Soul-bound Longing

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic

A very short story that I wrote at 4:00 am. It's about someone I love and how much I miss them.


Soulbound Longing


I miss them.


I miss the softness of their skin and the way it felt like silk when I brushed my fingers across it.

I miss the blueness of their eyes and how they reflected the sky.

I miss the way they would cling to me like the world would shatter if I were no more.

I miss their laughter and how it changed with every breath.

I miss their voice and how it sounded when they said my name.

I miss their hair and how they would let me play with it how I liked.

I miss their smile, especially the one that stretched their cheeks when they thought of something they love.

I miss their lips and how childishly anxious they felt pressed against mine.

I miss their presence and how it felt when they would simply exist within the same space as me.

I miss their strength and the way they would look at me, baffled and humble, when I told them they are mightier than they know.

I miss their soul and how it would lurch for me when I got too close.

I miss the times when they would open up, vulnerable and scared, yet trustful of my hands when I reached out to touch them.

I miss the times they cried, the only three times I’ve seen them cry, and how they took refuge in my care. Most people will never know what it’s like when they sob, nor the pain it brings me.

I miss the times they looked at me with despair like the world was crashing down as they asked me for help.

I miss the times when our places were swapped and it was I who was on my knees.

I miss the necklace I gave them, a part of me tucked away into its crevices, but I’ll never ask for it back.

And I thought at one point, “I miss them, but they don’t ever have to miss me,” because that necklace, it will always have a part of me inside of it. I will always be with them, a piece of my soul wound into its chain and spreading out to embrace them every time they need me.

But even if that necklace were to perish, I would still be with them forever. Our very souls are intertwined with one another like they had been bound millennia before we were born, for even in my sleep I can feel their presence. In my dreams we come to life as if we are meeting in person, these vessels we call bodies unable to follow us there. We are enigmas, we are ethereal, but we are strong.

We are together, always together, for a thread of our souls is always bound to each other.

But even so,

Even so,

Even though we are connected I find myself missing them, writing this as a way to remind myself that sometimes I need more.

How selfish are we humans that our very souls being bound isn’t enough to sate our need for the ones we love above everyone else.

And to think, I thought a simple necklace would be enough for them.


Goodbye gifts are never enough, no matter how exquisite.


Submitted: July 02, 2018

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