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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Chapter Six

Submitted: July 05, 2018

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Submitted: July 05, 2018




The pizza box layed empty on the table. The two of them had finished it all. Not even a piece of pepperoni or string of cheese could be found. 

Amare was leaning against Gabriel's shoulder. His arm was wrapped protectively around her. They stared silently out the large window of Gabriel's home from their position on the couch, each lost in their own thoughts. 

"Why do you want to be in the army?" Her question was sudden and caught Gabriel off guard. 

"Why wouldn't I?"

Amare tilted her head up, studing his face. He turned to her in return. "What?" he asked.

"It's just-" Amare sighed and reverted her gaze back to the window. The view was beautiful. Thousands of stars twinkled and winked at her, lighting up the night sky. 

"Just what?"

"It's just, the minute you pass that test, you're going to be sent straight to Infernum." 

"Bah," Gabreil said, smiling and pushing the thought away. "Most of the people down there only committed minor sins. There's no real danger."

"That's not what I'm worried about," Amare whispered. 

Gabriel studied her silently. 

Amare shook her head and readjusted herself on the couch, "Never mind. I'm being selfish." 

"You don't want to be alone." 

"I said never mind." 

"Amare, there are plenty of people here like us. People who died before birth. It's not that uncommon.

"Yes, but they're not you." 

Gabe smiled and kissed her forehead. "It's only for two years." 

"And then you'll be sent somewhere else. Don't you see? It'll never end." 

Gabe stared at his shoes, not responding. His face was frozen in thought. 

Amare sat up on the couch and swung her leg around both of his, sitting on his lap and facing him. Her small hands cupped his face, and she brought her forehead to his until they were touching. 

"Stay," she whispered. Then she kissed him. Their lips pressed gently together and remained locked. Her fingers ran through his soft hair before moving down to the base of his neck and resting there. He gingerly held her waist with his warm hands. Slowly, Amare's fingers found their way under the collar of Gabriel's shirt, and her hand made contact with his bare chest. 

Gabe pulled away, bringing Amare's hand out from under his clothes. "We can't do this," he said. "We're not married." 

"Who cares about marriage?" Amare asked rhetorically as she leaned in again. 

Gabe pushed her back. "Amare, it's a sin." 

"No one will know," Amare whispered. Her lips returned to his and this time, he didn't stop her. His hands went from her waist to the base of her shirt, and eventually his palm was pressed firmly against the bare skin of her back. All thoughts of law and sin disappeared from Gabriel's mind. The only thing that remained in his head was his love for Amare; but the moment was short lived. 

Before either of the two could go any further in expressing their passion, the front door burst open. Four ducibus' came charging into the living room where Gabriel and Amare sat. They each wore white button down shirts and pants. A long, pearly white trench coat reached down to their ankles and billowed behind them. 

Amare was just looking up when two of the ducibus' came behind her and grabbed her arms roughly. They ripped her from Gabriel's grasp and pulled her as far away from him as the walls would allow. 

The other two ducibus' came up behind Gabriel. They lifted him over the back of the couch from his armpits and forced him to stand there. 

"What are out orders?" The ducibus holding Amare's right arm asked. "Are we throwing them straight down the pit?" 

"No." Now the ducibus on the left of Gabriel was speaking. "We bring them before Praeceptorem first." 

Gabriel and Amare locked eyes. Praeceptorem meant "Commander," and there was only one man who was referred to by such a high rank by the ducibus. That man was God. 


Gabe and Amare were thrown to their knees, side by side. They hit the marble ground hard. The ducibus' that had put them there finally released their arms and took several steps back. After they had reached a substantial distance, they became motionless: their hands locked behind their back and their chins held hight. Not even the base of their coats fluttered. 

Amare was the first to look up at the man standing in front of them. Like always, his face was just out of sight; like it was hidden by a fog of light. He too wore a long coat, but the base of his dragged across the ground importantly. He was pacing. 

Gabriel finally found the courage to look up at the man he admired. Shame was written all over his face. "My Lord," he started, "I seek your forgiveness, for I have sinned." 

The man he addressed stopped pacing and stood in front of Gabriel. His unseen eyes seemed to study Gabe. Finally he answered, "You'll find you Redemption in Infernum." 

Gabriel bowed his head in acknowledgement and didn't speak again. 

"Lord, I too seek forgiveness." Now it was Amare's turn to be studied. She stared up at him hopefully. He took longer with her than with Gabriel. 

"Amare, not only have you committed a sin against my Word, but you have tempted another - a good man - and condemned him. Redemption does not serve darkness, and as darkness, Redemption will not serve you." 

Amare was motionless, shocked. Does he mean what I think he means? "You-" she started, but she was cut off. 

"Take them away." These were the last words Amare would ever hear out of this holy man's mouth. The ducibus snapped back to life and replaced their rough hands on the sinner's arms. 

Amare was rigged. Anger ran through every bone in her body and every drop of blood in her veins. 

