Molly's Revenge

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A woman wants revenge.

Submitted: July 01, 2018

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Submitted: July 01, 2018



Molly's Game

Molly loved life. She had a great boyfriend, and plenty of loyal friends. Then a man appeared one evening in her local, she could tell straightaway there was something about him she didn't trust. She kept her distance, her gut instinct was usually very reliable. Her best mate Suzanne on the other hand was all over him. It was embarrassing to watch, while she made a fool of herself.

Molly cringed. She glanced at her watch, it was 9.56pm. The pub closed dead on 11, occasionally a bit later if a crowd were in. By 10.10pm Molly felt agitated as she gave the new chap a horrible stare.

He noticed, discomfort expressed on his thirty something face.

Molly disliked him immensely. She couldn't explain it, usually getting on with everyone. It didn't make any sense.

Suzanne joined her at the table, a smile on her face. "He's so charming," she said, giving him a quick look.

Molly disagreed. "There's something about him I don't trust."

Suzanne gave her an odd look, before replying, "Well, I think he's nice."

"Well, you would," Molly said, not believing Suzanne's taste in men. Her last boyfriend was a right sleaze. "It's your life, mate."

"Fancy a drink?" asked Suzanne, "Even though you don't deserve one, you miserable cow."

Both burst out laughing.

"Yes, I'd love one," said Molly. "But I must be off soon. Early start in the morning."

Suzanne got up while playing with her long blonde hair, then walked to the bar.

Molly watched her with interest. The mysterious man stood a short distance from her friend, giving her a wink. Her friend loved the attention. She smiled back.

Molly knew it was going to end in tears, because it always did. Wake up and smell the roses. The chance of that happening, well, what can you honestly say. Disaster waiting to happen was the only way of looking at it.

Her friend came back with two drinks, placing them on the table carefully, because she was a little tipsy. "There you go, mate," she said while giggling.

"So, how's lover boy?"

Suzanne sighed, before answering, "He's so handsome. He's going to be mine by the end of the night."

Oh god. Molly couldn't help herself, and said bluntly, "Well, when it all goes to shit, don't expect me to be there for you. This has happened too many times now."

"Sod you," was all Suzanne replied, picking up her drink and making her way to the bar.

Oh shit, Molly thought. What a silly thing to say. She felt bad. I'm sorry.

She glanced up to where her mate was now being chatted up by him

Then the worst thing happened. Suzanne gave her a cold stare before putting her arm around the new bloke, they made their way to the entrance.

Molly was heartbroken.

An idea came to her. It sounded a little strange even for her, but she truly believed he was bad news. She would follow them. Molly felt uneasy about this, but she adored Suzanne too bits. If anything ever happened to her beloved mate she'd never forgive herself. She'd made her mind up.

Molly finished her drink, then left the building. It was a bit chilly, so putting her coat on, she followed them. She didn't like this one bit. She observed them going down a darkened alley.

What are you doing, Suzanne? You hardly know him.

Without trying to make any noise, Molly crept to the opening, then peered in their direction. The two had stopped halfway down while they kissed passionately. Molly felt like a pervert. What was she doing? If her mate ever found out about this, it would be the end of their friendship.

It was time to leave. "Be careful you silly cow," she said quietly, before making her way back up the road towards home.


She awoke feeling anxious. The clock read 4.47am. Way too early. She closed her eyes, hoping to get back to sleep. She was all on her own, as her boyfriend was working away. In another week he'd be back, Molly couldn't wait. She thought back to the evening before, hoping Suzanne had got home safely. Tomorrow at some point she'd give her a ring to apologise. Within minutes she had drifted off.


Molly was late for work. She was usually so reliable. Maybe it was worrying about Suzanne? As soon as possible Molly would ring her, to see if everything was fine? She hated leaving things like this, especially with good mates.

The moment she ran into the office heading straight for her desk, she saw her boss standing there, looking far from happy.

His thick glasses sitting at the end of his big red nose, looked her up and down, before saying rather angrily, "You're late again, Ms Jameson. So what's your excuse this time?"

She went for the easy option. "The traffic was a nightmare. Sorry, sir."

He folded his arms, unimpressed with her excuse. "Next time you'll be out, do you understand?"

