Here I Am

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A bit of self-reflection over some things I've thought about over my years.

Submitted: June 30, 2018

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Submitted: June 30, 2018



Here I am.

So lost in my own thoughts that I haven’t even looked for myself and how I feel.

I’m here again.

The days seem to merge and flow along this river of life that holds us firm.

I wish I was gone.

From the endless noise that pervades through my brain from the outside world.


I’ve thought about things over and over again.

Knowing that I can’t change what I’ve thought before since it’s already past.

I’ve longed for love.

Yet, my closed-self seems to have no direction into the spectrum of people.

I say I feel it all.

My own empathy evades me sometimes when I actually listen to my heart.


I seek knowledge often.

The search for answers always edges just out of reach despite the factual evidence.

Some knowledge is false.

The perusal through endless pages provides little sustenance in its wide web.

Despair haunts at my heart.

I feel it brooding just enough that it seems to linger on my mind for a day or two.


Hope is rather fleeting.

Yet, it’s the best excuse for taking another step toward the future.

I’ve thought it through once again and now I know how I feel.

So, here I am.

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