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A short story about a girl tired of getting the wrong man. Along comes a guy who takes her on a great romantic adventure referring to himself as her “angel”.

Submitted: July 01, 2018

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Submitted: July 01, 2018




“I want romance, dancing in the rain, head kissing, candle lit dinner romance! I’m tired of dick pics and awful pick up lines”! I yell into my phone.

“Of course you do...but guys aren't like that hun” my phone says back to me.

“ I know, but a girl can dream. I’ll let you go though, I’ll call you later”. I hang up the phone and flop on my bed, letting out a loud sigh.

BZZZ. A message, I fight back a smile and bite my lip, it’s him...

A: come to the front door

I walk hesitantly from my room, walking slowly to give myself time to relax. Holding my breath I open the door. I felt warmth spread throughout my body and I relax.

“Hello beautiful, I will be your angel for the day” he says to me, his smile stretches from ear to ear beautifully. He grabs me by the hand, making my heart race as he pulled me to his car. He opens the door and smiles gesturing for me to climb in, “ My princess”.


Two hours in the car could never feel so much shorter. He’s got so much life in him I could feel it seep out with every word he spoke. He listened so carefully and talked with so much confidence, I couldn't help but, feel confident. Even with all my stuttering and nervous rambling, he listened. He pulls into a parking spot, got out, and walks around to open my door.

“so’, he says as he grabs ahold of my hand, “should we walk around fairy-bear”?

“Yes, I would love that angel” I whisper.


We walk from store to store, not really paying attention to the items, but each other. We walk down the steep street and pass by an ice cream shop.

“Can we get some please” I beg him.

“Of course, anything for you”

We walk down to lake superior as we eat our ice cream. Damn, he is too beautiful. Not typically my type, he’s got toned muscles that could probably crush me yet, he’s so gentle. His face is dreamy, I could stare at it all day. He could have anyone, he probably knows that, but he chose to spend this night with me. We walk past some lovely flowers. I could see from the corner of my eye he picked one, hiding it from me behind his back.

He creeps closer to me and place the flower behind my ear, “a beautiful flower, for a beautiful girl”

“I love you” the words leak from my lips. I feel as though I could say it a thousand times. He makes me feel worth it and he is worth it.

He grabs a hold of my face and leans in close, resting his forehead against mine. We stare into each others eyes for only seconds but it feels like an eternity before he presses his soft lips against mine. “I love you too” he says in a gasp.


Rain starts to drop from above us. “Should we stay or should we go back”.

“We should stay” I whisper as I wrap my arms around him. The sound of rain falling around us was music to my ears. Like each drop was playing a beautiful note against the pavement, just for us. The waves are crashing against the rocks on shore and the city is lit up all around us. I rest my head against his chest, so this is what feeling content is like. I look up at him and can’t help but laugh.

“What is it” he smiles.

“We are soaking wet” I say as water drips from my nose and my hair sticks to my forehead.

“Okay, my princess, we will head back then” he picks me up and starts walking back.

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