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never always believe in what you heard but try to know what is the true story

Submitted: July 01, 2018

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Submitted: July 01, 2018



“Know the full story”

Everyone has a friend, some of them are close and some of them are just friend. And a true friendship is so strong that it can affect your whole life. We all love our friend and we believe on everything that our friends told us and we should believe in our friends as well and that’s what friendship is about. This is where story begins,

One day one of your best friend had a fight with one of your other friends for some reason. They both had a huge fight and they start to hate other. Your friend is so mad with that person so he need to express that anger so he tells everything to you.

He releases all of his anger on that story he told you. The story he told was good and real that you start to believe on that story and also because this is your friend story. But this can’t be the real case all the time. Sometime when a person is mad at someone they talk bad thing about the person we hate and based upon that story you automatically start to hate the other person. But this might not be true. You can never judge a person based upon single person’s opinion because every story has different sides and you are trying to make the opinion based upon single perspectives.

Your friend hates that person because he had some issues with him but it doesn’t mean that the other person is the worst person in the world. You can listen to your friend’s story but never always believe in everything that they told you and start judging the other person. Because in some case the person who is wrong might be your own best friend and not the other friend.

So never prejudge a person based upon a single person perspective. And try to know the whole story before making your final decision.

Sabuj Lamichhane

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