Blank Screen

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Submitted: July 01, 2018

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Submitted: July 01, 2018





Blank Screen

Patiently waiting in a state of serene

Hi you doing today

As I type, my mind tends to run away

Are you ready for my inner dreams

My passion, my thoughts, the Tomcat who gets my Kitty cream

One word, two words, the stream of inner thoughts beautifully rolls

Sentences, poems, plummeting feelings begin to take its toll

I do not know how written sentiments console

As words near the end, hopefully they blanket someone’s inner soul

You submerge your vision, sweat lines by saucy lines

My beliefs to intoxicate without sips of wine

Thoughts deeply radiating, asking the questions providing the whys

Rainfalls of knowledge falling from the sky

Why the sky and not the mind

Expressions have so many twists and such seductive twines

Touches, caresses, felt in salacious written designs

Is it for you, or is it for who, soft strokes found in the elevating grooves

Capturing your awareness depends on your mental enlightening mood

In the creation of time everyone needs a portion of emotional food

History speaks of the past

A present with a future with faith to outlast

Blank Screen

Body to body as fate intervenes

Mental copulating a blissful sight unseen

Overcoming as a tidal wave felt deep in between

A state of reality from passion, of an once blank screen



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