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This article is just to tell us the men how we should treat our women. women I equally wrote this article for you as well, so if you want to know how your man should treat you, READ THIS!!!!!

Submitted: June 30, 2018

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Submitted: June 30, 2018



Before I get started, I will first like to say and I Code " A woman is like an egg that is supposed be hold with care, nurture with Love and kept forever warm until she is able to hash little chicks of complete joy and fulfilment in our lives". We men must understand this or else we will always be faced with situations which will have been taken care of if we had just kept aside our ego.

we equally must understand that it's all thanks to a woman that all men came into this world except for one man "Adam "who was made from the soil by God, but apart from him, all of us men are product of the  most though times of a woman. I know some men will want to defend this, but wait before you say or think anything," Did you fell down from Heaven?" obviously I know your answer will be a big NO!! because if you say yes! that just simply means you do not even have regard for your own mom.

We have men nowadays who disregard their own mothers and under look their wives and my advice to the women out there  is that if that kind of a man ever approaches you or ask your hand in marriage, please do me a favor and say a big "NO" because a man that does not respect or give regard to the women who brought him into this world can never respect or give any regard to you no matter how much he might say he loves you. some may pretend, but women be careful with those kinds of men coming your way, if possible run for your dear life because men like that are very dangerous.

Now, with all that been said, how then should men treat women?


firstly, tracing down to the Geneses, God did not create a woman to be a slave to a man but a "Helper”.  Many men nowadays have turned their women into their slaves just because they have proclaimed their undying Love to them or simply because they paid a token as a bride price. listen , your woman is not your slave but she is meant to be your helper. If we were to turn things around, we will realize that we the men are supposed to be the salves because as per the Geneses, a man is supposed to be the keeper, the nurturer, the worker, the protector, the initiator, the provider, the fighter, and many other things, and in all these, a woman is just suppose to there to assist the man out and not the other way around.  So, men treat your wives, your fiancé, your dates, your sisters and most importantly your mothers nicely and with much love and care for because there are there to assist you and not to be your slaves. 


 we men must understand that a woman is like a mother to us no matter who she might be in our life. Truth be spoken, a woman can play so many rules in a man life including being a mother. women created to be to be" multitaskers". So, what do I mean by a woman being a multitasker? it’s just means a woman can do almost everything a man can do if she is being well instructed to do so. yah! that's the truth, they can act and do as such. So, men treat your women like your will treat your real born mother because by so doing you will never think of hurting, beating, starving, or treating her as a slave because you cannot and will never treat your own mother as such. So always look at them as your second real born mother and you will see that you will never have to treat them bad, except for those ones I mentioned above who disregard their moms.




I have heard many people saying the cannot treat their women as a friend and each time I hear of such, I begin to ask myself how these people started their relationships. listen, every truth relationship first begins with a friendship, I don't care if it's a long or short-term friendship, but that's how all relationship even mine started. So, my question is this; if all relationships start with a friendship, then why is it that your fiancé or wife can no longer be your best friend after offering her entire heart and life to you. Men understand that your fiancé or your wife is the best friend of the opposite sex that you can ever have and will ever have. Listen it is so dificult  nowadays to find someone who can truly love and care for you, support you in your dreams and is willing to be there for you no mattert what. And my sincere advice to you men is that if you find such a lady, treat her the right way. yah! a woman who truly love you can sacrifies her lifejust for you. And that is why, if you as a man comes across such a woman, the will never be any better best friend than her.


It is but true that one cannot harm his or her own self except there are to be termed crazy (Mad). But normal people take great care of themselves. I have seen so many men do whatever it takes just to maintain their status, and to tell you the truth, I myself I love taking great care of me. So, I strongly believe that any man who can take care of himself can take care of others as well, but notwithstanding the fact that some men only care about themselves and do not care about anyone or anything else. Those kinds of men are not ready to get into any relationship no matter their age and status. Who first says maturity is about status or age. I know of people who are very wealthy and are in their 40s but are still behaving as kids(that is, still having the kid like mentality. listen guys maturity is not in the number and it’s certainly not in the amount of properties we may have, but rather, maturity is a state of mind. That is why some kids nowadays will do Somethings and people will start saying “look at what that kid can do". Listen they might be kids in the physical, but mentally there are adults. So, men treat your women like you will treat your own self and do to them what you will do to your own self. 

Hey Guys, I did not write all these to disregard men, but to remind them of who they truly are "Gentlemen". And that's the nature of all the men who will read this and say, "you are right".



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