"Yes, boss," was all she replied, before sitting down. What an idiot, she thought. She peered at all the papers on her desk that needed to be completed that day. What a nightmare.


At lunchtime she rang Suzanne. No answer. Why wasn't she picking up? During afternoon break she tried again. Still the same outcome. Molly was getting worried now.

At 5pm she left the office in a hurry. It took her about twenty minutes to get to her friend's house. Outside was a police car. This wasn't looking good. Mary got out of the car, then proceeded to the entrance. The door was ajar, so she made her way in. "Suzanne, are you there?" she shouted. Down the hallway she saw a photo on the wall of them when they were children. My god, that brings back good memories.

"Who are you?" said a voice from the stairs.

Molly looked up stunned. A policeman stood there. He made his way down. At the bottom he said again, "Who are you, miss?"

She didn't understand what was going on. "Where's Suzanne, she lives here you see? I've been trying to call her all day."

The man rubbed his forehead, before saying in a very serious manner, "I'm afraid I have some terrible news about Suzanne. This morning she was found dead. I'm so sorry to have to tell you that."

She was absolutely horrified. Her hands covering her face she ran out of the house crying, she got into her vehicle and sat there quietly. Her mind was numb. Molly couldn't take it in what the man had said.

How could this of happened?

A knock at the window, Molly saw the policeman through the glass. He gave her the signal to get out.

A moment later she faced him, and said, "I still can't believe it. Was it him?"

That bloody man Suzanne had left the pub with was to blame. He'd caused this. If she ever saw the bastard on the street she'd do the same to that scumbag.

The man scratched the side of his face, then answered, "What man?"

"I didn't like him the moment I clapped eyes on him. I knew there was something about him," she said angrily.

The man seemed confused, before saying, "From what we can gather a young man and woman were shot dead about 10.15pm just off Bycrove Road. The woman I'm afraid was your friend. The media haven't given any names yet of the victims. I'm so sorry for your loss."

Molly was dumbfounded. "Oh my god. So it wasn't him. I can't believe it. I have to apologise, but I'm finding it hard to take this all in."

For a little while the policeman asked her some questions, and she answered them the best she could. By 6.30pm Molly was back home. She didn't fancy eating anything, and just headed to her bedroom for some much-needed rest.


She had the next day off, explaining to her boss what had happened. Surprisingly he was very understanding about the whole thing.

She had a conversation with her partner on the phone. He was shocked by the news, even saying he would come home immediately, but she didn't want him to get into trouble, and said it was fine to carry on working.

Molly watched the BBC News to see if there was any updates on the terrible death of her friend. The report concluded that it had been a double shooting, and it was either drug related or gang rivalry. It made Molly very sad that Suzanne had been dragged into this, ending her life in such a tragic way.

Not knowing what to do with herself, she decided to visit someone she used to go to school with. She needed answers about the shooting, and this certain chap had always been a drug user, so maybe he would know who was responsible. It was a long shot, but anything was worth a try.


Knocking on the door, Molly waited patiently for Kevin to answer. The house was in bad shape, the brickwork was dirty, the garden was so untidy as the grass grew over a foot high, and the fence which surrounded it was in tatters.

The door opened. Kevin stood in the darkened hallway looking awful. He was unshaven, his hair was long and unwashed. His eyes seemed blank. "Who are you?" he asked aggressively.

The stench from inside made her feel sick. "It's Molly. We went to school together."

He looked her up and down suspiciously. "Do you want to buy some cannabis, I suppose that's why you're here?"

Molly was disgusted. "How dare you."

Kevin shut the door in her face.

He wasn't getting rid of her that easy. "Did you hear about my friend getting murdered not too far from here. It was down to your scummy mates. So you'd better open up before I start shouting my mouth off about it."

The door opened quickly, then he pulled her into the hallway. He slammed the door shut. "So what the f**k do you want?" he said nervously. His eyes wide full of fear.

"I want the bastard's name. That's all," she replied, giving him a serious look. "He caused Suzanne's death."

"Why me. I don't need this sh*t. For god sake if the big man finds out, I'm a dead man."

