Dragon's Tears

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: July 01, 2018

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Submitted: July 01, 2018



Sometimes, he sits upon the cliffs,
staring up at the stars a'shine like jewels.
When a dragon dies, it is said in legends,
in the draco constellation their soul resides.
One in particular glows reddish gold,
he likes to think that one is her.

During his first mating run, he met her,
a golden female, regal, sitting atop her cliffs.
She flew fast and straight as an arrow gold
to him, more precious than jewels.
Up in the sky where the icy air resides,
a mating ritual told of in written legends.

His love for her of bardic legends,
rolling, spinning, he dances with her.
Gently together back to earth resides,
lying entwined on sweet grass atop her cliffs.
His eyes filling with tears of silver jewels
in happiness being with his lady of gold.

One fateful morning, retold in bardic legends,
her life's blood flowing ruby red jewels.
A thrown lance into their cave impaled her;
her last breath leaving as she lay atop her cliffs,
their clutch next to her in wreckage, now resides. He heard her cry out in pain, his lady of gold,

he roared and winged to where her body resides,
holding her tenderly close, his lady of gold.
Awash in grief, he sits atop the cliffs;
retribution he would exact, proportions of legends.
A tiny female lived, in amazement he saw her,
a golden lady more precious than jewels.

His daughter now comes to admire the star jewels,
the constellation, where her mother resides.
Guarding her now, that bright gold star which is her...
his eyes fills with tears, "I miss you my lady of gold!"
Red gold star transforms according to legends,
golden female takes shape sitting atop her cliffs.


Her hued eyes jeweled, crying tears of gold
now in Draco, resides she; whispers bardic legends.
Her, sentinel to daughter and mate ~ atop her cliffs.

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