Gabriel was the exact opposite. His body was limp, and he easily allowed the ducibus to lead him out the large doors of the white room they were in. Despite Amare's struggles, she was dragged close behind him. 

The next room they entered was more gray than white. It was perfectly squared. The center of the room displayed a large, black hole in the ground. Nothing could be seen more than five feet down: the darkness swallowed everything. 

Amare's anger was replaced with fear. She swallowed hard and looked to Gabriel who was close to her left. He was staring down the hole, his face frozen in a mixture of depression and fear. The ducibus' holding him loosened their grip and patted him on the back. 

"It's alright," they reassured him. "We'll see you soon, Brother." Gabe looked up at their face. Tears were running from his eyes. He looked like he wanted to say something, but the words never came out. The ducibus' pushed him over the edge of the hole, and he disappeared into the shadows without a sound. 

The last words Amare received: "Say your last goodbyes." Then, she too was thrown down the pit, and everything became black. 



The tears had stopped rolling down Amare's cheeks. The gateway to Coelum had closed. The only thing left was her anger. It went deep into her heart and extended to every cell in her body. 

Gabriel was gone. He had abondened her for a good for nothing God. He had left her here: chained to a fence by a man he would one day become. 

The ducibus that had previously entrapped her came around the corner. The key to the cuffs was in his hand, and a smug smile was planted on his face. 

"What's wrong, hun?" he asked when he saw her face. "Did you find out people like you don't have friends?" 

Amare gave him a deadly glare. Her eyes turned crimson. This look was missed, however as the ducibus worked to unlock her hand. 

He first released the cuff on her wrist before working on the side locked to the fence. 

"You can go now," he muttered. He was having trouble releasing the other half of the cuffs. 

Amare was just about to turn around and head in the opposite direction when the dubibus added under his breath, "Climb down whatever hold you crawled out of." 

Amare froze in the middle of her step. Her fists clenched at her sides. Enough. She twirled back around and swiped the key from the ducibus' hand. Without a second thought, she plunged the sharp end of it into the side of the man's throat. His mouth opened in a silent scream, and his left hand flailed about trying to find the key to pull out of his neck.

Amare held her free hand against the side of the man's head opposite the key. With her other hand, she pushed the long piece of metal further into the man's skin. He choked disgustingly. Blood began to stream at the corners of his mouth. His hand no longer flailed; it hung limply at his side. He began to topple sideways, but before his body could hit the ground, it disappeared in a dull flash of light. Not a speck of blood remained to tell the tale of what just happened. 

Amare was breathing hard. She ran her fingers through her long, black hair. Although the killing she had committed eased her anger slightly, she was still full of it. It bubbled in her, having reached a boiling point, and she had no idea what to do with it.

She looked around. Just in front of her, a crowd of dark clothed individuals were staring at her, awestruck and scared. 

"What are you looking at?" Amare yelled at them. Several took a step back, but most were frozen to the spot. "I asked you a question!" Amare slowly began to advance. "What. Are. You. Looking! At!" A wave of anger exploded from her, but it was not just emotion. It was something material. 

In response to this wave, the crowd that had previously stood before Amare was blown back. It was like a big gust of wind had hit them. They went sprawling every which way, and not one person was left standing. 

Amare stood frozen in shock. Had she just done that? She stared down at her hands. The ducibus' blood had disappeared from them as well. She returned her gaze to the crowd. Only some of them were barely moving. The rest were lying motionless on the ground. Then it struck her. There was only one thing to do with her anger: she knew exactly what it was. 


Amare stood in the middle of Providence Square. An empty bottle of lighter fluid had been thrown haphazardly on the ground. With its contents, she had traced a circle in the middle of the Square. She took her place inside the circle of flammable liquid, drawing a match from her pocket. 

She glanced at the empty space where her victims had been. They had all fled when she left to buy her supplies. Now there was no one to witness what she was about to do. 

She struck the match against its box. It flashed to life, and she studied the small flame it formed. Just when the fire was about to reach her fingertips, she dropped it onto her pool of lighter fluid. 

Like dominoes falling, the ring around her came to life. The fire flickering at her ankles was nothing compared to the fire in her. She took in its heat, allowing it to further fuel her anger. 

After a moment of embracing its warmth, she reached for the same emotion she had felt when she sent the crowd flying backward. She found it deep in the center of her heart, and when she touched it, it burned. 

Taking a deep breath, Amare gather this anger - this feeling - within her. She held it back for as long as she could manage, allowing it to fester and builid pressure. When she finally released it, a bellow escpaed her lips as well. The fire around her grew twenty times its height. She sent the wall of flames in all directions, forcing it to engulf every structure in its path. 

Even when she had used the last of her energy and had fallen to her knees, the fire continued to run across every street and down every alley. It swallowed everything in its heat and light, until nothing remained but the fire itself. 

Amare stumbled up to her feet and studied the flames surrounding her. Her eyes were bright red to match the fire. She smiled as it crackled, and she saw it was good. 





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