Finally she was getting somewhere. "So you know who did it? Tell me, and if you don't, I'll go straight to the police and tell them your name. Before you know it this place will be swarming with them. So, who the f**k was it, Kevin?"

He sat down on the stairs biting his nails, before saying, "There's talk in the town that Geoff Cattersby is involved. But it didn't come from me. Got it."

She still needed answers. "But why did they slaughter my friend?"

"From what I've heard, Geoff was after the new kid in town. He owed Geoff a lot of money for drugs. Your friend was an eyewitness to the murder, this is why she was killed. Wrong time, wrong place."

Poor Suzanne, she thought.

"Thank you. I won't say nothing to the police, you have my word."

She left the house leaving him still sat on the stairs with a worried look on his face.

The plan was to find this guy and make him pay. If she went to the police he'd probably be out in less than a day, because of lack of evidence. An eye for an eye. Revenge is sweet, and she couldn't wait.


In the safety of her house she did her homework on this guy, looking through the phone book there was three surnames matching his. Two were miles away, but the one which caught her eye lived closeby on the outskirts of Norwich. Yes. I've got you. Now time for action.


Molly sat in her car staring at the big house where he lived. Two garages, a massive garden, and parked in front was a sports car, which must of cost thousands. She needed to be careful. He was a very dangerous man, but if she could get him on his own, she might just have a chance. About an hour later a man in his fifties left the house, carrying a briefcase. He had grey hair and was average build. He stood a couple of inches taller than her, about five foot nine. He got into his posh motor. Starting the loud engine he drove to the road, then turned left. She followed.


The lights occasionally would vanish as the car would turn sharply on the narrow lane, Molly needed to keep her eyes peeled. She'd been driving for forty three minutes, where was he headed? Mist swirled from the surrounding fields. She felt terrified, but she wasn't going to let her mate down, like she did that fateful night. All of a sudden his vehicle slowed down. On the right was a narrow lane with tall trees either side, turning down he disappeared from view. Taking her time Molly did the same, she slowed the car down so it was going no faster than fifteen miles per hour. The small road went on and on, when finally she saw his vehicle again. The further she went the closer his car seemed to get. With shock she realised his motor was parked at the side of the road.

What was he doing?

Some distance away, Molly stopped the car, then waited. Not knowing what was going to happen next. Suddenly the window beside her smashed. A hand grabbed Molly pulling her through the now open door. She screamed, using her hands she tried fighting back. He pushed her into a nearby tree. Then she fell to the ground hard. He stared at her far from happy.

Molly looked at him, and said defiantly, "Do what you want. But never forget my friend's name as long as you live. Her name was Suzanne. And you killed her, you f**king bastard.”

He stood up and wiped his eyes, before saying, "One of my men f**ked up. She wasn't supposed to be there. But we have a new problem now. You know who I am. Have you got any last requests, as you know I can't let you leave here."

"How did you know I was following you?" was all she asked.

He laughed at this point. "The idiot you saw earlier, Kevin's his name, rang me the moment you left. He's missing now by the way. Presumed dead. One of my men tortured him not too far from here. Now it's your turn, bitch.". He put both hands around her throat.

Molly fought back, but for his age he was still very strong. She had an idea. Using her pointed nails she dug them into his eyes. He let out a scream and stood up, a little blood running down his face. Then she kicked him in the balls hard, he fell to the ground crying out in pain. Out of his jacket pocket appeared a gun. Without thinking she picked it up. He looked up at her, worry on his face.

"You haven't got the balls. Also you wouldn't know what to do with the thing," he shouted, clearly in pain.

Molly smirked, before replying confidently, "My dad was in the army for years, and he taught me everything about guns, just in case I met jerks like you."

He seemed distressed. "Don't do it. I beg you. The moment you do this you'll never forgive yourself."

"Bullshit," was all she said. She aimed at his chest area, shooting him three times. He dropped down dead. Finally justice had been served. With difficulty she lifted his body back into the posh motor. Molly ran back to her car to get a can of petrol from the boot.

A metre from the scumbag she poured petrol all over him. then set the body alight by using a match. She ran as far as she could away, just in case the car exploded. At a safe distance she watched the flames engulf the whole vehicle. Good riddance. It was now time to go home. The End

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