Five in One

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Five perspectives, one story

Submitted: July 01, 2018

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Submitted: July 01, 2018



1. Nathan

I was sitting in the back of the classroom doing my work when I felt a paper wad be thrown at my head. I turned around; Becca, my ex-girlfriend was the only person behind me.

I held up the paper. “What’s this, an apology?” I questioned.

All she said was “Just read it.” How rude! I caught her sending texts to another guy, and this is how she apologises?

“That’s it? That's all you’re gonna say? Just read it.” I sneered. “You’re even worse than I thought you were going to be. At least my mom didn’t cheat on me before she left.”

She refused to look at me, and when Mr. Moretz told me to go to the principal’s office I had had it.

“Oh, fuck you, man. Can you not see that I was busy? Who cares anyway? At least I won’t have to deal with you anymore.” I aimed that last part at Becca. I threw her paper back at her. “I wouldn’t have forgiven you anyway,” I added, and walked to the door.

I had planned to slam the door in their faces, but as I opened it, someone was on the other side. Someone who looked suspiciously like me. I sucked in a breath to spea-

2. Becca

It was dangerous to blow my cover now, and definitely dangerous to put all of this top secret information on a handwritten note that could be used as evidence, but I had been given intel that my nemesis Dr. Cruel was planning to assassinate Nathan discreetly as soon as he left the classroom. I had to help him. I had to.

I threw the paper at Nathan’s head, and he turned back to look at me in disgust.

He held up the paper. “What’s this, an apology?” he questioned. If only he knew.

All I could say was “Just read it.” Oh, how I wanted to say more! I only had an affair with Mr. Moretz to save Nathan’s life, but all I had managed to do was hurt him. Maybe that was all I could ever do.

Nathan started to make a scene. “That’s it? That's all you’re gonna say? Just read it.” he sneered. “You’re even worse than I thought you were going to be. At least my mom didn’t cheat on me before she left.”

Clueless Mr. Moretz of course noticed, and called him out. As Nathan threw back the paper and sassed the teacher, I couldn't help but smile at his normal teenage antics. As Nathan opened the door, I got up out of my chai-

3. Dr. Cruel/ Mr. Mortez

Idiots. Did these children really think they know anything? Poor Nathan doesn't even know who he is, and Agent Wildflower still thinks I’m her teacher. What a petty excuse for a nemesis. Look at her, trying to save her precious charge.

But of course, it’s too late for her now. I waited until my associates cut the camera lines to call out Nathan. I sent him out of the classroom and could barely hear his reply. All I could hear was the blood rushing through my ears. It was finally happening. Finally, I would get revenge on Agent Violet for ruining my life.

As he opened the door, “Becca” started to get out of her seat. With flawless execution, I must say, I sent an electric charge to the door and “Becca’s” desk. Simultaneously, their empty bodies convulsed and fell to the floor. The other students panicked but I stayed in my seat, breathing in the sweet smell of reveng-

4. Agent Violet

Agent Violet rubbed her elbows, sore from crawling through the air ducts of the school. She only paused for a moment, however. Nathan’s life was on the line, and she could not afford to lose him. Violet wished she could have been there for her son, but she knew that the world should never know of his existence. Unfortunately, Dr. Cruel had figured it out. She had been dreading this day ever since she put Nathan up for adoption.

She continued to crawl until she found an open grate and looked down to the hallway, where two of Dr. Cruel’s lackeys were waiting for Dr. Cruel’s command. Violet knew the guards, the one with the blue shirt always seemed to nod off, and the red shirt always was eating a handful of cheesy nachos. They were also guarding a black box. The box had wires sticking out of it, and a big red button on top that said “DO NOT TOUCH”. That must be Dr. Cruel’s “emergency” bomb that he brought to all of his crime scenes, “just in case” something went wrong. Honestly, it was such a stupid idea, but for some reason, it has never detonated before. It was a miracle, but not a good kind.

Violet waited until one of the guards was nodding off before jumping out of the vent. The nacho guard moved to grab his weapon, but Violet pushed his nachos into his face.  The red guard screamed, trying to rub that yellow stuff we’re all pretending is cheese out of his eyes. Blue shirt is definitely awake at this point and went to check on his comrade, ignoring Violet.

Violet made a move for the door, but somebody was already opening the door, a boy that somewhat looked like her. Nathan stared, holding the door. He started to say something, but at that moment, he was wracked with a million blue electric currents. As he collapsed, Violet looked in shock at Dr. Cruel sitting at the teacher's desk, marveling at the horror he had just committed. Violet reached for her gu-

5. Unnamed Omniscient Narrator

It was all just one big accident that started with a sneeze on the patio in the restaurant next door. A sneeze that woke up a baby that scared a dog that bit a waiter that flung a tray that hit a car that careened into a truck that smashed through the school entrance that shook a chunk from the ceiling that fell on the big red button that said “DO NOT TOUCH”. Talk about an anticlimactic ending. At least the explosion was spectacular.


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