the mess of hallways they had come from. 


"Tell me exactly what she said." Jack was pulling up once again to the Ableson house with Peter in tow. 

"Just that Cara showed up at the house and confessed to the murder." He added stiffly, "It was a short conversation." 

Jack turned off the car, turning to Peter who had a subdued expression. "What were you expecting? You just met the girl." 

"She could have at least called me Peter of something." He mimicked the sergeant's voice, "'Detective Bedisa?' Why doesn't she just rip out my heart and stomp all over it." 

"I think you're overreacting."

Pete stepped out of the car, closing the passenger door without another word. Jack laughed to himself before following his partner. 

Julie Smith was standing in front of the porch with her back to the street. In front of her was the small figure of a teenage girl, sitting on the porch step. Her face was hidden behind the sergeant's two legs, but the two of them were obviously having a conversation. 

Peter sighed, combing his hands through his spiked hair. His eyes were locked on Julie, and noticing this, Jack slapped him on the back saying, "Go get 'em, tiger." 

"Now he's supportive." 

"Better late than never." 

Peter turned to Jack. "I need you to be my wingman," he said abruptly. 

"Oh, I'm sorry. For a second I thought we were working." 

"At least let me take lead." 

"You guys gonna stand there all day?" Julie called. She had turned around after noticing the dectives' arrival. 

Peter gave Jack a pleading look before heading up the driveway for the second time that morning. As the two men approached, Cara Harper became visible. Her blonde hair was a mess that partially hung down over her face. Her eyes and the skin underneath were red and puffy from tears. By the time Jack and Peter were standing in front of the girl, she had reverted her gaze to the cement, avoiding eye contact. 

Julie turned to the detectives and shook her head impatiently, silently communicating her frustration toward whatever conversation that had just taken place between herself and the teenager. 

"Cara I suppose?" Peter asked rhetorically. 

The girl nodded her head silently in acknowledgment. Peter crouched down in front of her in an attempt to make himself less threatening. Jack, as promised, hung back and did not interfere.

"The sergeant here tells me you're confessing to murder," Peter continued. "Is that true?" 

Cara shook her head. Behind Peter, Julie threw her hands in the air, exasperated. 

"Are you suggesting Sergeant Smith is lying?" 

"She's not listening." Cara's face was still hidden, but the tone in her voice was angry. "It wasn't me. It was someone else." 

"Can you tell me who?" 

Cara's fingers ran through her hair feverishly, creating more knots in the already tangled mess. "It's. Complicated." She was speaking through clenched teeth. 

"Well uncomplicate it." 

Cara finally lifted her head, her piercing eyes staring daggers. After a long pause, she finally whispered in a dark voice. "I was possessed."

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