Cosmic Knight Episode 1

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A young boy meet with an horrible accident. But escaped unharmed, confused and his grandfather told him about who they are. He continued his adventure.

Submitted: July 02, 2018

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Submitted: July 02, 2018



Sebastian Sam Smith was turning 17 year old. He was a tall, good built with black hair with light brown shade and brown eyes. He usually wears a black and navy blue trousers but on that day he was well dressed and seems like is going to throw a party of his birthday. Although he was of a rich family but his parents passed away just after 2 years of his birth. He was looked after by his grandfather Mr. William Smith who was the owner of Smith Internationals a multinational company based in Seattle. Mr. William and Sam lived in New York."Samy going out for party."said William. "Yes grandpa, any work." said Sam. "Just come back soon I have something for you." said William. "Sure grandpa I will be back by 6 P.M." said Sam and existed from the room. "It is time to tell him." said William to himself.

Sam was in a restaurant with his friends, he was happy and was having his favourite food noodles. After one and half hour of fun they were going to give Sam gifts and departing back.Sam was also ready to come back to home. He sat in his automated car which was specially designed by his father for him before he died. He was on the highway his car was going smooth. He got a call from Mr William he picked up the call and suddenly the car was crashed by a speedy car from the opposite direction. The collision was deadly and Sam's car was completely destroyed. It seemed had that Sam would be alive after crash. Mr William got an idea of something was wrong by the disconnection of the call. So Mr William arrived at the site of crash. The highway was quite lonely and no one else was there before him. He searched for Sam in the burning car and found him in the flame. Miraculously he was able to pull Sam out from the car. It was shocking to see him and Sam unharmed by the flames. Sam was completely fine but fainted. Mr Smith took him back to the mansion.

Next morning Sam awake and found himself on his bed with his grandfather beside him. He had a number of questions in his mind and William was ready to answer them all. Mr Smith told Sam about their family that they belong to a cosmic family of warriors, the Maximums. And are blessed with superpowers. They can not be killed by any of the five elements known to man and that was the reason of Sam's survival. He also mentioned that his parents were not killed in an accident but lost in space when on a mission. He remarked that he was quite lucky as the power of a Cosmic Knight were shown after he turned 17.

Sam was completely amazed and confused by this and was trying to understand it that his grandfather give him a box. Sam open the box and it contained a ring. His grandfather explained him that he was the next Cosmic Knight and a new demon was coming for earth and he is the only one who can stop him. From then Sam's adventure began of being a saviour. He was the only hope of light he was the Cosmic Knight!

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