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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Chapter Four

Submitted: July 02, 2018

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Submitted: July 02, 2018




"Gabe," she whispered. Amare was hiding behind a bookshelf in the library, watching the back of Gabriel's head as it perked up at the sound of his name. She smiled slyly. She wasn't supposed to be bothering him. He was studying for some test that, if passed, would earn him a high rank in Coelum's government taskforce. 

His hair - that had darkened considerably over the past twelve years since he was five - disappeared and was replaced by his searching face. Just as he turned in her direction, Amare disappeared completely behind the towering bookshelf. It was tall enough to touch the ceiling. 

The sound of a wooden chair scratching against the ground echoed in the quiet building. Amare bit her lip and smiled. She stood with her back against the bindings of books, and she didn't move except to turn her head when Gabriel came around the corner. 

He saw her and smirked. "May I help you, ma'am?"

"Well..." Amare started, turning to face the books she had previously been leaning against. "I want this book, but I can't reach it." She turned her eyes to him. "I need a tall, strong, future commander of Coelum's army to help me out." 

"I see." He stepped close to her and reached his arm up, touching his hand to a book directly above him. His hazel eyes never left her green ones. "This one?" he inquired. 

Amare gave him a small smile. "No. But close." 

Gabriel took another step forward, bringing himself almost chest to chest with Amare. His hand moved with him and gestured toward a second book. "This one?" he asked, softly. 

Amare whispered, "Yes," before standing on her toes and gently touching her lips to his. 

He kissed her back before asking her, "What are you doing here?"

"Oh, you know. I was bored." 

"I know what could change that." 

Amare turned her head away, "Gabe, I told you-"

"Come on, Amare. You and me: serving God together." When she didn't answer, he continued, "Don't you love your home?"

Amare locked eyes with Gabriel once again. "I love you." She made sure to emphasize her last word. 

Gabe smiled sadly. He studied her perfectly pale face framed by her jet black hair. "Well I won't argue with that." They kissed again. "I'm all studied out," he sighed, gesturing with his thumb toward his sprawled out pile of papers. They were just visible over the tops of the books lined up on the shelf. "What do you say you and I grab a pizza and head over to my place?" 

"Make it a pepperoni and it's a deal." 




This moment played out like a movie in Amare's head. She would give anything to touch her lips to his once again; to feel the safetly of his embrace. 

It was not until 6:00 P.M. that the ceremony began. They always kicked off the Process with an over complicated Spiritus Ducibus shift change. Half of the ducibus in Infernum would return to Coelum. An equal amount from Coelum would take their place. Most were rookies who got stuck with "Hell Duty": at least that is what they called it. 

Amare watched Gabriel the entire time, scared that if she took her eyes off him, she would lose him forever. Not even the sudden appearance of hundreds of ducibus gowned in crystal white uniforms could distract her from his perfectly cut face. Neither could the disappearance of hundreds of ducibus, all returning to Coelum after their two year duty. 

By the time the shift change was completed and some final words of congratulation spoken, it was ten to seven. Amare bit her bottom lip worriedly, glancing down at her watch every few seconds. The gateway to Coelum opened at exactly 7:00, and it only remained open for five minutes. If she was going to say something, it was now or never. 

She took a deep breath: a failed attempt to calm her nerves. Now or never. "Gabe!"

His previously bowed head lifted, but it did not turn toward her; not at first. Amare knew he heard her. The only reason he didn't face her initially was confirmed by the pitied gaze she received when he finally looked. The two of them locked eyes. Amare begged him to come to her with a look. He turned back to the ground, wringing his fingers. After a few moments of what must have been intense contemplation on his part, he finally headed left in her direction. 

Amare sighed in half-hearted relief. Calling him over was only half the battle. 

Gabriel's few, final steps toward Amare were taken with his eyes locked on hers. When he reached the fence she was speechless. She had forgotten how beautifully the green centers of his eyes mixed seamlessly with the brown outer edges of his pupils. 

It took her a while to form the words, but she was finally able to spit them out, "You don't have to go." It was spoken in a deadly whisper. She knew: no one would choose to stay in Infernum over Redemption. 

Gabe sighed. "Amare... I want to go home." 

"You think I don't?" The response was sharper that she had intentioned. 

Gabe's eyes became downcast. Only once did they flick to Amare's black clothing that would never change. He did not dare look again. "I'll pray for you." This was his only response.

"I don't want your prayer," Amare spoke softly now. Her free hand came to rest on the fence, just at her shoulder level. The tips of her fingers wrapped around the metal wire. "Gabe, I want you. I love you." 

"Gabe's eyes found hers again. His were watering now. "You know I feel the same way." 

"Then why don't you stay?" 

"Because..." he paused, trying to find the right words. "I feel called to do something." 

"By who? God?" Amare gripped the fence tighter. "He's the one that cast us out in the first place."

"We committed a sin, Amare." 

"Love is not a sin." Angry tears were pooling in her eyes when a bright wall of light appeared at the side of the Square opposite the registration booths. It took up the entire area of that side of the fence. Cheers erupted from the individuals inside as their clothes were washed white. Gabe looked down at his own garments which had undergone the same transformation. 

The newly dressed and freshly forgiven souls ran to the wall of light and were swallowed by its brightness. 

Gabe turned toward his doorway back home, longing in his eyes. 

"Gabe, please," Amare whispered. She could no longer looking him squarely in the face. 

He turned back to her. Reaching through the chain link fence, he touched his hand to her face. She closed her eyes and leaned into his touch, but before she knew it, he was gone. His hand slipped back through the fence, and he ran toward the passage. 

"Gabe!" Amare called. 

He didn't look back. 


He disappeared into the light. 

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